The Road To Hell
The Road to Hell
Summary: Two of Roman Lynch's henchmen visit the Majestic with an offer. Can the Confederation afford to refuse?
Date: 2657.352
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Settling to the deck are a pair of bulky Orion armored transports, one of them bearing more than a few scars from the recent engagement with the Kilrathi. It takes only a moment for the hatch to pop open, and a rather bulky figure to make its way outside, glancing towards the other Orion for a brief moment. Waiting for its pilot to emerge?

Dante just stands at the recovery deck with his arms folded over his chest. The man is wearing his cowboy hat, something he doesn't normally do out in regular duty areas. He's also smoking a cigar and staring at the Orions as if his mere gaze might shove them back into space. And given the gaze coming out of those two eyes, they just might manage a feat, "Reckon they don't pay me enough for this shit."

One of the Stilettos that was part of the Combat Aerospace Patrol that manage to net the pair of Orions lands after the Orions do, settling down slowly on the Recovery Deck. The canopy hisses open as the pilot begins the shutdown procedure before climbing out, removing his helmet to reveal the young rookie, Kell. His attention is obviously fixed on the Orions, curious to see who the civilians pirates were, having only spoken to them via ship to ship communications.

With a single pass alongside the Majestic's starboard batteries, the lone Scimitar acting as escort awaits clearance from the flight deck to make her landing. Being the last in the elephant march returning from the recent encounter with the Kilrathis, Sonia had the dubious honour of watching Styx's engines burn brightly between her crosshairs. She gets the clearance and wings over in a long loop, manuvering away from the warship's hull to vector in her approach. With a flutter of her thrusters and a slide against the deckplates, Sonia brings the Scimitar to a stop halfway down the recovery deck still leaving plenty of room for the Orions further ahead. As the swarm of technicians begin to converge on her fighter, she snaps open the canopy and pulls herself out of the old fightercraft.

The second's Hatch is popped and a more elegant figure emergers from it. "How qaint." She says going to remove her helmet, she glances around again until her eyes fall on Dante. "Oh by, now that's a sight you don't see every day. Is that the ships mascot." She asks. "Help me down, Letha dear, there's a good boy." She says smiling ever so sweetly at the big thug. Styx is at her worse it seems.

"I'm sure you can manage" Lethe replies gruffly, taking a little glance around for a moment at the assembling little crowd. "Let's hurry up and get this over with" he adds quietly. "All these uniforms make me nervous"

Oooh. Time to rubberneck. Raine does her best to look inconspicuous, or failing that, as if she just belongs or has something to do here. Looking innocent equates to looking guilty as hell. Peeeeer. She's even got a tree with her.

Dante steps up to Styx and Lethe nice and slowly, one step after the other. He doesn't say anything, but has all the stride of a gunslinger for what it's worth. He removes the cigar from his lips and blows a thin column of smoke at Styx's face, and then just looks both individuals over, making it very clear he's assessing them, possibly their worth, or at least determining if he could get his men to stuff these guys into an airlock at the same time, or only single file.

Slipping down the fuselage of her fighter, Sonia bypasses the gantry the techs are climbing on and place against her fighter. She accepts a clipboard from one of the technicians and she begins conversing with him about the fighter, any damage, or any problems that arose because of the encounter. She makes quick work of her technical report and hands the manifest back to the technician with a grin.

Styx places her hands on her hips and shakes her head. "Lethe, this simply won't do I'm a lady. I can not simply just jump down. How in elegant." She then frowns and whafts the smoke from her face. "Your a rude, little man aren't you. Now give me a hand down." She says with just a hint of honey in her voice. "I have appearance to keep up after all."

"You might be a woman, but you ain't no lady" Lethe grumbles back to the woman in front of him, even as he reaches to help her down from the craft. That said, he turns towards Dante and gives him a curious look for a moment. "You the boss?" he asks bluntly. No subtlety in this one.

As the technicians start checking out his Stiletto for post patrol and battle damage, Kell moves away from his fighter and heads towards where the Commodore is meeting with the two 'guests'. He doesn't exactly join the group, lingering just outside of interaction range to watch and be available in case called upon since he was one of the pilots on patrol. For now though, he seems more than content to just observe silently, without intruding.

Raine is being bad and watching! Raine is quiet though, and unobtrusive despite her tree. It doesn't escape her notice that no one seems to need duct taping together.

Dante glares some more, and then taps his cigar a few times, letting the ashes drift to the floor. He doesn't verbally answer the question, at least not directly. Instead, he gruffly states, "You done got two minutes a' tell me what you want for, then get your stupid asses the hell off of my ship. People worth a damn normally land here."

Styx glares back at Dante before braking into a smile and wondering over to him. She reaches out a hand and runs a finger tip up his belly as she turns around to face Lethe. "Be a dear and explain why were here, if you can remember it all." She then grins. "And isn't he a handsome one." She looks back to Dante and winks. "I always did love a man in uniform."

Dante reaches over to smack Styx's hand away from his stomach, and not in a playful way, either.

"Mister Lynch has business he wishes to discuss" Lethe replies simply, looking straight back at Dante. "You have certain items in your custody that he wishes to obtain. In return, he is willing to offer a fair exchange. Exactly what you might consider 'fair' is what he sent us to discuss"

When it is revealed that the TCN has something that the infamous Roman Lynch wants, Kell's interest seems to perk up slightly as his eyes goes from the pair of Lynch representatives to the Commodore, as if waiting to see how the senior officer will answer. The smacking of the woman's hand does bring a smirk to the young pilot's expressions and almost a laugh but he is smart enough to suppress it, remaining quiet.

Oooh, snap. Shut down. Raine's eyebrows lifted as the woman's hand is smacked away. She does less well at suppressing her expression, although hers is mostly surprise.

Sonia walks over to where Kell stands and she crosses her arms. She watches as the two newcommers try to ply their wiles against the CO. She smirks as Styx's play is rebuffed and then looks to Kell beside her. "Nice to see the Chief out from the bridge."

Styx pouts and goes to walk around her, it very clear she's come from money just by the way she look and holds herself. "Oh, I don't think he wants to play nice Lethe." She says, going to move back towards the commodore, her heels clicking on the floor. How does one fly in heels, well it's simple. "But yes, my large dim witted firend here is correct. We're here to strike a deal, and what lovely company we have to do it with." She claps her hands together and gives a fake happy smile, and shrugs gleefully. "How wonderful!"

When his wingman on the patrol nears, Kell turns his head slightly to address Sonia but keeps his eyes on the main show. His head dips up and down as a nod in response to Sonia's words, "It is, though I get the feeling the Commodore is less than pleased about having to leave the bridge."

"Reckon I do, at that. Security." Dante narrows his gaze, and then reaches for his comm, "Security to the Recovery deck. Security to the recovery deck." He glances at the pilots and the doctor, then back to their guests, "Other than the two of you degenerate assholes, what else have I got in custody right here that you want?"

A voice announces over the loudspeaker, "Security to the Recovery Deck. Security to the Recovery Deck."

Sonia sighs and rolls her eyes, watching as every technician just froze in their duties and turned to look at what was going on. "Hope you have a sidearm handy…" she grunts at Kell and jerks a thumb to a pair of non-coms to go fetch a few sidearms quickly. She herself pops her holster clasp and watches intently the CO and the brigands.

"Not what I want" Lethe explains. "What he wants." For some reason, the man seems to feel that's quite important to make the distinction on. "But what you've got are a pair of transports in formation with you, loaded to the gills with weaponry. If one of them were to be reported lost in action, the Confederation would surely send you a replacement? And in return, Mister Lynch could provide considerable assistance to your efforts against the Kilrathi. Your Navy cannot be everywhere, after all."

Styx tuts softly and holds out her hands. "Now, now no need to use such horrid language." She looks at Lethe. "What is our tax dollars paying for." She sighs. "Commodore, I'm assuming such a power and handsome man as yourself has to have such a high and noble title…." She smiles again, her eyes looking around for a moment. "We are your guests, we haven't come to cause your any trouble. We simply wish to speak." She smiles and gives a little wave to Raine. "Oh by dear, what wonderful sink you have." She says then glances at the two pilots. "And your crew, we're so brave saving us, I really do not wish for this to be a waste of your so precious time."

"I have it but I never thought I'd have to use it for it's intended purpose, especially on our ship." Kell says with a frown as the Commodore calls out for Security, his hands also unclasping his holster and a hand going to his personal sidearm. The deal that Lethe seems to be offering brings another frown to the young pilot's expression, the option of corruption staring him right in the face. Resisting the urge to just pull his sidearm out and point it at the pair, the rookie's eyes the pair before it flicks towards the Commodore, waiting to see the older man's response.

Dante lets out a manly, gruff chuckle. It's not light… it's heavy and has weight to it. He puffs from his cigar and looks to the others, "The mafia's come to exchange guns for favors. Oh… that's…" He chuckles again and finally turns, walking towards Draygo and then resting his hand on the pilot's shoulder, "No need to pull that out. Reckon it don't have to come to that. What do you think, though?" He turns towards Styx, "Since when does organized crime get low on guns and ammo, anyway?"

Raine blinks at the compliment. She turns a bit red. "Thank you," At least she's fairly polite if quietly uneasy. Shy perhaps. Raine just looks up at the announcement for security. Uh. She's got a tree. For now, Raine is a silent, polite audience.

Styx sighs softly and rolls her eyes. "Because we would get military grade weapons for reasobale price and help out our fellow humans." She says, placing her hand over her hear. "And performing out duty as citizens of the federation." She then pulls out a file and file her nails. She has that disinterested bored look on her face. "We can be of use to you, Commodore." She says going to wonder over to him and the young pilot. "Nice." She says eyeing Kell before getting back to the older man. "We can main a presence were you, can't provide cover and support. While you go do other things, just think Commodore your own little band, of freedom fighter." She raises her fit and looks at it dramatically. "Fighting to free ourselves from the evil Kilrathi forces."

Lethe is trying his level best not to roll his eyes at the response Styx gives, but he can't quite manage it. He does turn a rather curious look towards the Commodore, however, wondering just what the response would be.

Nodding to Dante, Sonia simply waits patiently but keep her eyes on Lethe and Styx. She pulls a stick of gum from her flightsuit's breast pocket and pops the mint stick into her mouth to whie away the time. "I have a bad feeling about all of this."

Raine is watching quietly, hanging onto her tree. She's not really saying much for now.

"Well." Dante chuckles a bit more and turns back towards the two representatives, "Might could send you two clowns back to your boss.. what was his name? Robin Leach? Reckon you ain't about to tell me there's a penalty to turning you down, are you? Because here's a hint… that would be a very, very bad idea. Bad for us, worse for you, and worst for business… that -is- what you're here about, of course, Business."

At the Commodore's words, Kell nods slightly as his hand moves away from his sidearm though his eyes focus on the pair of criminals. Their words may sound like honey but the young pilot seems to know better, they've already shown their hands wanting to play the system for weapons to fund who knows what. Draygo has already flown against pirates that seemed to be very well armed and he doesn't want to make the situation worse.

"Roman Lynch" Lethe corrects, before he shakes his head. "And that was not in my instructions, no. We were simply informed that we should make the offer, and how to proceed if you accepted. If you're going to refuse, I suppose it's up to Mister Lynch how he wants to handle things."

Styx folds her arms over her breasts and merely shrugs. "I don't think there would be, but I'd think commodore you'd at least hear me out." She says then eyes Raine, going over towards her she frowns. "Why dear are you clunching a tree." She says rather baffled. "Did you plan on assulting us with it?" She lets the goon talk for now, while she plays nice and butters up the crew.

"You, ah… you got a radio or something we could use to get in touch with your boss, or something like that? A little pick-me-up with nifty display? A red line to the freakin' guy. That's what I want more than anything else in the entire sector right now." Dante puffs on his cigar and then walks towards the pair with his hand out. "Give me something clever and useful like that. Y'all supposed to be real good at 'clever' and 'useful', ain't you?"

Raine blinks owlishly again. "Why would I do that? I like my tree," Raine is quiet. This question baffles the doctor. Why wouldn't she have a tree? It just is, part of her. And this clearly, indicates that the answer is she likes her tree. She goes silent once Dante speaks.

"No." Lethe replies to Dante tersely. "If you have a message for Mister Lynch, we're to take it back to him." The large man explains, giving Dante perhaps something of a puzzled look. Not sure why the Commodore would want such a thing, perhaps?

Sonia grins and she looks over to the doctor and sighs whistfully. "Leave it to Raine and her ever present flora to add a little mystery and levity to a situation." she muses to herself and Kell. She nudges the other pilot and looks up at him. "You don't think the old man is going to grant thses guys even an iota of their 'request' do you?" she asks in an aside, hushed for Kell to hear.

Paz would naturally pick now to amble into the area, pausing just inside the hatch to peer suspiciously at the goings-on within.

Styx shakes her head at Raine and simply pats her on the dead. "What a strange little one." She says going to rejoin Lethe. "We have been send to talk for him, you can be assured that he will not be happy we were sent back without at least laying some ground work…Commodore even you can see what we offer is reasonable and a chance you simply can't dismiss."

Dante shakes his head, "Now ain't that just a crying shame, cause you see.. that was exactly the thing I wanted. I'll tell you what. I was gonna have security take you two into custody, strip search you, lock you in seperate cells, and drop y'all off at the nearest military station for treason, but…" He pauses to have another puff from his cigar, "But…" The second but is for emphasis, "That would mean having you on my ship a while longer. Here's what you're gonna do, instead. You're gonna go back to this Ronald Lawson fella, whatever his name is, and bring him a message. You guys do dictation, or do you just play a lousy rendition of bad cop, corrupt cop?"

"Just give us the message" Lethe replies flatly. "We'll make sure that he gets it" he adds without explanation, not looking all that bothered by the initial threat from Dante. That sort of thing goes right along with the line of work, after all.

Raine blinks again as she's patted on the head. Her only response is a faint, enigmatic style. She's at peace with her oddness. Raine looks to Sonia, perhaps only hearing murmurs. Oh hey! Beam. A look back to Styx. She's quietly curious and polite.

Styx shrugs her shoulders. "Alass, we're done here Lethe. Come along let us be going we have a few more stops." She says going to wink at Dante. "Such a shame." She sighs. "Well tartar."

Shaking his head slighlty in response to Sonia's question, Kell's eyes are still focused on the guests but his words are low enough for her to hear, "I don't think so, atleast I hope not. That would break all kinds of regulations, not to mention how wrong it is." He falls silent as the Commodore has an answer for the 'guests', causing the young rookie to smirk again, apparently pleased with the response. Though question now is if Kell will be tasked to fly them out since he flown them in.

"Just give us the message. Reckon you're a straight shooter, aint'cha?" Dante nods, "Tell your boss that if he wants to play freedom fighter, the Terran Confederation is always recruiting and there ain't no better way to get military grade weapons. We ain't buying what you're selling, but nothing's off the table. You try to persuade us by making things worse in this region, you're getting the official treatment, and you won't like that. We ain't a police force. So don't try that. You also tell him that the Kilrathi ain't gonna make deals with any furless apes and probably take to your kind even worse than I do. Keep that in mind. Last thing is that I want you guys back here. With a radio. A way to reach this Robert Paulson fella. If the shit gets so think we can't swim in it, maybe he'll get a call. Otherwise, think we'll do a backstroke. Escort these… people off my ship, somebody."

"Only when someone needs shooting" Lethe replies, before he turns, and the big ugly man heads back into his big ugly ship. Not going to wait for that 'escort' when the hatch is only a few feet away, it would seem.

Sonia sighs with relief as Lethe and Styx take their leave. "At least Lethe's fighter won't be back for a while." She reseals the holster on her hip and then combs a hand through her hair. "Well, looks like we get drilled for facts by Flight. Going to try and get washed up before hand."

Raine is just quietly eccentric. That's what Raine does and is, quietly hanging about with her Bonsai tree. Although, as they're leaving, she looks around. Uh oh. Hmmm. A look to Sonia and Kell, then back to Dante.

Paz makes her way through the thinning crowd of onlookers to find Sonia. "What'd I miss?" she asks, brow furrowed with concerned. "What were pirates doing here?"

Sonia snorts and rolls her eyes, watching the bulky Orion's lift off and leave the hangar. "Not pirates… 'Businessmen'. They wanted to trade one of our new armored transports for their 'support' with handling the Kats." She rests her hands on her hips and shakes her head ruefully. "Either way it was handled you know it is going to mean more patrols for us, more repair and maintenance for the techs, and more fodder for the brass' intrays."

Dante mutters to himself, and has a long draw from his cigar, "Would be wise, Second Lieutenant. I'm sure we can think of a few questions for you about those two." This to Sonia. And then he turns towards Paz, "They were hoping we might slip them a bunch of guns under the table." He pauses, adding, "Don't think it ain't tempting. Hopefully they get the message, though. We ain't the police. We're a military. If they're looking to us for guns, then they should know better than to start trouble. Ain't looking to play FBI with Capone. Child shit."

"Oh for the love of." Paz grumbles, shaking her head in frustration. "I knew some of these outfits were stupid, I didn't think they were _retarded_! They really thought we were going to arm them?" she asks, laughing out loud at the very idea. "Yeah…yeah, that'll happen. And giant green monkeys with big purple wings'll come flying out of my butt any time now. Surprised the CO didn't just arrest 'em both and confiscate their ship."

"Ah Shit Sir…" she mutters as Dante confronts her and sonia hangs her head. "Why me?" she asks of no one in particular and opens her flightsuit. "Here and now or do I have time to nab a quick shower?" she asks.

"No need to do that. 'Sides… they'll come back with a radio like I asked. Radio to put me in touch with Roman Lynch." Dante puffs his cigar again, "And I mean to shove that thing right in the obs deck, behind a big red box with break-away glass, reads 'In Case of Emergency, Break'. Remind people why we gotta fight as hard as we fight. And if it does get that bad… don't think I won't walk up and break that glass, neither."

"We got a mission?" Paz asks Sonia, looking excited at the prospect. "And copy that one, sir." Paz nods to Dante, blushing a little for forgetting herself. "Sorry, sir, no excuses for forgetting." she adds, looking as closed to embarrassed at a breach of military protocol as she ever will. "But, with all due respect, sir, personally, I think the idea of the Fuzzy Wuzzies wiping the Great Formica Countertop of the Universe with the dead bodies of my family's a more powerful motivator."

"If you do go, please be careful. Neither pirates nor kilrathi tend to fight gently," Raine replies. "Then you get stuck visiting myself and the other doctors." And all in all, medbay is maddeningly boring to anyone unfortunate enough to be conscious there. "Anyway, be safe. I was mostly making sure no one came in injured," Nod. She offers a little salute and wave. "Good luck." Her and her tree are off to do their thing.

"That depends on what the CO's devious mind is hatching." Sonia states to Paz and looks back to Dante with hands on her hips. "You want us to fly doggo and tail those two back to their LZ with their boss?" she asks him and reaches up to pull her hair from out of the back of her suit.

"For you, Lieutenant." Dante peers at Paz, "We all got that on our mind. But there's also honor. We'll completely consort with criminals if it helps us push the fleabags back. We won't like it. But we'll do it. And no. No need to tail them. I hardly think it matters where they're going, and they'll be back anyhow."

"Copy that, sir. You do what you have to to keep things going." she adds. "Poppa taught me that one long time ago. Still, kind of odd them expecting us to arm them and all. Usually, they're better armed than anybody else than the major corp ships." she muses. "Interesting. Well, anytime you need someone to go buzz their base, lemme know, sir." she grins wolfishly. "I'm dying to get back into a fight of some kind."

Sonia grins and she nds alongside Paz. "Aye Sir. Well at least my poor Tsunami will get some downtime for a good overhaul." She claps Paz on the shoulder and chuckles. "Well next time I end up in a patrol that gets a little hot I'll ask the Kats to wait for me to place a call and bring you into the fray."

If no one stops her, Raine quietly disappears towards the medbay. She seems satisfied no one got injured.

Dante points a thick index finger at Paz, "Bad choice of words, pilot. Bad luck." He nods to both of them, "You'll get your chance with the fleabags. Don't you worry. That ain't a prediction. It's a goddamned fact. Dismissed, if you're waiting for some claptrap like that. Otherwise, as you were." He turns and heads down the line, flicking ashes from his cigar.

"Gosh, sorry for being upbeat and aggresive, sir." Paz calls to the man as he makes his exit. "Bad luck, nothing, that's _good_ luck! _Bad_ luck's going 'ohshitI'mgonnadie!' every time you launch." she sighs to Sonia. "So, any exciting developments?" she asks.

Sonia shrugs and she shakes her head. "Aside from what you saw here. Not a hell of a lot. Been really dull." She sighs and turns to walk a couple paces away. "Coming Paz?"

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