Sam Elliot
Sergeant Major David Wallace
Name: David Wallace
Rank: Sergeant Major
Callsign: Stink
Age: 53(deceased)
Nationality: Spacer
Branch: TCMC
Department: Armory
Position: Senior Enlisted Marine
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Freighter Deity
Actor: Sam Elliot



Born aboard the TCS Deity. Enlisted TCMC at 18. Still a Marine. The End.

Prior Deployments(Notable, only)

-Scout/Sniper, Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 17th Marine Expeditionary Unit
-Drill Instructor, Camp Puller, Alpha Centauri
-First Sergeant, Bravo Company, 1 Battalion, 4th Marines. WIA, Firekka
-Master Sergeant, NCOIC Perry Depot, Armory
-Sergeant Major, Senior Enlisted Marine, TCS Majestic(final posting. Killed in accident on flight deck)


*Distinguished Service Cross
*Gold Star(3 bars)
*Silver Star w/ Gold Wings
*Purple Heart(6 bars. 1 Posthumous)

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

To:Lt. Colonel Thomas, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines
Ma'am. I would like to request a meeting between you, myself, and Gunnery Sergeant Wallace. He follows each order to perfection, but I often feel as if he is treating my like a child to be coddled, rather than his superior officer, and a Marine. The men always look to him, when I give an order. He's done nothing to bring disciplinary action, but I find his actions to be detrimental to my own leadership within the Company. I understand that he is my First Sergeant, but I tire of hearing whispers about Top wearing the pants.
Captain Timothy Gerhardt,CO Bravo Company
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