Actor Name
1st Lieutenant Trey Grayson
Name: Trey Grayson
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Rogue
Age: 22
Nationality: Unsure
Branch: TCSF
Department: 1087 Fighter Squadron(Reserve)
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Heimdel
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Background (Not Completely True)

Trey Grayson was left at an orphanage on Heimdel, Midgard as an infant, where the staff chose his last name due to how small and sickly he appeared to be. This fact, which is true, is a source of pride to Trey, who likens it to his defiant, stubborn tenacity in the face of adversity. A well liked child, Trey's life was greatly enriched by the many opportunities provided for him at the orphanage, which he regards to this day as a place of nurturing and love.

At the age of eighteen, after receiving a full and rewarding education, Trey set out to make something of himself. Signing on with the now defunct Argus Shipping Company, Trey began a rewarding and law-abiding career as a trader, moving legal goods from one station to another while generously and dutifully paying the wide variety of taxes and tariffs Confed wisely levied upon its willing citizens. Grayson soon left the womb, as it were, taking the skills he'd learned to smaller, independent shipping vessels.

The life of a trader is harrowing. Realizing that between dealing with space pirates, the occasional Kilrathi attack, failing equipment (which was always up to code), and the hardships that came simply from constant space travel made Trey well suited to assist his glorious human race in combat with the Kilrathi. Potentially giving up a life of untold riches, Trey signed up as a reservist pilot with the Terran Confederation, with whom he never had any disputes and was a model citizen since as long as he could ever remember. Soon he even began to work for Confed as a privateer, brazenly assisting his glorious government in its fight against the forces of furry.

Trey found himself aboard New Constantinople station when the Kilrathi attacked. Wishing very much not to perish, he was elated when the TCS Majestic arrived to help stem the tide of furry darkness. When the carrier put out a call for reservists to help fill its deeply depleted ranks, one can imagine how prideful and eager Trey was to answer that call. In fact, he was probably the most enthusiastic (and handsome) reservist the Majestic picked up that fateful day.


  • Gemini Campaign Ribbon
  • Golden Sun


None (…Yet)

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

Second Lieutenant Grayson's military records were lost with Perry Naval Base, but things otherwise appear to be in order. Due to the manpower shortage in TCS Majestic's theater of operations, Grayson has been approved for duty. He is hereby activated.


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