Gong Li
1st Lieutenant Xiang Jia
Name: Xiang Jia
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Verdict
Age: 25
Nationality: Chinese
Branch: TCSF
Department: 221st Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Gong Li



Xiang Jia is a pilot in the 221st Fighter Squadron, callsign "Verdict," perhaps due as much to her straight-arrow adherance to regs and rules as to the fact that her father is a judge on a Confederation Court in Washington, DC. She is polite, always respectful, and not too shabby in the cockpit for a newly-minted First Lieutenant, though she tends toward defensive flying. In her off-duty dealings she tends to be rather reserved and speaks little of matters she considers personal with those she doesn't know well.

She's been aboard the Majestic for a few months now and is still getting a feel for the place. She has a general reputation for competence but hasn't distinguished herself much beyond that.


  • Father: Xiang Wei-Chen, Confederate Court judge
  • Mother: Qing Xue-Bai, political lobbyist
  • Brother: Dr. Xiang Jun, Medical officer, TCN (Posted to TCS Suffolk)
  • Sister: Xiang Min, University student

Prior Deployments

  • Luna Space Force Base


  • Award - Gemini Campaign Ribbon: Signifying involvement in at least one combat operation within Gemini sector


Xiang's record is boringly clean.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

  • The following is taken from Xiang's last performance review from her CO at Luna Base: Capable pilot, overly reliant on text-book tactics but shows promise. Particularly effective defensive wingman. Judicious adherence to regulations, no disciplinary incidents on file. Promotion to 1st Lieutenant recommended.

Other IC Info

Xiang's family adheres to traditional Chinense naming conventions (ie: family name first, given name next). So she's First Lieutenant Xiang, and Jia to her friends.



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