The Captain and His Court
The Captain and His Court
Summary: The celebration after Jenthson's promotion.
Date: 2657.324
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First and Last

At some point, Pip must've made a comment about Marines being good for two things, and one of them wasn't not carrying….because he was dumped with little ceremony onto the floor of the F&L, after a collision with a doorframe or five, en route. He's currently sitting there, in all of his Captain-y glory, rubbing a lump raising on the side of his head, and waiting for the boozing to begin. "I didn't say you were -only- good at being packmules!" He calls after the departing jarheads.

Aquilina got out of that space suit before showing up, left in the uniform he was wearing underneath. Which is rumpled to hell, but that's the way it goes. Cigarette already in hand, he nearly trips over the floor sprawl that the Marines left Pip in, stepping over the new Captain with aplomb. "On the fucking floor already, Captain? Didn't think getting new pins would suddenly make you such a lightweight."

"Of course it hasn't, Alex. I suspect the Marines didn't like me commenting on the natural uses for their very strong backs…" Climbing to his feet, he strips off his spacesuit, revealing his usual old flight-suit beneath. And, just because he can, he takes the time to transfer the new rank pinks over. "Though, with the Major being so top-heavy, one musn't be surprised by referencing said backs." Pip leaves his clothing in the middile of the floor, and walks to the bar. "You know the drill. Drinks on me, my friend." This is stated to the bartender.

Xiang is also back in a more standard uniform as she strides into the bar. Sans helmet and all those trappings. A sidelong look as she catches Aquilina's words. "You've an interesting way of congratulating a man, Alex," she says wryly. She crooks a faintly amused little grin at the state Jenthson's arrived in. Any amusement is tempered for the moment, however. "And I do want to say congratulations. Sir. I've had to catch myself to /not/ call you that before. It always seemed…proper."

Trey arrives from the Crew Services.
Trey has arrived.

"I have a very common way of congratulating a man, as a matter of fact." Alex informs Xiang with a soft sniff. "Observe." He snags one of the glasses being poured at the bar, getting his foot up on the rung running around the bottom of the bar and hoisting up so he's standing on it, boosting his rather average height to just above the taller heads. "Let's start this off right. A toast, then. To Captain Frethan Jenthson, of the 1087th, who despite being a royal asshole is one I personally would follow to hell and back if it meant having the honour of fighting at his side. The 221st will be there to save his ass as many times needed. Congratulations, sir."

Was Aisling Kaye at the ceremony? Probably - but it's not like she would have been a conspicuous presence there, for much the same reason that she doesn't draw many eyes when she tiptoes into the bar. Despite having been in a space suit for the entire duration of the CO's speech and more, her uniform is polished to the nines, with creases ironed in and wrinkles ironed out. No wonder she's later than most to the party. "Excuse me," she murmurs to a couple of lieutenants lounging quite close to the door, whose night has started much earlier than hers (if the slurring of their speech is any indication). "Sorry. Excuse me." Redfaced Mouse coming through, just in time to miss the toast.

Xiang's words are met with a friendly smile, and a quiet response that is very unlike Jenthson…"You are too kind, Jia. But, coming from an officer such as yourself, I will take the words to heart, and gladly accept your congratulations." Lifting the pint of his favored beer, London City, Pip greets the toast with a reply of his own! "I appreciate the kind words, Torch! And, I'll be glad to provide you with an ass to save, as even I, the best, am going to need such services, sooner or later!" A broad grin, and he continues…"And, Alex? Watch every move that I make in the furballs, so you know exactly what to do! And, watch every move I make aboard the Majestic, so you know what never to fucking do! You'll make an excellent CO, when your time comes, so long as you follow that advice!" And then he's downing the tall glass swiftly, and without much need to breath. The quiet entry of Kaye is acknowledged only once he's settled his empty glass to the bar, and happens to be in search of another. "From the look of that lass' face, I'd say she's already half-soussed! Here, have some more!" A shout toward Kaye. His comment about her red-face was typical ass-hole Frethan, though!

Xiang snags a glass as well, lifting it to her lips and drinking at Aquilina's toast. "Here, here. And thank you, Frethan. Though I'll be back to sir'ing you on duty, I assure you. We could always use a few more good ranking officers, so I consider this a win for the lot of us in the Space Force squads. Not just the Minutemen." She doesn't notice Kaye until the others call her attention that direction. Brows are arched, but a cordial little nod is offered as well.

Trey slips inside of the bar and spends a few seconds to look it over. If anyone were actually watching the guy, they'd be seeing him dart around, peering at the door, the bar itself, every entrance and exit. It's a lot less like he's admiring and exploring and a lot more like he's filing away potentially life-saving details for later. Or maybe he's just casing the joint. Once that's done, he looks around, spots some faces he recognizes, and heads over, "Captain Jenthson, sir!" He smiles at the man and, in spite of having inexperience with him and the people around him, seems to have zero problem just slipping right in as if he's been here for a year. Typical Trey. "I don't think I've ever seen someone so calm about being arrested before." He grins from ear to ear.

"I'll start with this advice, if you don't mind," Alex calls back to Jenthson, tapping an index finger at the pint in hand and downing the thing as he steps back off the rung with a thump of boots. Empty glass, bar, thunk. The sight of Kaye doesn't rouse much recognition, though Trey does. "Not a black eye yet, eh? Refined your technique since last night?" He gives the young a smirked grin, then picks up a new glass and raises it a bit towards Xiang at the sentiment.

No response to the boisterous Brit is forthcoming, unless you count the fact that Kaye has turned a truly magnificent pink as a response. Instead, head bowed as is her wont, Mouse stumbles toward the most familiar faces, dodging in the process a web of outstretched legs created by a trio of inebriated techs. "Congratulations, sir," she mumbles when she reaches the bar, turning her body to slip by the newly-minted Captain and reach Verdict's side - which is conveniently far away from Trey. "Hello," she offers, trying to find a dry place on the counter on which to set her elbow. "Is there room?"

"Ah, Mr. Grayson…" Pip turns slightly to regard Trey, and point to one of many pints on display…"Do have a drink…and as for the arrest…I suspected the worst they could do was throw me in the brig for a few days…" A pause, and the Englishman finishes…"And, I can't imagine what that would do for the Majestic's combat performance!" A wink finishes the sentiment, and Jenthson is replying to Kaye, holding up his own new glass in thanks for her congratulations…"I do hope that I didn't offend with my greeting, Lieutenant. I have a tongue, I've been told."

Xiang directs a *look* in Aquilina's direction. It is narrow-eyed and level. She has A Few Words to say to him later. But they are tabled for now. "Good of your to join us, Lieutenant. Both of you lieutenants. Hello, Aisling. Of course." She scoots a notch over to make room, if there isn't enough already. She chuckles faintly when Jenthson speaks of the arrest. "For a moment I thought the commodore was serious. He has an interesting sense of humor. Good judgement, though, from what little I've seen."

The Look from Jia is ignored. Alex pulls his cigarettes from his front pocket, along with the bright purple lighter. "If he's intuitive enough to know how bloody dull it is standing about for ceremonies like that, he's already got a point for knowing his men. Ten more for knowing a man deserving of pins when he spots one." He pauses to light up, smoke curling up one side of his face. The pack's tossed on the bar, open season.

Trey waves pleasantly to Xiang not as if nothing happened, but as if he thought coming on to her near the flight deck last night was just a lot of fun. Perhaps for at least one of them, it actually was. "Hi there! I got a little lost. This place is way bigger than it seems like it should be." And then to the Captain, "No, sir, I don't. I'll have to do something about that right away, but I guess that makes some sense. It's still pretty ballsy not to flinch once they pulled out the handcuffs." His voice, oddly enough, has a hint of experience to it. "Oh wow, is that dark stout?" He holds up a finger and goes to the bartender, "Hi. Could I get an entire round for these guys? Yeah. Whatever they want. And keep it coming for the old man with the funny ears. He's a Captain, you know!" He makes a point out of keeping some distance between him and Kaye, perobably mercifully for her.

Mouse is in the process of ordering a drink from the bar when she's spoken to again, and so distracted is she by the selection of stouts that she doesn't realize she's being addressed by the very model of a modern - captain. After all, Gilbert and Sullivan can only take her so far. "Oh - oh! I'm not offended, sir." Kaye's protest comes altogether too quickly, and her voice is almost inaudible in the quiet buzzing of the bar. "Really. I promise." And as if to reassure the group that she doesn't mean to be a wallflower, she draws a breath and points to one of several taps in front of her. "Can I please have a pint of that?" And while she waits for a hundred and nineteen seconds to pass, she scoots closer to Xiang, taking refuge from the approaching reservist.

"You could only see my back, Grayson." This kid -really- needs a callsign, because referring to him by his last name is an exercise in being tedious, isn't it? He did have a minor moment of surprise for those who could! Frethan nods toward Aquilina, though.."You're not wrong, Alex. After the meeting we had in my office, I came to two conclusions…he won't be a bad CO, and that I really wanted to knock his fucking teeth out, a good half of the time." Which, if it isn't clear from his grin, it should be from his own usual attitude, a clear sign of approval for Dante. A tilt to his head, and he cups one of his ears…making it look down-right Dralthi-sized…"I'm sorry, Lieutenant Mumbles…I'm having trouble hearing you…." His words might be a little mean, but his tone, and friendly smile seem to be trying to be friendly, in his own way. Oh, and Trey gets a -very- pointed look at mention of his funny ears…"Lieutenant…I'll have you know…they are not -funny- looking. They are bloody distinguished, and you'll do well to remember that!" He can likely pick up Kilrathi Fleet transmissions with those fuckers, too.

Xiang's nod in return to Trey is cordial enough, as if nothing had happened at all. She downs a bit more of her current pint. "Do you know much about his background? The Commodore, I mean?" The question is asked 'round in general.

Aquilina hehs at Jenthson. He leans back against the bar, reaching over to tap his cigarette into the ashtray as he answers Xiang, "Served with someone on the Orlando that'd been under him once. Said he was from…ah, what was it. Texas." His tone sounds like it's blaming Xiang for the existence of such a godforsaken place. Americans. "Irritating son of a bitch, but was on the Tiger's Claw…fought at Custer's Carnival, if I remember right."

Trey listens, having crawled behind the wheel of a very tall and frosty mug of ale so black that not even light seems like it could escape from it. Or not. He sucks down a good bit of it, listening to the others. He takes a dramatic and obvious step back from Kaye, as if to imply she has nothing to fear, even gesturing with his hand as if getting the door for a lady. It looks like a non-verbal apology.

Hazel eyes dart about the lounge as Kaye waits for her beer, which comes with that trademark foamy head that nearly spills over the side of the glass. In her hands, the pint looks positively tremendous, and one has to wonder if she can finish it all without passing out. Of course, the answer to that question will be forthcoming in the next fifteen minutes or so, and from the looks of it, Mouse is having little difficulty washing down the nasty aftertaste of dinner. In the blink of an eye, nearly a fifth of her drink has vanished into air. Then, bolstered with liquid confidence, she leans toward the captain to make herself heard: "I'm Irish," Mouse confides, eyes wide, the very picture of innocent. "I've never been this close to one of my oppressors before, sir." Line delivered (albeit shakily), she's settling back onto the counter, clutching her beer to her chest as if stunned she just said that aloud. And no - still not looking at Trey.

"You've got it right, Aquilina, though you left out the best part…" Pip adds for the sake of hearing himself speak, finishing his pint, before he allows the story to continue…"I did some checking with some old sticks, and it turns out that our new Commodore got himself into some trouble, as young officers are quick to do…popped his CO a good one, when he was assigned to carrier duty. Scuttlebutt was his mum was some sort of muckety-much, and saved his career. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt, mind." And, that is the bonus of having a damned ancient Captain around, they have sources all over the Fleet. As for Kaye's words, there is a hearty laugh, and his free hand actually goes out to give her a comrade-ly thumping on the back. "Ah, but Lieutenant! You've got it all wrong….the English never oppressed a soul, lass! We merely brought civilization to millions of heathen bastards!"

"I've never been to Texas, I'll have you know," Xiang replies to Aquilina archly. "It's a sizeable continent, and I was largely an East-coast dweller. The District of Columbia is entirely lacking in tumbleweeds and long-horned farm animals, I assure you." She arches her brows at the exchange between Kaye and Trey. Trying to catch the other woman's eye, and offer her an amused smirk-and-nod. Empathetic. "Popped his CO?" Blink. "Well. That is certainly…unconventional." Xiang seems torn to show either amusement at such a violation or disapproval for her new CO. So she just opts to drink more.

Trey turns hopefully towards his CO, and asks with great enthusiasm, "You can -do- that??" He looks like a kid on Christmas. He's kidding. Right? Right?

Mouse is about to suggest a toast when Pip's ham-like hands reach out for her shoulder; recoiling instinctively, she nearly spills her beer all over Xiang in the process. Luckily for Verdict (and her uniform), the woman has already enough of it to ward off such a disaster. The Asian pilot's nod is returned with an apologetic smile that somehow makes her look even more abashed than she is - a remarkable feat indeed. And just in case the sentiment wasn't clear: "Sorry," she says, hurriedly. "I - " Kaye takes another long sip from her glass. "I didn't mean to do that," she finishes, even though nothing actually happened.

Aquilina smirks at Xiang, then snorts quietly at Jenthson. "Did he and was she, now. Not sure what to make of that one. Except I suppose I ought to be glad he's no longer got any COs in reaching distance." He gets a drag off his cigarette and blows it towards the ceiling, just now noticing Kaye as she's clapped on the back. "Well, hello. Who's this?"

"I've not met an Irish lass with such a….dishtowel temperment before, I must admit…" Pip seems quite surprised by her reaction, if nothing else. It completely distracts him from the rest of the conversation that happens to be ongoing. "Really, lass. I'm not infected with some cooties because I'm English….my family's line wasn't even noble until well after your family's potato farm belonged to Ireland, again. I promise." Uh…did Frethan just admit to something about nobility? Ignore that.

"Oh!" exclaims from Xiang as she's near-missed by Kaye's pint. She scoots back a notch to avoid it. Her own pint jars threateningly as she half-hops with it, but fortunately she's gone deep enough into it that the sloshing is contained to the glass. She steadies herself quickly enough, though, no damage done. "Oh. Quite all right, Aisling." Her brows arch again, precipitously, at the 'dishtowel' remark from Jenthson but she doesn't jump on it. More arching at the 'noble' bit. Inquiries on that note are also tabled. For now.

"I wouldn't underestimate her, sir. She's…" Trey literally mouths 'noble?' as in, 'did he say', effectively cutting himself off. "She's got plenty of fire. I think she's just saving it for the enemy." He turns to the others and has another pull from his ale mug, and then another. And then he just quietly watches the 221st.

Xiang gets another shaky smile before Mouse's attention is diverted. "Hullo," she echoes, peering up at Torch from below the rim of her glass. "I'm Aisling, though you can call me 'Mouse' if you really want to." One hazel eye seems to grow larger as she passes her beer across her face from left to right. "I fly. With you, I think." The maneuver is repeated in reverse before she sips once more, pausing only to sweep back a strand of hair that's somehow gotten caught in her lips. She hardly looks old enough to be drinking in a bar, let alone to be sent out against ravenous Kilrathi aces, but there you have it. As for Jenthson? "I also don't have red hair," she observes reasonably, "and I've never ever seen a real live sheep in my life." Which might be why the imprint of her hand isn't on his cheek - or, for that matter, on Trey's, whose comment only serves to draw forth an uncomfortable laugh.

"You think?" The corner of Alex's lip curls in half amusement at Kaye. "You can be a little more sure than that. It won't hurt you, I promise…Aisling, is it? Alejandro. Alex, or 'Torch'." His eyes flicker to Trey and then back to the young woman. "Obviously you know Greyson, in something not even close to a biblical sense. And Jia, here, and Prince Captain Wanker." Yeah, he heard the nobility jab. "Did you just transfer in?"

Two fingers come up to give Alejandro a good-old fashioned two-fingered salute, and Pip just shakes his head. "Not a Prince, bloody nancy." He has a big mouth. Frethan slips from the stool upon which he had decided to hold court, if you will. What remains of this pint is drained, and left to rest on the counter. "Mr. Greyson has an interest in the lass, then? If he is as good with the ladies as he is with a Scimitar, I can say that this quiet young Lieutenant is likely safe…" A short pause, as the punch-line is worked out in his head…"Because, after that last fight, he can only finish the job, after everyone else has had their turn." Zing?

Trey has the good grace to not take Alex's setup, regardless if it's intentional or not, and run with it. Instead he casually affirms with a pleasant nods, "Oh yeah. We met in the mess. I can see why they call it that, now. She's sweet, but I wouldn't cross her." His chuckle is colorful but subdued. When the ensign wanders in, well… he just waves his arms at her, "Hey! Mercier! We're over here!" He grins invitingly. The boy has, if nothing else, a very charming smile. He looks playful and warm. This is rarely a good thing.

Xiang has nearly finished her first pint. And, given her bar-reputation, it will very probably be her last. But she nurses the tail end of it. "I thought Black Irish were actually more common than the red-headed sort," she observes to Kaye. "Not that I know first-hand, though. I've never been to Ireland. My parents' trips to Europe usually stuck to the continent." She adds, for her part, "My callsign's Verdict, but Jia is fine." She attempts to avoid her callsign when out of the cockpit. Her lips twitch at Jenthson's remark. Must. Not. Laugh. Must. Not…Mercier is a distraction. A look up, and a nod offered, to the newcomer.

"Nice to meet you," says Kaye into what remains of her stout. "And I - I /know/ I fly with you. I guess." The contours of the glass lend an oddly musical ring to her otherwise unexpressive alto. "I just - with the Sevens, there were twins. I got confused, so - " The pilot downs the rest of her drink in a single solid gulp. "Yeah." So at least she's capable of fulfilling the Irish stereotype in one way, though no ginger-haired hellion is she. And it's a good thing, too, that she finishes her drink a second before Pip offers his charming perspective. "Nobody, sir, has /had their turn/," Mouse declares when she's sufficiently recovered from a sudden fit of coughing, more than a little hotly. Maybe there's a nugget of truth in Greyson's incessant flattery.

Mercier blinks, confused. Her blue eyes turn towards Trey at the greeting, and she hesitates for a moment before she asks. "And who is we?" Her expression grows a little more confused as she asks "And for that matter, who are you?" The confusion isn't enough to stop her from taking a few steps over toward the gathering of pilots, however.

Aquilina gives Jenthson a single finger in response, quite happily. Then ends up coughing a bit on cigarette smoke at the man's jab at Trey. "Well-played. And second time someone's brouught that up. 'Sloppy' is in dire danger of sticking." He laughs a bit at Kaye's response and then pale eyes flicker to Mercier, completely unfamiliar. "Ensign. Drinks are on the new Captain, so don't be shy."

Trey really did sound like he knows Mercier really well, "Oh, I'm Second Lieutenant Grayson." explains Second Lieutenant Grayson. He points to the others, "That's First Lieutenants Solis, Kate, and Jia. And that," he says while pointing to Jenthson with a mocking grin, "Is Captain Jenthson." He adds with a mock-whisper, covering his mouth but speaking loud enough for anyone to hear, "We think he's a prince or a baron or something! Want a drink?" and then he turns to Aquilina and casually adds, "Oh, I love that name. You should call me that!" He may not have come in knowing the rules of the game, but he's apparently willing to learn and use the rules he knows.

"Amazing. The Irish lass is braver than I expected…" Pip shakes his head, as if in disbelief, and looks at everyone present, before sighing…"I do believe that the Lieutenant just announced she is a virgin…in a room full of pilots. Drinking pilots." That takes some guts, right there. Big, brass…guts. At Trey's enthusiasm, Jenthson shakes his head, and looks back to Aquilina…"We can't call him that…not now." Your callsign can't be something you enjoy! He hated his own for months and months! A glance to the bartender, the Captain of the 1087th grins…"Keep the drinks coming for everyone, until the Bosun calls for next watch. Bill me." A final cheery little wave is given to everyone, with special words for Xiang…"You're the level-headed one, Jia. Do make sure that they don't burn the ship down, or pants the Commodore…" As he makes way for the door, he stops mid-step…"I was lying. Let them pants the Commodore."

"Are you new to the Majestic?" Xiang inquires of Mercier, manner polite. If somewhat formal, but that seems habitual rather than anything specific to the ensign. Though she does correct Trey, "First Lieutenant Xiang. Jia is a bit familiar for starters, I think, Lieutenant Grayson." Not unkindly said, but it's firm. Jethson't parting words draw some humor from her, though. She even winks at the Englishman. "I'll do my level best. Captain." Brows arch at that last. He's kidding, though, of course. He has to be. Or so she tells herself.

"Fuck you, Sloppy. It's Aquilina, not Solis," Alex replies, smirking. To Jenthson he shakes his head. "Taught him that little trick just for the purpose. He hates it. It's perfect." A hand lifted to the departing.

"A pleasure to meet you then, Lieutenants" Mercier replies, before she appends her own introduction. "Ensign Yvonne Mercier." Xiang's question draws a smile and a little nod. "Yes, I just transferred aboard. Was it the deer in the headlights look that gave it away?" she asks with a soft laugh, wandering right up to the little gathering now.

Weiss arrives from the Crew Services.
Weiss has arrived.

Mouse sets down her empty glass beside Xiang, whose offer of an uncontroversial topic of conversation she now takes. "I've never been there either," Kaye confesses, a little late. "I've just seen the pictures. But it's very - it's very /green/." The tall blonde receives an almost thankful wave: encouragement to come closer, perhaps, and draw Greyson's fire. "I've been to Korea. Is that where you're from? Sorry. I never can - " From the context, her next word was probably going to be 'tell', but whatever she's about to say is drowned in a sea of stammering 't's. Her momentary display of spirit has long since vanished. Indeed, if not for all the people, she might have dashed for the hatch - and from the determined way her nervous eyes trace a path towards the exit, that option is still very much on the table.

"Oh, sorry." This is to Xiang. "I just met you guys and I just feel like I've been here forever." Especially Xiang, of course, and to Aquilia, he sort of protests, "No, I actually do like that as a callsign. It fits me pretty well. You should hear the things I've been called." He smirks to himself, suddenly stopping, "Hey, are you ok?" Eyes peer at Kaye and he looks around for the giant cat.

As Trey talks, Aquilina starts moving both hands, as if holding some kind of pole. No, not like THAT. Like digging a hole, casting dirt over shoulder. Dig, cast. Dig, cast.

"Clearly, I am interrupting something?" Mercier wonders, as much a statement as it is a question at this point. The response Kaye gives to the other pilots' teasing draws a sympathetic blush from the tall blonde. "Well, I see the pilots are no more gentlemen here than they are back home. I suppose some things do not change"

"Callsigns are universally painful, Lieutenant Grayson, so I don't think you got off too poorly," Xiang says. "At least it appears you can wear it with aplomb." A shake of her head to Mercier. "The ship *is* a bit daunting to navigate at first. It won't take you long to get the lay of the land, though. What's your station?" A wry snort at Mercier's comment about pilots. Not that she disagrees. Brows are arched at Kaye. "Korea? Hardly. I was born in Shenyang. China. My parents moved to Washington DC when I was very young, however, so I'm a native of there if anywhere…" She trails off, noting Kaye's desperate look toward the exit. She does her best to pretend not to notice the other woman's discomfort.

Weiss steps into the F&L, stopping a few feet within the doors to survey this new domain. His grey eyes slowly take in the layout with some amusement. The tall and almost painfully thin looking man then hitches the small rucksack that is over her coveralled shoulder and heads straight towards the small bar, nodding pleasantly to the few he passes. He has what LOOKS like a cigar between his lips though it is, of course, unlit.

"I'm fine. Really." Never mind that Mouse shrinks back against the counter when Greyson addresses her directly. If her mortified expression is any indication of her current state of mind, the callsign drama buzzing about her is the absolute /least/ of her worries. Slender fingers fiddle with the medallion dangling from her neck, pressing it tightly against her thumb and forefinger - a silent plea for help, and not from Mercier or Xiang. Evidently, it works. "China is very nice," she says after she's recovered her composure. "I think I saw the Wall from space." Aisling Kaye: noted repository of cultural information.

Trey snorts loudly at Aquilina and exhales, as if letting something go, "You're not offering to help me dig, are you? I don't think I need any help." He grins into his ale, then nods to Xiang in admission, "This place is so huge it sort of scares me. The number of buttons on the lifts… all I can think about is how boned I'd be without those things."

Mercier smiles at Xiang, affirming her words with a little nod. "So I am discovering" Mercier replies. "All of my training was aboard an Exeter-class, this is somewhat" she pauses for a moment. "Well, really much, larger. And I do not know what my exact duty station will be aboard, but I am a gunnery officer"

Aquilina half-smiles at Trey, shrugging one shoulder. "Here is the water-good here stands the man good. If the man go to this water and drown himself…it is, will he will he, he goes, mark you that." Quoting, from the rhythm of it. His eyes turn back to the chatting women as he takes a swallow of his pint. Second, third, something like that.

"Did you?" Xiang tilts her head at Kaye skeptically. "I always thought that was a myth. And I did try. My last station was at the Space Force base on Luna and I'll admit I skimmed the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth's orbit in transit from patrol a few times on a lark, to try and spot it." A rueful nod to Mercier and Trey. "I carried a map of the thing around in my uniform pocket my first month here. It was a bit embarrassing to get caught gawking at it in the corridor, but it helped. Anyhow, Ensign, I'm sure you CO will show you the ropes once."

Trey twists his head to one side and admits, "Sorry. The size of the officer's mess all even screws with my head. It's enormous and people haul through there like they've got a two minute deadline." He adds with a twist of his head, "Which, I guess, they sorta do."

Weiss walks.. well.. limps faintly to a stool and sits down. He casts another look around and nods, more to himself then anyone else, before he reaches into his rucksack and pulls out a silver flask from his rucksack. He grabs a clean small glass and fills it quarter way before capping and stowing the flask. He picks up the glassm swirling the amber liquid around, and then takes a slug.

"Maybe I didn't see it after all." Kaye looks a little crestfallen when Verdict blows a hole in her story. "I /did/ see the Sydney Opera House, though." Speaking of things in the same hemisphere. "My piano teacher played there once. She was Chinese, and she was the one who told me about the Wall. And - " This has got to be a record for the most words Mouse has spoken since coming aboard, but all good things must come to an end. "Yeah," she finishes, looking a little flushed - and not from the alcohol. "Sorry. I must sound incredibly boring." And that hatch is looking more and more appealing.

"I hope so" Mercier replies, favoring Xiang with another little smile. "Either way, it has been a pleasure, but I suppose I had better resume my getting lost, while I still have time to do it slowly." The blonde's smile grows a little wider at her own joke. "Au revoir"

Aquilina has fallen mostly silent while people talk about…the mess hall. His pale eyes lift towards the ceiling, then come back down and fix on Weiss. Another new face. Not that this is diffcult, he not having been here that long himself. He fishes about for another cigarette, and for that horrendously girly lighter he carries around. An upwards nod to the technician. "Hour left of drinks on Captain Jenthson's tab," he informs the man, gravely. "Get in while you still can." He pauses to light the cigarette, then looks back at Xiang and Kaye. "Piano? That's a new one. Knew two pilots who played the sax, one guitar, one oboe, one accordion - he didn't last long - but none on the piano yet."

Trey peers at Kaye and takes some non-subtle steps towards the hatch with a 'Should I go?' expression on his face. He's a corndog and shameless, but… "Actually, you know… I was just thinking I should go and fly in a sim a few times so I don't die." He amends that after a second, "…Death is inconvenient and I'm not a fan. It creates a mess!" He smiles, but eyes peer towards Kaye, like he's trying to say, 'I'm going! Will that help?'.

"Sydney?" Xiang says. "Absolutely lovely city. I've only been once. Trip during university with some friends of mine. You play piano, then?" She's intrigued by that, at least. "My mother tried to make me take violin lessons when I was a girl. I never had an ear for music, though." Her pint is empty and the glass is set down on the bar. She doesn't ask for another. A short not to Trey. "There are some excellent training programs on the simulators. The XO showed me a particularly challenging one involving a corvette fighter. I'd recommend trying it sometime. Most useful exercise."

Weiss bblinks as he is spoken to, and turns to look at Aquilina for a moment before he smiles. "/Vielen Dank!/" he says in german, his voice fairly husly for such a gaunt man. "Thank you for sharing that information." He sets the rucksack on the bar infromt of him and leans over a bit to study the selection.. scowling a little. "Just a beer, Ja?" he asks. "Is it all like this? Water?" Not a criticism, more a statement that he hopes he is wrong.

"Oh." Mouse's eyes widen as she tries to make out why Trey is looking at her with an undeniably odd expression. "Goodbye," she offers, a little nonplussed, before turning back to the other pilots. "And the guitar is nice. Like the violin." Presumably, her feelings regarding those instruments are similar to her views on China: vaguely positive. "My parents bought me lessons on my birthday. Mum said she couldn't afford to ship a pony to Mars." There's more, but subsequent thoughts are lost when the German muscles his way to the bar. "The stout is good." A flicker of life creeps into her quiet alto, which sounds a little defensive.

"The brand is 'Free', huevon. Tastes different to every tongue, give it a go," Alex has a freakish manner of speech. The language isn't -quite- native, despite the fair use of colloquialisms. His accent is murky, tinged English but with some mistimed rhythms and off-sounding vowels here and there. He looks back at Kaye. "Favourite composer, go."

Trey leaves, heading towards the Crew Services [O].
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"Captain Korsakov recommends the vodka highly. Or so I gather," Xiang says, turning down the bar to Weiss. "I don't drink much of that sort of thing myself. But, yes, free generally improves anything. Are you a native of Mars, then?" That last question to Kaye, presumably. "I had a few lay-overs there when I was on Earth sector defense duty. Bases and air ports, mainly, I'm sorry to say. Not the best places to get an idea of the culture." Her own accent, for the curious, is generally American. With that hybrid of clipped North East and slightly drawled light Southern that afflicts the Maryland/Virginia area.

Weiss looks more like a matchstick then a sack of muscles. Still he smiles at Kaye and raises a brow. "Ah, then there is real beer. Wunderbar!" he says, slapping his hands calloused together happily. "Stout is almost as good as Weizenbock, ja?" he grins his sort of silly mischevious grin and orders the stout. "Ach.. Vodka? Well, I guess not everyone's tastes can be perfect." he says, though it is clear is os sort of teasing. He pulls a zippo out of one of the multitude of pockets and is about to light his cigar when he slaps his forehead. "/Entschuldigung/. Forgive me for my rudeness. I am Siegfried." he says politely to Xiang and Kaye. "But people call me Zigzag.." he motions to the shock of white hair that cuts through his dirty blonde mein, from his temple sweeping back like a lightening bolt.

"I - I can't - " Kaye stammers, gaze looking everywhere except forward as she's fixed by Torch's aquiline stare. "I don't know," she says at last, fingers wrapping once more around the silver links of her necklace. "Don't you think - I mean, isn't that unfair to them? Because I only know how to play. But the genius it takes to /make/ music that talks to me, a thousand years later - " For one magical moment, Mouse seems transformed as a flood of words spills forth from her mouth, and her countenance is lit by an almost reverential spirit. All other considerations seem to melt away - but as all brushes with inspiration must, the moment quickly passes; the light flickers off. "I can't possibly feel what they feel," she murmurs, eyes downcast. Even Zigzag's professed love for black ale doesn't bring her out of her introspection. "Sorry," the woman mumbles. "I - I think I really should leave." And just like that, she does.

Kaye leaves, heading towards the Crew Services [O].
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Aquilina glances at Weiss' hair. A slight smirk, then he happens to catch a glance at his watch. "Shit. I've got to sleep this off before patrol. Lieutenant" - that's to Aisling as she skitters away - "Make sure you find the right berthings. Identity starts at home, eh?" Brows quirk upwards at Xiang as he stands. "Pleasure as usual, Jia." Weiss gets a tip of an invisible hat and a nod goodbye, and he's out as well.

"I'll walk back with you, actually," Xiang says, breaking away from the bar with Aquilina. "I think I'm slated for the same patrol." She'll head out with him. A parting nod is given to Weiss before she exits.

Weiss blinks as the two people he is speaking with bolt like rabbits. Then a third. He frowns and lifts his arm, sniffing once. "I swear. I took shower this morning." he intones seriously, then shrugs and picks up the beer as it arrives. "OH well.. come to me, my precious." he says reverantly as he lifts the mug to his lips.

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