TCS Gull:Marine SAR
TCS Gull:Marine SAR
Summary: Majestic's Marine contingent must slap together an SAR party to secure victims of Kilrathi attack aboard the TCS Gull. It is…not a smooth attempt.
Date: 2657.327
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The Marine contingent has been ordered to collect a small squad to operate act as SAR. And, of course, a few other personnel were [tasked with filling out the required roles of pilot for the assault shuttle, and a Doc to patch up any wounded that they may encounter. Aboard the shuttle, there is room to evac a small number of wounded, but otherwise, not much else.

The shuttle has been in space for a fair bit of travel time, and Master Sergeant Wallace speaks to the assembled rescue team, enlisted and officer alike. "Situation: TCS Gull, a Drayman-class transport, reported an attack by Kilrathi vessels. Starfighters sent to intervene found Kilrathi wreckage, and could not raise the freighter. A repeat SOS signal using the vessel's running lights was reported by the 1087th Scimitars sent to respond. Our job is simple enough. Board, and evacuate any surviving crew. The ship appears to not be venting large amounts of oxygen, and does appear to be running on backup power, only."

The XO steps forwards, arms folded behind his back. Gruder takes the time to look at each member of the team individually as he speaks, "Marines, this is a simple operation. I'm sure each one of you has done simulations of rescue missions before. It's our bread and butter. As this is a rescue mission, our objectives are simple; Firstly. Locate survivors. Secondly, rescue survivors. Then we get out of there. We are not Kilrathi hunting, if there are any that got aboard."
Arms unfold from behind his back, and hang stiff at his sides. "Questions?" He gives a moments pause, if there are any.nd with that, he falls silent. Leaving the floor to the Marine XO.

Reagan, the young private, simply tilts her head without voicing a single word while looking at the XO during the briefing. Then there's a simple nod to her head in confirmation of understanding and a tug on her flak jacket to make sure it is secure.

Oh man. Being one of Kessel's new minion— errr, a new doctor - has been interesting. Raine's probably put enough caffiene in herself to find Kevin Bacon on the other side of the galaxy. Regardless, she's been sent along. She clings to a bag of supplies like it's made of gold and chocolate. She does have to smile, seeing Wallace about. Although, that smile fades fast. One's not really sure if she counts as an officer so much as 'something with shiny ranks for Kilrathi to shoot at'. She is quiet, shaking her head on the questions part. Hopefully it won't come to combat for her. Unless they need something to dunk in catnip and dangle on a string. She seems to understand at least, and for once, isn't fidgeting or flailing about.

Sitting next to the new doctor is Hess. He's quiet, but, at the question from the XO, he shakes his head. The man checks his weapon, then the rest of the items on his webing, and then waits for the ship tSonia is playing chauffeur today, on account to two reasons: first she's one of the few 1087th pilots not in medical; secondly her scimitar is on the repair floor having an entirely brand new engine remade after the most recent encounter and ambush with the Kilrathi. The shuttle's progress is hardly something a spacejock would look forward to doing but Midnight is an exception.

She brings the shuttle alongside the freighter and flutters the thrusters into position over the airlock. "Making contact now Sir…" she calls back to the marine CO. The shuttle thumps against the larger ship and she maintains the thrust against it before making a soft seal between the ships. "Soft seal in place. Ready for hard seal at your call Sir."

Gruder gives a grunt as no questions are asked. "Alright then. The way I like it. We will be having another fantastic day in the Marine corps that we have all grown to love." He raises a hand to his helmet, fingers pressed to the earpiece. Nodding once, he lowers his hand. "Hard seal, Pilot." Comes Gruder's response.

"Alright, Marines. If you need any extra gear, grab it and then get ready for boarding. Remember, remain aware. We don't want any friendly fire." He rolls his shoulders, checking the clip for his own weapon. "Alright. Move out."

A hand falls to check the pistol at his hip, and then Wallace is hefting the scatter-gun that he's chosen for this particular operation. Eyes shift over toward the XO for a moment, and then the grey-hair looks straight at Raine. "Doctor. Private Hess will be your meat-shield. Please stay behind him, ma'am." And, though not a word is spoken to the Marine chosen to look out for their doctor, there is a short, hard look for Hess. And then? The Sergeant Major is moving out of the hatch, weapon lifted to his shoulder, and at the ready. He claimed point, apparently.

The first visible portion of the Gull's interior is the airlock, of course. And the corridor beyond, as it automatically opens, when hard seal is made. From the first moments, it is clear that battle damage is a danger. Bulkheads are buckled, and a pair of bodies are immediately visible. They're unmoving, and are clearly riddled with shrapnel, and large metal splinters. The corridor isn't particularly long, and almost immediately terminates in a T-intersection.

After making the hardseal against the Gull, Sonia flips on the atmosphereic controls and ensures the seal is true. She then checks on her firearm and heads back to join the others as Gruder and Wallace head out. She's the last one out, it is her bird after all and it is her duty to make certain the boat is secure for their partaking after the mission is over. The hatches are resealed, then falls in behind with Raine and smirks at her and taps the side of her own nose with a finger.

Hess stands up as the order is given and nods once to Gruder. He then turns his attention to Raine and says quietly, "Do stay behind me ma'am. Shouldn't be too hard, I'm a bit bigger target than you." He says this lightly, winks, and then his features fall to all business. He follows along at the rear of the squad, glancing from side to side.

Well, TECHNICALLY Raine has a sidearm. And /technically/ she's an officer. But on the same token /technically/ Meet the Spartans was a movie. And that's what technically gets you. Raine tries not to fidget as the grey haired man looks at her. A brief nod. "Mmm," A soft grunt, perhaps to avoid letting slip with a 'sir'. She's got it. A look to poor Hess. "Okay." A faint smile at the light statement and wink. Now down to business. For once, she looks - not like a spazztic student. Serene, dutiful. Shocking. She'll follow the man carefully then. She pauses at Sonia's smirk and nose tap. Something on her face? Oh right. Right. Nod. She's moving along then.

With the order to move out, Reagan glides herself into position, pulling free her sidearm pistol and holding it in an appropriate manner while waiting for others to dispatch. It is a simple task to fall into formation with the rest of the Marines and follow one's task.

Gruder pauses, only for a moment. Then his voice raises so that it is /more/ than easily heard. "Excuse me, Private." He states loudly to Reagan. His voice returns to normal, "Go get yourself a main weapon. Otherwise I'm sure any Kilrathi we encounter that are at the end of a long hallway will be more than pleased at the fact that you've only got yourself a sidearm and a knife." The XO grunts once, then files in to prepare to board the ship as it finishes docking.

Heading up the corridor, Wallace stops as he nears that T-junction. "Left or right, Captain?" Words spoken softly into his mic, and the Sergeant's mass-driver scattergun is trained to cover both corners are effectively as he is able, until the others are able to move up and split coverage. His breathing is even, and if it weren't for the intentness with which is watches, he might as well be out for a walk on the beach. The bodies were stepped over with nary a look.

Reagan turns to look at Gruder with a tilt of her head and finally speaks, voice quiet but with a heavy accent of some Irish highland to it. "Sah, flatly put there is neigh chance that a Kilratha will want to engage mah in single combah." She looks around as a foot gingerly lifts over the body of a fallen to slip around it.

Hess stares at Reagan's back and mutters something that might be heard to be 'Jesus Christ' before he looks back over his shoulder at the route from which the Marines have come, and then down at the doctor for a moment to make sure she's where she ought to be: behind him.

Oh. This must be one of Raine's first goes out. She looks a bit pained seeing the bodies. Hard not to turn a /little/ green. But even Raine pulls herself together, looking cautious and alert. Peer. Peeeeeer. She is indeed behind him. The doctor nods, as Hess looks down at her. Still here!

Sonia extracts the pistol from the holster when the first set of bodies come int sight. She glances over them, turning a little green and giving herself a small shake before she steps over and about them. Pilots see ships, not people when they kill. She follows the group through, checking in behind them all as they continue through the ship.

"There will be words on return to the carrier." Comes Gruder's simple reply to Reagan. Then he concentrates on other matters, "Right, Sergeant Major. Wait until Private Reagan has moved up to cover you. Private Hess, keep the doctor with you and stick to the Sgt Major. He is point, so the doctor may be required if we come across any survivors."
The Captain himself stays at the back of the group, stepping over the bodies in careful strides, not to disturb them, at least.

Pointing at Reagan, and then at the left corner…and giving a three-count for the small group near him, Wallace pivots around the right corner, trusting the female marine to go to the left, and cover his backside. A few steps down what appears to be another empty corridor, there is a click of a weapon's action being cleared, audible to the advance portion of the rescue squad. It is followed by the Sergeant Major calling in his best Drill Voice…"Down Down Down!" He hugs the wall, just in time for a hail of automatic weapons fire to pour out of a hatch in the floor, ripping down the corridor toward the original t-junction point of entry.

A sheepish voice calls out…"fuck. You're human." It is soft, but clearly heard. He sounds very ashamed, and terrified. "I'm coming out.."

Reagan is in fact moving to cover the Sarge when she as well hears the click of the chambering and her body drops to the ground even as the call out for 'Down' occurs. Pistol swings up but as the bantering voices exclaim she restrains from pulling the trigger, rather looking over towards the Sarge to make sure he hasn't taken too many bullets.

Hess's first instinct is to get to cover when the weapon clears, but, he's guarding the doctor, so, his first instinct goes out the window long enough for him to turn and half tackle the woman to the ground before the weapon opens fire. Once he's made sure he's not hit he asks, "You ok, doc?"

Sonia hears the gunfire and the shouts from around the corner, but she thankfully is still under full cover and she rests against the wall, gun to the ready. She waits patiently as the silence prevails and then Wallace calls out and the reply from the others can be heard but she remains alert, waiting just in case.

Heywait, she's heard that noise somewhere- Raine blinks and hears Wallace's voice call out. There's something about a Drill voice that makes you do things. She's about to move out of the way, not nearly as fast as the marines - but fortunately Hess is faster. She's half-tackled and moved to the ground easily enough. She seems a bit surprised, but she nods meekly with a faint smile that fades fast, "Yes, thank you." She appreciates it at least. She goes quiet now.

Gruder has stuck himself fast to the wall upon the command of 'Down' by the Sgt Major, and only after the assailant calls out, he steps away from the wall. "Sgt Major, keep an eye around the corner, ensure that the person is indeed coming out. Make sure their weapon is secured. Then the doctor can check them over. Then we debrief them."

And, when the person is revealed? He is a very young man, an old-model submachine gun is tossed onto the deck before he climbs out of the hatch, and walks slowly toward Wallace, and the rest of the crew. He doesn't appear to be injured, but as he nears, his eyes are rather wide, and wild with fright. He begins to whisper apologies as he closes the distance.

"Aye, Aye Sir. SOP, then." The Sergeant Major's reply is as professional as just about every word he ever speaks, but with his back to the rest of the team, that little tic in the corner of his left eye should go unnoticed, atleast. As the civilian contractor nears, Wallace steps toward him, grabs his back and pushes him against the wall. "Private Hess. Take this man to the Captain." And, yes, that means Hess' shadow can check out the crewer en route.

Hess nods once and then says, "Good. Hate to have someone get shot on my first walk off the ship." He then turns and levels his rifle down the corridor, covering the approach of the individual. He gets his next order, nods, glances to make sure the doc is following and then jogs forward to take custody of the individual. He's given a quick pat down to ensure he's not carrying any hidden weapons.

Reagan watches the arrival of the young crewman with steady green eyes, only narrowing them slightly at the antics he had pulled before once more falling in to watch the Sarge's six while advancing.

Raine nods back. She tries not to smile at that. At least the doctor seems to make a good minion, following wordlessly. She'd be a fantastic flying monkey really. She manages to mostly keep up, although - if the group is about to be eaten by pursuing lions, she's probably the slow antelope. She follows, looking almost - GASP, professional, serene and alert. Strange contrast to the usual.
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Sonia sighs and she lowers her gun, keeping both hands upon the pistol but not keeping it at the ready. She looks to Gruder and then back down whence they had come and she gives a shake of her head. "I really do hope the Kat's are gone." She gives a shakes and swallows hard.

Gruder is patient, he stands there as a statue until the man is escorted around the corner. His grip on his SMG loosens, so that it hangs on its straps against his armour. His posture shifts to a more relaxed one, if only to put the young man at ease. "You're a crewman, I hope?" Comes the question, followed by, "Do you know where any other survivors are? We're here to see you back to the Majestic."

Hands go up, and the man continues to look terrified beyond belief, a wet-spot spreading down his pants-leg, as he sees the men and women that he came close(well not too close) to shooting. "I…I…" He begins to explain, before putting a hand to his head, and looking at the floor. "I'm just a contractor! I was upgrading the water-reclamation systems when all of this happened." His words stop, and he looks close to tears…"Chief Tuck said there might be survivors in crew mess. He took off, and left me a gun." A headshake, and he sags back against the corridor. "I haven't heard from him. I don't why."

What was Sonia saying about hoping the Kilrathi were gone? She really jinxed the hell out of the SAR party. From the left-split of the T-junction, there is the rattle of metal on deck, and a pair of fragmentation grenades bounce down the corridor toward the intersection. Following close on the heels of the explosive devices, a trio of large Kilrathi appear, wearing light battle-armor, and carrying pistols. So, they don't look like front-line warriors, exactly. But, the non-grenadier is already firing his laser weapon down the corridor. Their idea of attacking is pretty straight-forward, isn't it?

"Grenades!" This is called in that same drill voice, and Wallace is pivoting on his foot toward the incoming Kilrathi. His weapon is sighted quickly, and he pulls the trigger, sending a spread of mass-driver projectile toward the Kilrathi armed with the laser weapon. Its loud retort fills the corridor, and he's already jacking the action to prepare for a second round. The Sergeant Major trusts that the Marines know their jobs well enough, not to waste time shouting orders out.

Hess looks over his shoulder as he hears the shout of warning from Wallace. He grunts to Raine, "Stay here," and then turns to pop his head out around the corner. He points his rifle at the approaching Kilrathi, and then squeezes off a shot at one of them.

When the Kilrathi step out Sonia sweats bullets and luckily she had the foresigt to not release her pistol. She springs from the wall and drops low, firing at the Kilrathi in the hopes of hitting a soft target in he dive.

At the call of Grenade, Reagan throws herself against the side of the corridor and crouches low, pulling up her pistol to ring off a shot at the Kilrathi and starting to advance some. Her posture and movements designed to keep a slight flank in the narrow corridor and keep fire up on the giant furries.

Gruder himself steps close to the wall, then finally pokes his head - and SMG - around the corner. If only to fire a bust of rounds at the closest of the Kilrathi, then he ducks into cover once more - hopefully to avoid fire.

Raine's mouth opens, then closes. She looks like she knows better than to protest. She just nods meekly and stays there. "Alright…" She doesn't seem too happy about being as useful as a knife in a gunfight, but she accepts it. Goooood minion. She listens, flinching at the noises of combat.

And, just like always….combat aboard ship is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. One of the Kilrathi naval squaddies grenade is wonderfully thrown, and explodes near the Captain, shrapnel ripping through armor, and into bulkheads, and generally being a nuisance. The other? It bounces further down the corridor, and explodes without harm to any but the dead crew. The Kilrathi who didn't have a grenade doesn't fair well, though. Sergeant Major Wallace's MD Scattergun erases the large feline's face, and most of his head, leaving a jaw and neck to look pretty. A second shot from Reagan blows off the corpse's hand, as it collapses to the deck. "Surrender APES! You shall live!" This is growled across the corridor, as the Kilrathi continue their charge.

"Is anyone down?" The Sergeant's drill voice fills the corridor…his weapon already moving to fire a second shot toward another of the charging Kilrathi. He is still firing high, always going for the quick kills. "Doctor, ma'am…stay down, but deal with anyone that calls out!"

Gruder, sadly, is turned into a mess as soon as the frag grenade lands beside him. After his burst of SMG fire, the XO is sharply reassembled. His body slumps against the wall, and he uses his left foot to push himself out of sight of any extra fire before slumping down. No heroics, he doesn't look like he's in the state for it, either. "M-Medic!" He half-coughs, half-stammers out, concussed and in no small amount of shock. Luckily his armour stopped his torso from being made into a pincushion. Didn't help his legs or his foot, however.

With the Kilrathi charging towards them, Reagan does the only sensible thing a small midget Marine can do. Her pistol slips into the hip holster and her hands reach back to her flak vest, pulling free a pair of combat knives one in each hand. "Purr." The normally quiet girl states as she dives in towards the charging Kilrathi barrelling head on herself like, well, an idiot.

Sonia is at ground zero of the grenades and she is thrown one direction by the first grenade, then back by the next and afterwards she bounces on the deckplates, amazingly unscathed! Not wanting to look any gift and let it go to waste, the pilot stays down and fires once more at the first Kilrathi in the hopes of giving the medic and Gruder some cover.

"I'll cover." Hess says, maybe to Raine, maybe to Wallace. Either way, he flicks a switch on his rifle to set it to fullauto, and then leans against the bulkhead, before starting to spray hot lead down the corridor.

No! Raine's eyes go wide in horror. It's her first time in genuine combat. It's hard not to whimper or curl into a little ball uselessly. As it sits, her eyes are watering. "Here!" She crawls over towards Gruder, to avoid lifting her head and being a giant white target. She brings her black bag over. At least Raine is wise enough to bring duct tape and bandages. She might need all of those. "Thank you," She murmurs to Hess. She's not ungrateful. She's trying to steady her hands and offer Gruder a reassuring look, "Have you. Back together here." She's at least getting the gauze out and - oh here comes the stingy stuff. To make sure at least no massive infections get in. Maybe a sponge, mop and bucket would serve her better at this rate.

This pair of Kilrathi are proving very effective, considering the fact that they look fairly lightly armoured for front-line troops. "Cover!" This is shouted over the general mess, as Wallace chooses not to duck under cover, but rather charge toward the Kilrathi, pulling the trigger on his scattergun at close range in an attempt to do enough damage to drop one of the buggers. The Kilrathi themselves just continue to pick out targets, having already taken Sonia out of the fight with a very accurate shot.

She's trying to ensure she doesn't get hurt, she is the team's pilot after all. She makes to pounce away, getting her feet under her when she suddenly slips (quite possibly on a couple feet of Gruder's small intestine who knows?) and she hits the deckplates hard. The Kilrathi takes a brutal aim on her prone form and it fires, the laser's bolt slamming into her throat. The hole is nice, clean, something that the medic Raine might appreciate. Of course it is cold comfort for Sonia as she forgets her pistol and grips at her throat, her larynx burned through and cauterized to ruin, now she thrashes and fights to get proper airflow into her lungs.

Being practically the only individual left still firing, Hess redoubles his efforts at keeping the Kilrathi at bay. He glances over at Raine and calls out, "Might wanna get a move on Doc, we got another one down."

Wisely, Rain decides to pull herself further into cover to treat Gruder. "You'll be alright, I promise," She mumbles, trying to be reassuring. Her slender hands frantically wrap gauze here, make sure nothing is falling out. She yelps as laser fire goes over her head. Yeowza! She looks over her shoulder just in time to see Sonia hit. "O-one moment," Throat injuries BAD! She grabs another roll of gauze and crawls over, trying to stay out of sight. "Hang in there," Can't let 'em see you cry, can't let 'em see you cry. She narrows her eyes and wrinkles her nose to stave off the urge to curl up and cry. At least she has Gruder stabilized. It's hard to ask for more out here. "I am I am," She promises. Her hands are becoming blood soaked fast. Her white coat won't be so white anymore.

The Kilrathi die, finally. The first's head being (mostly)detached from his body by a point-black blast of mass-driver projectiles to the neck. While, Hess is able to pump the second full of numerous rounds of ammunition from his assault rifle. The Sergeant Major turns back toward the corridor that has quickly begun a trauma ward, popping a fresh magazine into his weapon, as he does so. A quick inspection is given to the scene, and he frowns beneath his mustache. "Private Hess. It would appear that the two of us will have to continue securing the vessel." Eyes shift toward Raine, and he gives her much softer look than he did the Marine. "Doctor? Will they live if Private Reagan moves them back to the shuttle?" Already, he is half-turning away to watch the left branch of the corridor.

Hess moves on the double to look down the other side of the corridor and cover his Sargent. "Yes Sargent," he calls as he moves at the comment about securing the ship. He looks down at his rifle, pops out the half empty clip in it, and then drives home a fresh one. Once he's in position, he looks down the corridor, and then starts to reload the empty clip while waiting for orders.

A brief, grateful smile to Gruder. She noticed. Although the horror at Hess' and Wallace's shooting is visible. Oh good lord. Is she going to throw up? It looks like she's stifling a dry heave. Again. Raine is flaily, but good at paying attention. Perhaps it's the sensitivity and inability to deal properly that leads to the flaily? Regardless, she scrunches her face again. Focus, focus. She's patching Sonia up so the woman can breathe a bit better. Her slender hands are marred with red, white sleeves as well. "Yes, I think so. He," A motion towards Gruder, "Is very critical though. I will put him on priority." Seems like she might have some surgery lined up for him. "Would it be best if I stayed or went?" She may technically be an officer, but she defers to expertise and experience.

Under Raine's deft hands, Sonia regains the ability to breath, a tube being inserted into her throat and the gauss wrapped about her neck to provide a seal so she can gain air. Midnight's thrashing stops and she looks up at the medic with a dull look to her eyes. She makes to speak but only manages to get a croak out and then gives Raine a thumbs up. Then slips into unconciousness; blissful slumber.

"You're coming between Hess, and myself, Doctor." Wallace looks at Reagan, and jerks his thumb back at the Gruder, and Sonia. "Get the Captain, and the Lieutenant stowed aboard the shuttle, and stand guard. I'll radio if we need you, Private." He does stop to commandeer Gruder's SMG, and sling it over his shoulder, just in case, en route to the T-junction. "We're moving out. Hopefully we'll find a living pilot aboard this ship, lest we must figure it out as we go." Pointing toward the -left- corridor, the Sergeant Major continues…"We go left. If the Kilrathi came from that direction…it is likely where they've secured their captives. Or, are waiting to attack from. Either way. We go left." And then he is disappearing around the corner, weapon up and ready

Gruder sits there, apparently lost in the fact that he is a complete pincushion, and he isn't in the best of situations. He coughs inbetween breaths, the tape and the bandage holding him together. He barely stays concious, twitching himself awake, but he doesn't seem to be able to form anything coherant in his state.

Hess stands waiting for the doctor to pass him in the hallway, before he follows after Wallace. He walks backwards, covering the group's rear as they progress deeper into the ship.

Raine casts a worried look to the two patients. She wipes clean as she can and nods. She can respect that. A sympathetic look to the wounded. She'll be back for them. DUN DUN DUN. She tucks her supplies away and almost clumsily packs up and follows. "Mmm!" A soft grunt as she follows Wallace.

Booted feet carrying the Sergeant Major down the corridor, and the man stops at a junction, peeking his head around, to make sure they're clear. "If I remember correctly, the mess is one more junction away. With cargo-bay access between here, and there. It's a fairly natural choke-point. Be on your guard, Private." The man seems to have experience on Draymans, if nothing else.

"Yes Sargeant." Hess says hoarsely back to Wallace. He turns to look behind the group again, and then just keeps marching. The soldier is not a man of many words or actions, rather he seems to be the slow silent type.

Raine is doing her best to pay attention as well. She's a wise follower if nothing else. She mercifully stays quiet, deferring to the moustached man. 'Staches +10 carry serious authority. Her white coat is no longer quite so white htough.

As he nears the final corner before they hit the main entrance to the cargo bay, Wallace slows, peeks his head ever-so-slightly around the corner, and steps back. "Kilrathi. Four visible. They've got cover." The tallish Sergeant sets his MD scatter-gun on the deck, unslings the SMG that he aquired from Gruder, and holds it in his left hand. His right is used to forcefully push Raine back against the wall(well, guide her there). "Stay out of sight, and in cover, ma'am." Eyes shift toward Hess…"Put as much lead into the air as you can, Private." And then? He's yanking a frag grenade from his vest, and tossing it around the corner.

Hess nods once to Wallace, and then leans around the corner. He flicks his rifle over to fullauto again, and then starts spraying the cargo bay with lead like instructed.

Oof. She's guided back and stays against the wall. Raine does not protest. Even that much is ground into her. She ducks to cover as much as she can. Raine is quiet, although it's noticeable she's trying not to shiver a bit. She's starting to see in person exactly what lead does to people. "Okay," She promises, watching now warily. She tries to make herself small she really does. Think invisible thoughts, think invisible thoughts.

The carnage. Raine looks sick. She supresses another dry heave as shrapnel and autofire take their tolls. HURK. She's holding down breakfast at least and scurries over to Hess. "Just - reload or hold still, I've got you," She promises. Her hands tremble but she steadies them, pulling on gloves and beginning to wrap Hess up. King Tut would be proud.

The junction corridor that leads to the main cargo-bay is a primary juncture for the whole ship, with a number of main points of entry. Heavy loading equipment, and cargo boxes currently take up residence in the largish intersection. And, Kilrathi. And parts of Kilrathi. There is a mess of fur and blood, with signs of explosive detonation in the room, as well as numerous bullet-holes from offensive and defensive fire. A Kilrathi has set up a light machine in the central corridor's entrance, protecting the crew-services area entry. A rifleman is currently positioned behind a crate, laying down fire toward the left-most entryway.

"Bravo Team. This is Alpha Team. We've taken heavy casualties. One combat capable left. Repeat. One combat capable left. Pinned down outside of the primary cargo bay. We could use some help." The gravelly voice of Sergeant Major Wallace is sent forth to request support from Melia's boarding team, calmly asking for some assistance before they all die. "Captain Gruder is critically wounded, as is our pilot, and Private Hess." He leans out from behind cover to toss his last frag grenade into the room, while he waits for a reply.

Raine is doing her best, although it's hard as he shakes. "It's alright, you're going to be fine," Her voice is soft and shivery. Some of his wounds don't seem to be cooperating and she only has so much for supplies. She's not incredibly athletic. "Might have to spend some time with us later, but you'll be alright." Notably, she does not protest him providing cover. She stays hunkered near the wounded man, wisely under cover.

A group of around five marines come down the down the corridors of the ship in a staggered formation. Their group leader, one newly promoted Lieutenant Yama leads the way. She has her Rifle to her shoulder, one hand on the handle trigger fingers ready to fire, the other is in the air giving silent orders to her troops. She's calm scarily so considering this is her first time leading in Combat. As the Radio comes alive with a Mayday, Yama puases and points down one of the side corridors leading the team towards the other group. "Quiet" She says softly into her Mic braking radio silence for a brief moments to get that order across. She's then moving her people slowly into the corridor where Wallace is pinned down to. As they get closer, she signals for her marines to flatten themselves against either side of the door into the room, then he slowly peers in to assess the situation.

Ruslan is situated near the boarding entrance of the second shuttle. He stands there with pistol in hand a gaze focused down the corridor where the squad of marines ran off to, but the pilot does not appear to have decided to follow them into the breach. The chatter over the radio causes the pilot to continue to focus his gaze down the corridor as if he expects angry Kilrathi or wounded marines to appear out of thin air if he stares hard enough.

Gerson files in just after the marines, then shuffles off to the side near the pilot. It wouldn't do to have him rushing off with just his pistol, after all; might end up like those Kilrathi. Better to have a buddy covering your back, anyway. Him, nervous? Ha! He swallows hard and keeps his eyes out.

The doctor is huddled near Hess, trying to make herself small. Raine looks ill still. "I'm not going to get used to that, I'm such a coward," She admits, pained. This is probably why she's not a Marine. She looks relieved as back up comes. And Wallace becomes a moustached bringer of shrapnel death. She … totally owes him a tree sometime. Raine watches mostly, keeping an eye on Hess to make sure he doesn't bleed out on her.

Wallace's last frag grenade bounces to a spot just next to the Kilrathi machine gunner, and rips him apart, with shrapnel finishing off the already wounded rifle-kat to his right. The Sergeant Major straightens up from behind cover, the SMG taken off of their WIA Captain held in both hands, and steps into the room that is so full of blood and fur and corpses. He doesn't know Melia's team is so close, obviously, since they didn't actually appear, yet. «Bravo Team. Alpha has cleared critical junction. Believe surviving crew to be held in mess hall.» This is reported over the radio, and the Mustache Man keeps his weapon moving to cover as many angles as he can. "You are doing fine, Ma'am. Concentrate on keeping Hess from bleeding out, Doctor." He tries to comfort her, while still focusing on not letting her end up cat food."

Melia peers into the room and raises her eyebrows. "Serge, I would except a man of your years to know the difference between a dead Kitty and a live one." She sends her troops off to secure the corridors, and boldly walks into the room her rifle on her shoulder both hands steadying it. "Aha, I love the smell of decaying fur."

Ruslan's steady corridor stare is interrupted when he notices that the techie has saddled up nearby. He takes a quick look around to see if there are any neighboring marines around to help escort Gerson, but then decides on an alternative. "Here to get a status report on the ship?" The pistol wielding pilot doesn't wait for an answer. "Let us see if the marines cleared us a path." The pilot motions with his pistol down the corridor before walking down it himself.

Hrk. Raine is trying not to be ill at the mess. Preserved bodies on tables are /one/ thing. Exploded ones are another altogether. She keeps a hand over her mouth, when not making sure pressure to anything bleeding. She keeps an eye on Hess then, "Okay." It's apparent she's doing her best not to call Wallace a sir. But the respect-o-meter just like, totally doubled. "Appreciate it." No, really. "Tell me how you feel. Stupid question-" She admits to Hess, but at least she'll be sure he's able to respond.

Gerson starts to nod to the pilot, then blinks as Ruslan just walks off on his own. As they stroll through the walls, he taking mental note of any blown-out panels, loose wires, or other hazards of the non-bullet, non-laser, non-high-explosive variety. Noting the pilot's thousand-yard stare, the tech breaks the silence. "This isn't your first time, I take it?"

The corridors that that the boarding parties have seen do indicate some nasty battle-damage, and the ship seems to be on emergency power,with lights low. Bodies are also present, though not in huge numbers. And no Kilrathi dead, save for those that the Marines have killed.

Melia's comments receive a flat stare from Wallace, and the Sergeant merely replies.."Yes, Ma'am. Though, they were living just a few moments ago." A gesture toward the corridor that is still guarded by the shrapnel laden corpse of the Kilrathi LMGunner. "We found a survivor, thought there might be folks in the mess. I'm betting the Kilrathi have them under-guard, for use as slaves, Ma'am." He uses his finger to toggle the fire selecter on his borrowed SMG, and continues…"Suggest we detail a team to clear the cargo bay, and watch our six. If memory serves…main engineering is down the same corridor as the Mess."
Long distance to Melia: Wallace grins, and gives her a reason to get rid of her NPCs

"Dizzy, light headed. A bit like I've been shot three or four times. Give me somethin for the pain and I'll finish this mission." Hess admits, kneeling a little to 'catch his breath' and keep his balance for the time being. Its obvious blood loss is an issue for him.

Melia nods her head and thumbs outwards towards the way she just same. "Already on it." She says, peering around, she clicks her tongue and sighs. "Would have liked to have gotten at least one alive, I needed a new rug in the Marine lounge." She gives a shake of her head. "Well get the poor smuck whom you found out of here ASAP, and grab your wounded." She orders, and then smiles. "Nice work, stink."

There is a blink, and Wallace's long-suffering frown. Oh, and that tic in his left eye? It's back. "LT, Ma'am? I think you might've been distracted." The Sergeant Major points toward the hallway that was once guarded by the dead Kilrathi. "There are possibly survivors down that corridor, in the mess hall. I suspect under guard." He turns half-turns, and points toward the cargo bay. "The cargo bay might very well be full of them. I'd suggest having your team watch our six, here. We need to hit the mess-hall, and main engineering. Which is down that same corridor. Ma'am." As respectful, and polite as always. But, behind the mustache, he is frowning. Eyes look back toward Raine. "We'll need you in the mess, Doctor. If Private Hess is stable, I'd like you with me."

Melia nods her head slowly. "Aye of course, thank you Sarge, I assumed you'd already been there. Okat we'll take mess and send my team to the cargo bay like you suggested." She smiles. "Still nice work." She takes a deep breath and hopes noone else realized her slip.

Gerson cocks an eyebrow at the pilot. "Yeah…probably a good idea." The pair soon arrive at Bravo's location, and the tech catches the last part of the conversation between the marine officers. "So they're not done yet." He takes a deep breath and backs up against the other airlock door.

Hess pulls himself up with help from Raine, and then limps along after the group. His eyes are squinting, and his teeth are gritted but he's not giving up on the mission. He even picks up the pace after a few steps to keep up with Wallace.

"In any boarding action? No. On this side of a boarding action, yes." Ruslan replies to Gerson as they make their way through the cleared area. The pilot mainly stays focused on what is ahead of the pair, but his gaze does wander towards the damage. "Let us meet up with are heavily armed friends first unless you want to head towards engineering directly?" There is a dangerous smirk on Ruslan's face that hints that the question is a joke, but it is asked nevertheless.

"They only provided me with a little, I've saved a bit for the Captain when I get to him-" Admittedly, hole in a throat was a sizeable distraction. Could one blame Raine? Probably. She offers some support with a hand and shoulder. "Ack, no. Lean on the wall. Don't stick too far out, you'll fall over," At least she's sprouting some people skills, nodding as he listens. She goes quiet, listening to Wallace. There's a glance of 'stay or go?'

"If they are talking, then their aren't any furballs around." Ruslan states as he approaches the location himself. He looks back to see where the techie is and motions towards approaching the group. "Let's see if they need help carrying the wounded. We are both not much help until the ship is cleared." The pilot holsters his weapon. "Might as well make ourselves useful." He flashes the briefest indications of a smile before heading off into the room.

Raine gives Hess a once over, and considers it. She nods, "Yes. He's stable. He'll need more care in the med bay when we can, though. But I don't think he's going to crash on me." Ah, the joys of military slang. Turning horrific bleeding events into 'crashes'. She will support Hess then, staying near the private. "I-" She eyes Hess dubiously. "With all due respect-" Sigh. "Okay, just stay with me and provide cover. BUT ONLY COVER. Promise?" She's holding Hess to this, offering support when he needs. "I will go with you then," Nod. She seems to trust Wallace. A lot. A smile to the others, though Raine can't be a pleasant sight right now. Her sleeves and the front of her white coat are splattered with blood.
You paged Raine, Melia, and Hess with 'As we near the messhall, we begin to hear the sounds of weeping, and screams. And snarls and angry Kilrathi words. Once we get to a point where we can see…it is an open space, with the corridor actually widening to open up into a mid-sized room full of tables and chairs. About fifteen humans are huddled in the center, with five visible Kilrathi, apparently arguing. Two have their weapons trained on the corridor, and begin to fire when the oppositions are spotted. The rest follow suit

As they near the messhall, the Marines and co, begin to hear the sounds of weeping, and screams. And snarls and angry Kilrathi words. Once we get to a point where we can see…it is an open space, with the corridor actually widening to open up into a mid-sized room full of tables and chairs. About fifteen humans are huddled in the center, with five visible Kilrathi, apparently arguing. Two have their weapons trained on the corridor, and begin to fire when the oppositions are spotted. The rest follow suit quickly, with three being unarmored, and carrying only small pistols. But the two rifleman look like front-line Kilrathi soldiers.

"Yes ma'am." Hess says, walking along next to Raine. He looks down at her, a bit..gratefully. He then taps her on the shoulder and motions for her to let him go as the group approach the target. He takes a couple of deep breaths and then leans around the corner to provide cover fire.

Melia signals for some of the marines to cover the doors, she brings her weapon up and slowly approches a little more subtle then the Sgt Major was. "Watch out for the Civvies." She calls, wincing as they seems to be in the time of fire, it's going to be a bitch to take down those damn cats.

Raine smiles back at Hess, grateful he has accepted compromise. Apparently she picks her battles. She knows when not to push. Or is at least cowardly enough to avoid argument. hard telling. She lets him go, making herself small against the wall and to provide cover should he start falling. She seems to be learning the drill.

Ruslan blinks as he only arrives soon enough to watch the backsides of the marines and company jog away in a different direction. He turns back towards Gerson and motions faintly towards where they went down. "They will hit the engineering deck eventually and then we can finally get to work. Or more get to work while I cover you." The pilot states with a slight smirk before carefully heading down after the marine pain-train.

Gerson shrugs and jogs to catch up with the pilot. No way he's getting left behind all by himself. Besides, what's life without a little risk? He glances back at the empty hallway behind him and readies his pistol again.

And, the first few seconds of the firefight? It didn't go too badly for the Marines. The Sergeant Major continues to be a killing machine, with his burst ripping the throat from one of the Kilrathi rifle-kats, atleast. But, the civilian crew of the Gull? They're very busy screaming, and trying to get under tables. Anywhere they aren't targets…accidental or otherwise. All shit has broken lose, now. Even more than before. The Kilrathi continue to lay down fire, spraying bullets down the corridor, posing a threat to not only the Marines, but the pilot and techie bringing up the rear.

Hess doesn't seem to realize he's not quite far enough around the corner to effectively aim at his enemies: he's a bit gunshy after getting lit up earlier apparently. His shots all go wild. The man grunts, and then shifts his position a little, slowly so as not to aggrivate his wounds any more. And then he lets loose another salvo.

"Stay cool, Marines." Words are snapped over the comm-system, before Wallace leans out from behind his make-shift cover(which is rapidly becoming rather less whole), and pumps a long burst from the SMG toward one of the Kilrathi officers, and the Kilrathi rifleman that seems intent on wrecking his day. "Doctor. Don't get dead, please. Ma'am." He enjoys the dorky young tree-enthusiast, and even in the middle of a firefight, he's trying to keep her as cool as she has been. He isn't even aware that Gerson and Ruslan have followed up the corridor, at this point.

Ruslan unholsters his pistol as the sounds of combat get closer and closer. The pilot glances over to see if Gerson is still there before turning to regard what is around the next corner. What is around the next corner just so happens to be the middle of a firefight. Ruslan in response cautiously moves closer while keeping his pistol ready just in case the opportunity presents itself.

And Raine stands behind Hess, ready to yank him behind cover (Although, what good will it do - her strength against his?) if worst comes to worst. She's standing by, making herself small undercover as she can. She smiles weakly towards Wallace. She seems to like the moustache bearing machine of doom. She's holding up remarkable well, though fear shines in her eyes and she looks ill still. "Please don't either," She requests of the old marine as well. Staying under cover! Good minion.

Gerson quickly positions himself on the other side of the hallway and peers out around the corner, pointing his pistol down toward the mess. He's a little hesitant on the trigger, though. Weren't there supposed to be hostages here?

If Wallace was a cursing man…this would be one of those times. Even as his SMG fire kills his fifth or six Kilrathi of the attack, the Sergeant Major knows that weight of fire they're facing just isn't sustainable. The fact that he's know got a Kilrathi bullet buried in his right leg isn't helping matters. "Report." These words are shouted firmly, and a moment later, he is leaning out from behind cover, and mag-dumping what remains of his SMG's slugs into the three lightly armed Kilrathi officers. The screams of the civilians, the impacts of bullets into metal, and duristeel, and plastic? Ignored as he tries to kill, so that the non-combat personnel behind him aren't left to the mercies of the Kitties.

Behind cover, mostly, Hess had been firing away like the happy Marine that he is. His bulltets went nowhere, and, for the most part left pockmarks in the cover of the Kilrathi. His weapon clicked empty, and then, one of the Cats plunked him in the head, right on the temple. His helmet deflected most of the blow, but, still: it aint pretty. Hess crumples to the deck.

Oh no. Oh no no no. Raine is beginning to regret her decision to allow Hess in further. She stifles a scream as his blood spatters near her and a bit on her. She's losing it. "Not now!" She looks more pale now, and manages to crawl to Hess and pull him closer in to cover. She's not very strong and it obviously takes doing. Her white coat is fast becoming a red one. "Stay with me, stay with me." She murmurs, gently patting Hess' shoulder. She manages to get some bandages on it, so he doesn't seem to be in danger of bleeding out, but he's not going anywhere. She has a sidearm though, and seems to be faithfully sticking near the injured man.

Outside a broadsword, Ruslan knows he is not very effective and he also knows that the odds aren't looking good. Regardless, Ruslan pulls up his pistol to take a shot at the lightly armored Kilrathi in hopes that his pistol can atleast do some good against these targets. The pilot stays focused on his shooting and merely hopes that the techie is doing the same or using this time to get out of harm's way.

Gerson ducks back and kneels as bullets zip by into the wall behind him. Oh yeah, walking into a firefight, real smart. Another glance, and one of the marines is down, with the medic hovering over him. The tech throws a look at Ruslan. "Now might be a good time!" he says, then pops out, takes aim at the fuzzy outline of a cat and squeezes off a shot.

Bullets impact the bulkhead behind the pair of trio of Kilrathi officers, that at this point, seem intent on doing as much damage as they can. They smell blood, and go all-out, charging toward the Confederation's corridor, lightly held as it now is, cursing in Kilrathi, quite likely making all sorts of declarations of victory, and the like. Their sidearms continue to rain bullets toward their chosen targets.

Wallace's SMG runs dry, and is tossed aside. He didn't grab the extra mags for it, nor would he have time to reload at this point. The heavy scattergun on his back is a bit too bulky to bring around, so it is left to the Sergeant Major to slip the laser pistol from his holster as he stands. With the charge incoming, and Raine and Hess vunerable, he moves out of cover, and begins to fire beams of destructive light at the Kilrathi. Time is taken to aim at the lead officer, and the trigger is squeezed. He's used to this sort of mess, alas.

Gerson flinches as bullets continue to pit the walls around him. The sudden roars from the Kilrathi officers is a little surprising, but a lot less deadly than the rapid pops coming from their pistols. He blocks it out of his mind and fires away with his laser. Hell, hitting any of them is good at this point!

Ruslan does his best to keep his head cool under the Kilrathi charge and decides that now is not the time for cautiousness. He takes a more forward stance and aims his pistol at the charging Kilrathi. The pilot unconciously begins to grit his teeth as he lines up to take a shot at the rampaging aggressor. "Come on." Ruslan murmurs to himself before squeezing the trigger.

Raine keeps supporting Hess. But she's moving towards Wallace. "Your leg-" She points. She'll keep herself low to the ground and try to bandage him if he doesn't move. She iiiiiiinches into sight to get him. "Hey-" Shoot. She pouts a little. She'll just bandage in passing then, when the Wallace draws near. NINJA MEDIC ATTACK. Dr. Mcninja maybe? She turns to Hess for a moment then, "You'll be alright. Doesn't look like it hit your brain bits," She promises. "Going. To. Be. Fine." Can't cry. Not gonna cry. Can't let 'em see you cry. But she's not athletic enough to move back into cover 100 percent.

Staggering under the impact of a bullet on his right arm, Wallace's shot goes wide, burning a neat hole in a table. A shake of his head, and the Kilrathi are getting even closer, though they're fire seems to have switched targets. Again. Perhaps they consider the wounded man not a threat, but it doesn't keep him from proving otherwise. Bleeding, but not badly(thanks to NinjaTreeDoc), the Sergeant Major's pistol is fired once again toward the original Kilrathi target's face. He's moving forward himself, now. Limping on his wounded leg, but being even more foolhardy. "Thanks for the banaid, Ma'am." Called out over his shoulder to Raine.

Gerson could've sworn he had it on target as the beam streaks past all of the charging Kilrathi. Then he's staring at the ceiling of the hallway, with a hot coal burning its way through his neck. Wow, everything really does slow down when this kind of thing happens. His hands fly toward the wound, and a pained hiss squeezes through a bit lip.

Ruslan's shot arcs wide of the target and the Kilrathi seem to be getting closer and closer. Teeth still gritted, the pilot trains his pistol on the approaching Kilrathi. Knowing that Gerson is nearby, Ruslan calls out to him without knowing that the tech had been injured. "How fast can you run? We might be able to draw them away from the hostages and the wounded. It's crazy, but it might work." He calls out in vain.
<COMBAT> Ruslan will attack Kilrathia this turn.

"No problem, please be careful!" Raine nods. She's doing her best, but it's apparent she is in fact - a fresh doctor. She's shaking like a leaf. "If- if you're hurt please come to cover-" She IS wearing a giant white jacket that's fast turning red. Nothing like a giant target. She's keeping Hess steady best as she can though. At least she seems to be holding up despite her normally spastic and panicked demeanor.

At least Raine seems to be fairly fast, catching Wallace's arm in passing. This is tough, and it looks almost comical, with her popping out like some sort of healing badger. Or gopher. Whatever. She manages to use a square, rather than wrap - he's not about to hold still is he?

"Who's alive?!" Shouting back over his shoulder, Wallace backpedals quickly, dropping his piece of shit laser pistol, and unslinging the MD Scattergun that he began the battle with. Who cares if it takes a little extra time at this point? He just needs to get a bloody shot or two off. A quick, less than aimed shot with his large weapon, and he ducks behind a table..slight cover, atleast.

More wounds!? Raine is looking exhausted. Her hands aren't as steady. She has to move out of cover. "H-hang on!" She moves to the two injured techs. "I'm sorry," She whispers to Hess and Wallace. Hey wait. She stops in her path. "SIR! Heads up!" That'll get his attention. She grabs a grenade from Hess' combat vest, "I'm so sorry for looting you." She murmurs to the young man. With that, she'll toss one to Wallace. 'nade! But then she'll have patients. At least she's smart enough not to have pulled the pin.

Ruslan's eyes light up as his shot hits one of his attackers in the chest, but the attacking Kilrathi return the favor. Thankfully, the man was only grazed by the shot. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the slumping body of Gerson and moves over towards his fallen comrade. A grim expression has placed itself on Ruslan's face as his mind races on what he can do and the pilot seems intent on protecting the fallen tech by returning fire himself.

Gerson is already on the ground, so there's nowhere else to go as a shot skips off the back wall and into his right calf. It's best to keep things in perspective, though, as a second one plants itself in his jaw. Flailing his limbs, he manages half of an enraged growl before losing it to pain, and decides to speak with something that pack a bit more punch.

-Finally-, one of the three Kilrathi falls…severely wounded, rather than dead. But out of the fight, with a chest full of tiny mass driver projectiles courtesy of Wallace. The other two continue to fire, more or less at anything that looks Confed, and is still moving. "Don't call me…" His usual retort is automatic, as he picks up Raine's shout, but when the grenade is visible, he snatches it from the air…catching it very narrowly. Eyeing the trajectory, he pulls the pin, and prepares to throw. Only to have a bullet zing off of his helmet, and pitch him forwards, out of cover. "Fudge." The strongest curse in the Sergeant Major's vocabularly, and he rolls off the already cooking frag grenade across the floor, toward the duo of furballs. It could be bad, what with civvies still screaming on the floor. But, you do what you gotta do.

Raine almost smiles. It was a gamble that paid off so far. Time to see his pitching arm in action. Raine hunkers down then, inching towards Gerson. She's a target. It's too late not to be. She looks like she'll either be in the fetal position awhile after this or losing her cookies later. At least, she's not strong - but rather brave. A squeak as fire goes by her. Yeow! Time to have Gerson in a mummy costume. Bandages away! She moves reasonably fast, perhaps with good motivation. Wheeze.

Gerson doesn't notice his pilot buddy fretting over him; tunnel vision does that to you. He barely even notices another round flattening itself on his vest. Lucky man. The force from the impact carries through like a solid punch, though, knocking out his breath, along with a lot a blood. Doesn't matter, though, he can still see two cats that need to be dead yesterday, and his trigger finger comes down again.

Ruslan utters a curse as his shot goes wide, but the pilot is determined to keep on fighting. The sight of the Kilrathi falling towards the deck is more than enough of a morale boost to hold his ground. Ruslan lifts his pistol up once more and hopes that he will be enough of a distraction to keep the fire off the wounded tech and the arriving medic.

The grenade rolls perfectly, as if guided by the hand of fate. It explodes beneath the Kilrathi officers' feet, sending shrapnel into both of the creatures, ripping them apart, helped in the effort by accurate fire from the pilot that joined this ill-fated cruise. For his efforts? The Sergeant Major takes a pistol round to the chest, and ends up on his back admist the fur and the blood, bleeding somewhat badly. With the civilians screaming, and the sounds of boots on the deck? The marines from the cargo bay arrive….a few seconds too late to be of much use. The ranking one, a Corporal seeks out an officer, stopping before the blood-covered Doctor…"Ship appears secure, Ensign. Orders?" She is a Doctor, so must be smart, right?

HRK! Raine almost loses her cookies. Stupid. Grenades. For the moment, her priority is the Sergeant major who has fallen now. "Hang on now, don't- No, not now," She murmurs, trying to make a bargain with whatever deity is listening. She'll set to bandaging his chest. A look to the marines that arrive. Oh. Shit. She IS an officer isn't she? Raine is hardly the picture of leadership, wide-eyed, about to throw up and covered in blood. She's trying not to heave. Can't barf on the poor Corporal. She closes her eyes. "Find survivors, get them to our ship. We've got to get out of here. I don't know if they wanted to scavenge anything, if you see it - take it - but otherwise your priority is survivors and getting out of here. This thing is running on battery power," Her brain is scrambled. But dammit, in credit to her, Raine can pull together sometimes. "Got it?" And the LAST thing they need is to be stuck on this thing when the life support goes out. "I don't know how much it has. Just- let's get the wounded, the civilians and go." Any supplies are welcome but it is a non-issue for the Ensign. "Go now." She's not very forceful.

Ruslan is practically dumbfounded as the last remaining Kilrathi are taken out by a thrown grenade. The man blinks once then twice before realizing that what just happened actually happened. The Lieutenant stands up and glances around to quickly to survey the carnage. "Alright, you heard the Ensign and that is exactly what we are going to do." The Lt. will bark it out for the good doctor's behalf in order to give this a little urgency. "My boat has the capacity and we are not going to leave anyone behind if it can be helped. Now let's do our jobs!" The pilot then goes off to help carry the wounded and answer any commands that aren't directed towards the ensign.
Long distance to Raine: Wallace feels bad. I didn't intend for my PC to kill everything.

Gerson keeps his pistol trained as the two Kilrathi join their comrades on the floor. He chuckles with grim satisfaction at the sight, then goes into a coughing fit as his wounds catch up with him. The thumping of boots echoes in his ears as the adrenaline drains out of him, and he rolls onto his back and passes out.

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