Summary: Gym time brings Pilots and Marines together over hangovers, insults, and what makes an officer.
Date: 2657.319
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Xiang is putting some time in at the Fitness Center on one of the exercies bikes. She looks like she's been at it for awhile, as she's worked up a sweat, slowing occasionally to gulp from a bottle of water she's got close at hand. A smattering of other crewmembers are also working in the gym at a variety of machines, or moving in and out of the doors that access the pool.

The day after heavy drinking is not the day that most people choose to go spend time at the gym. Alex, though, apparently has a masochistic side. In his gym clothes and carrying the prerequisite bottle of water, he heads across the well-lit gym with a faint squint against the light, eyes a touch baggy. Least he shaved.

Xiang doesn't appear to be suffering any ill effects from the post-flight drinking last night. Then again, she was rather avoiding participating in the shots. She does smirk when she spots Aquilina. "Alex." Brief pause to gulp more water. "I didn't think I'd be seeing you about here."
"Didn't you." Alex smirks right back, drawing up to a stop by her exercise machine of doom. "Wasn't quite expecting you either, but I suppose you only put down a pint before it returned the favour." He pops the top his bottle with his teeth, taking a swallow from it.

"I had an early CAP this morning," is Xiang's excuse for her lack of proper drunkery. "I didn't think it'd be prudent to pickle my brain too much." Another gulp of water is downed, then it's back to serious peddaling on the bike. "I think some in the bunks were still pickled when I got up to hit the showers this morning."

The left side of Alex's face is also a bit swollen at the corner of eye and cheekbone. And bruised in a weird shape. "I'm sure. At least the head wasn't a complete mess." His eyes turn away, glancing over the machines as though none were really catching his attention. The the pool area. "Happen to see if Korsakov made it back in one piece? He left not a step after you did."

"I think I heard something heavy hitting the bunks after I tucked myself in," Xiang says, as to the Russian. "It might've been Captain Korsakov. Her dark eyes narrow at Aquilina's face as she pedals. "Did something happen to your eye?"

It seems like Kell didn't drink an amazing amount of alcohol last night since he was able to wake up today without looking like death ran him over in a tractor trailer. However, he certainly doesn't look entirely focused as he makes his way into the gym. Instead of the usual pilot's outfit, he's in his workout clothes, a black sleeveless shirt and a pair of grey sweats. Draped over his shoulder is a towel and in his hand is a large bottle of water.

"Markovic." Alex smirks, one slender brow arching. Another sip of water. "Giving demonstrations of one's rugby prowess in a small room is never good idea." The cap's pushed back in with his teeth and the bottle tossed into his duffel, as he steps back from the machines. Catching sight of something else moving, he gives Kell an upwards sort of nod.

Xiang is in a black tank top and matching sweat pants for her part, rather than her usual uniform. "Dejana hit you?" She doesn't seem to know whether to be surprised or amused. It ends up being a mix of both. She notes Aquilina's noting of the new entrant. Kell gets a nod from her as well. "How're you faring today, Draygo?"

Spotting the pair of pilots, Kell makes his way there first before going to where he had intended to work out. Seeing the shape that Alex is in causes the young rookie to raise a brow. "Hey you two." He manages to catch the latter part of the explanation on Alex's eye, grinning while answering Xiang, "Better than him, I can tell you that." He says, jerking a thumb at Aquilina.

"Pfft." Alex comments to Kell. "You imagine being pinned to the floor under a flailing Markovic and tell me who's the luckier man here. We can't all be so blessed." That comes out…drily.

Xiang's lips twitch into a wider smile at Kell's remark to Aquilina. Though she arches her brows at Alex's comment about being pinned. "I'll take your word for it." Said dryly. "I am sorry I had to duck out last night. Early CAP." That's her story and she's sticking to it. She presses a few buttons on the controls of her exercise bike. Upping the elevation, presumably, as her pedaling seems to require more effort after she's made that adjustment.

Laughing, Kell can only shrug his shoulders at the other man, "Sounds like she likes it rough then, eh? Hopefully that's the only bruise you're sporting." He then nods at Xiang, as if that is more than a reasonable enough excuse for not drinking, "Drinking and flying certainly isn't a good idea, how did it go, bag any Kitties?" His eyes glances towards the full body sized punching bags not too far away before looking back at Xiang.

"I'm sure hearts can forgive," Alex replies to Xiang, regarding her departure. He does look interested at the answer to Kell's question, but moves off as he waits for the answer. His attention flicks between mats and pool, but warming up needs to be done regardless of choice and so he starts to stretch out his arms. Annoyed with him, they are.

Lucian arrives from the Crew Services.
Lucian has arrived.

Xiang shakes her head, grunting softly as she has to push the bike harder. She finds her rhythm after a moment of pushing, though. "It was pretty sedate. All clear. Perhaps they're hanging back after last night to lick their wounds. It'd be the prudent strategy."

Pulling one arm over behind his head, Kell begins to stretch them out, doing the same for the other arm as well. He nods at the status of the CAP that Xiang flew, "We've been giving them quite a pounding so unless Intel under estimated what is facing us in this system, we should be seeing less and less of them. Wouldn't be surprised if they start running with their tails tucked between their legs." As he finishes speaking, he begins head towards the mat with the body sized punching bag, though still within conversation distance as long as the words aren't spoken softly.

"I would." That's in response to Kell. Aquilina pulls one of his wrists back behind his head and down, stretching out the underside of his upper arm. "Kilrathi don't turn and flee simply because they're fighting a superior force. We've issued a challenge, in essence, and I shouldn't be surprised if they throw themselves at it even harder now."

Entering the gym, Lucian was wasting no time to get his workout knocked out. With a towel around his shoulders, he approaches the free weights area and begins to set his belonging next to the bench press. Walking around collecting his starting weight, he then puts on a light amount to warm up. Slowly warming up his muscles he drops the bar and raises it a few times at a snails pace to get the blood flowing and to stretch his chest muscles out.

Xiang nods in reluctant but grim agreement with Aquilina. "The cats do not think like we do. I shouldn't be surprised if Alex is quite right about what their next move will be." She's working on one of the exercise bikes, while Kell and Aquilina go through some warm-up stretches.

Markovic arrives from the Crew Services.
Markovic has arrived.

"Bunch of crazy cats then, but that makes it easier. They keep throwing themselves on us and get blown up, saves us the trouble of having to go on search and kill misssions." Kell says with a grin as he reaches the hitting bags, stretching out his legs for a bit after putting down his water bottle.

"A siege is no good place to be," Alex says, chuckling softly but shaking his head. Arms warmed up he moves on to his legs, picking up his left ankle and holding it close to his body behind him. "Means we're still on defense, and that isn't what we want. Best we force them to be the reactive ones, not the other way 'round."

Finishing his warm up set, Lucian sits up and catches Xiang on the exercise bike. A polite wave is given in her direction. "Hey Lt, I see you waste no time recovering, glad to see you in one piece." He had heard her ship was badly damaged the night he was taken as a gunner, it's too bad he wasn't on med duty where he could make a difference.

Markovic steps through the hatch in a set of sweats looking tired. Her hair is tucked up in a lazy bun and there's a set of bandages across three of her knuckles on her right hand. She manages a light wave to the people she recognizes and heads towards an exercise bike to the side.

Xiang is breathing hard by the time she starts to cycle down to the end of her exercise. She gulps what's left in her water bottle once she's stopped entirely, slipping off the machine. A nod of agreement to Aquilina. "We seem to be doing a decent job of that so far. Hopefully it'll continue." A nod to Lucian. "I wasn't injured, Corpsman, but thank you for your concern. I don't think I've made any friends among the mechanics, though. Now, if you all will excuse me, I need to hit the showers." She does notice Markovic coming as she's going, offering the captain a smile and respectful nod, but the showers call.

Finishing his stretches, Kell spots Markovic enter and returns her wave with his own. The young pilot is wearing a black sleeveless shirt with grey sweat pants on, obviously for working out. As he approaches the full body sized punching bag, the young pilot only chuckles as he responds to Xiang, "Don't worry, I'm a lot higher on their hate list than you are, trust me." With that said, Kell turns back to the punching bag and begins throwing out punches at it, a slow and steady pace so far.

"Don't slip." Alex offers this piece of advice amiably enough. His back is to the entrance now and he, unfortunately, does not see Markovic coming in. Lucian's face, though, suddenly rings a bell. "Had you Marines on those guns, did they?" He asks with a sudden toothy grin at the corpsman. "Better than a rollercoaster, eh?"

Dejana offers a weary smile to Xiang as she passes, taking a seat on a bike. She looks up to Alex and the Marine and sighs before cracking her neck. "How are we feeling today, Lieutenant Draygo?" the Captain asks, trying to smile once more.

"Feeling good, Captain." Kell pauses his punches on the heavy bag before he answers, then he decides to clarify, "Well, the hangover isn't that bad so I'm still functional." He then glances at her bandaged knuckles, before nodding at them, "How about you, Capt? Heard there was a little… extracurricular activities going on." He states with a grin, his eyes looking over in Alex's direction for a moment. He then returns to punching the punching bag while awaiting a response from Markovic.

Aquilina rolls his shoulders, feeling things crack. Ouch. As the Marine fades off, he turns around at the sound of a new person and smirks. "Dejana. You're out of bed, well done." His face? Bruised right at the corner of left eye. Her knuckles probably fit the swelling nicely.

"Young kids and your functional livers," she muses, punching some data into the bike's controls with a finger. Markovic looks to him and shakes her head. "Oh yeah? What did you hear? Because what you heard and the truth of the matter and what you heard may be very different things." She does manage another smile and begins peddling. With Aquilina's comments, she shakes her head. "Eat it. I woke up at 0830 and nearly cried. My head felt about nine sizes too small. Took me a few minutes to recall last night. How are you doing?"

Laughing in amusement at Dejana's comment about his liver, Kell can only nod at her, "We're built and bred tough." However, the discussion about the knuckles only brings a shrug to the young pilot's shoulders as he doesn't surrender much, "Nothing substantial right now, not yet atleast." He is somewhat curious about what did happen after he departed for the bunks last night, turning back to the punching back to deliver a few forward strikes with his fist before changing it up. Now, he begins to work his kicks, striking out with repeated roundhouses at where a person's midsection would be in regards to the punching bag.

"Fucking fantastic," Alex answers Markovic. "Gypsy snoring like a chainsaw couldn't even disturb that sweet slumber. I have no idea how a woman produces a noise like that, but it's certainly got to be illegal in some countries after 10pm." Legs stretched out as much as he cares to, the row of bikes and treadmills get a look that's only half interested.

"Nothing substantial is good." The Captain ramps up her work on the bike and takes the handle as the pace increases. "If anyone asks, I did not hit anyone. I certainly did not tackle anyone or overturn any tables. Myself and Lieutenant Aquilina had trouble navigating the stairs on the way back up to the barracks." Eyeshift. Hopefully nobody else is hearing this. Her expression is rather dissappointed at the news that Alex slept so well. "Glad you slept well. I have not drank quite that much in months." Pause. "Oh! Red. Yes. Apologies. Did we all get enough to drink?"

Now Kell is actually glad he drank enough so that when he passed out, he wasn't woken up by the snoring that Alex was talking about, sounds horrid from the other man's complaints. The Captain's explanation of events brings a chuckle from the young pilot but he is smart enough not to doubt or question Dejana, only giving her a nod, "Understood, Captain." His leg continues to snap out and impact the punching bag, over and over again before he switches to the other. "Plenty, enough to be glad that there wasn't another scramble last night."

The Captain's head bobs back and forth as she works at the bike. "Razor is a team player. Noted." She winks to him. "Oh if there had been another scramble last night, I would have never known. I was out. One of the last things I remember was tripping over the hatchframe and nearly bashing my face into the deck after I tumbled." No fear of embarassment, apparently.

The Captain's head bobs back and forth as she works at the bike. "Razor is a team player. Noted." She winks to him. "Oh if there had been another scramble last night, I would have never known. I was out. One of the last things I remember was tripping over the hatchframe and nearly bashing my face into the deck after I tumbled." No fear of embarassment, apparently.

"Did you?" Alex clearly doesn't remember this. Then again whether or not he was even in the vicnity when she got back, he doesn't remember either. One of the bags close by gets to be a target for further warming up, now that stretching's out of the way. "You're not supposed to admit shit like that out loud. What school of hard knocks did you fail out of?"

Markovic shakes her head. "So I do not care about shedding my embarassments. You know why such things are so good?" She smirks. "Because nobody can blackmail with things. I keep my successes to myself and air my stupid antics. Think of it like confession. What is the matter, Alex? Too proud to admit ever falling on your face?"

Melia strolls into the fitness center wearing shorts, training shoes and a tank tops. Her bag is slung over her shoulder as she wonders over to the weight machine. "Heard you guys singing from the marine barracks last night, someone get promoted?" She asks, with a quick grin. "Or celebrating someones victory." She's guessing it's the latter, but you never know.

"The solution to that is to make sure you've drunk enough not to remember," Alex declares, sending two hard punches into the hanging. "The /smart/ solution is to be sure everyone else has too." Thwack. "And in case you hadn't noticed from last night, Dejana, my pride is not something I protect with any particular rabid effort." Thwack. "Celebrating." Thud. "General." Thwack. "Victory." Last thud, and he puts up his hands to stop the bag as it swings.

Markovic looks a bit haggard, but is holding together well enough to talk trash - so really, how bad off can she be? There's a string of bandages across her right knuckles. Alex has a nice bruise across his left cheek, up near the eye. She smirks to Alex. "You speak as if social interaction while drunk is like a form of mutually assured destruction. Do not be silly. People who are not embarassed by their actions are rarely haunted by them." She offers a light wave to Melia on her entrance. "Hey, Lance. Like the Lieutenant says, celebrating general victory. It was quite the intoxication."

Melia places her bag under the bench, kicking it under so no one trips over it. She then moves across to the punching bag and stands behind it. She braces it with her body so the pilot can take some better punches. "I'm shocked you guys had the energy, I barely made it to my bunk before I passed out." She grins over at Markovic. "And I missed it, damn." she says with good nature envy.

"Your sense of humour takes vacations at the most random times, Dejana," Alex informs Markovic. "Lighten up, prevents wrinkles." He looks at her and wiggles his fingers by the corner of his eyes. "Has anyone seen Korsakov today?"

"There is always energy for booze after a combat mission like that. I usually just ride the adrenaline until I am severely intoxicated. By that time, I no longer care whether I am tired or not." She laughs lightly to Melia. With Alex's comments, she shakes her head. "I am hung over, you fuckwit. If you want a sense of humor, you can wait until later or go get more drinks. Until then, just be glad Pip is not here for me to play jokes off of onto you." Uh huh.

Melia places her cheek against the bag, her hands braced either side. "I guess that's one way of looking at It, but damn I was just wrecked, I'm seriously not getting in another bomber for a while. They wanted gunners and I figured I'd try my hand." She shakes her head. "Oh hell, no never again. Scared the shit out of me and from a marine that's saying something. Melia admits, rolling her eyes over to the other woman. "So yes I was in the land of nod, heard you guys when I got up for a piss."

"It's only out of concern for you and your graceful aging, Dejana," Alex says, with due gravitas, as he lets go of the stilled punching bag. As Melia details all that he snorts. "Fucking Broadswords." His fist meets bag again with a heavy, dull thud. "Those things exist just so the up and ups can give out Goldens Suns."

"Grab one of those bomber babies and get them to teach you gunnery," Dejana offers lightly. "It will only benefit them to have you capable of defending their craft. It will help build confidence and kick that fear into the fucking gutter, da?" Markovic smirks, the hangover apparently fading slowly. She gives the middle finger to Alex with a good-natured roll of her eyes. But his comments about the bomber -do- get a laugh. "No kidding, Torch. I did not see Draygo's come apart but I hear it was rather rapid."

Melia braces herself against the bag as the pilots takes a punch against it. "Bombers are ugly and a health hazard." She says agreeing with Aquilina's statements. "And if it's all the same to you, Captain I'll take my chances on the ground facing a platoon of well armed Kittens." She then glances at the back at Alex. "Don't worry about pulling your punches, use to do this a lot for some of the guy in training." she tells him.

"I'm not pulling a fucking thing. Except perhaps my shoulder." Alex is not a bad boxer, despite his laughter-riddled downing last night. He knows how to stand and knows where to draw the power from - waist, not back. A glance at Markovic and he nods at that. "Didn't see what got him either. Just him on my screen shooting off into the black. Just tell me it was one of their capitals and not some nancy Sartha."

Markovic snickers at Melia's comment about pulling punches, but she doesn't say anything directly. Nope. She'll let Melia have that one. To his last, she shrugs. "I did not see it either. If he lost a Broadsword so fast I would assume that it was heavy flakfire. I was too focused on getting a lock on that fucking Sartha that was trying to take down Pickett." She nods to Melia, remembering seeing the LCPL extricate herself from the ship with him.

Melia snorts softly. "What ever happened to being an officer and a gentleman." She says with clear amusement. "You lot have the most dirty mouths I've ever heard a squadron have." she says, shaking her head. "Oh and that reminds me Captain, you got those courses sorted out yet? She asks. "Almost time for my exams and I needed to gram." She then pauses at Markovic's comment about Picketts Bomber. "I couldn't hit shit, he was evading that much, I swear he used kitten treats in that thing instead of fuel. Every where I looked we had fire on us…So thanks for getting that one off our tail." She says with a quick two fingered salute at the Captain.

"The title was ironic." Alex puts up his hand to stop the bag again, it making a heavy thud against his palm. He shakes out his hands, stretching his fingers, and leans down to grab up his water bottle, pulling the pop cap out with his teeth before tipping it up.

"Travel the world and see some of the things I have, you will learn to love certain.. 'colorful' words and phrase." She turns her hand in the air over her head with the remark. "I find it brings the point home well. It also helps me know who cannot hold their patience and temper. It is offensive by choice. I like to know who to trust." She smirks, still moving back and forth on the bike. "No problem, Lance. Glad to get the kill. But none of that would have happened without the support from the 'gentleman' on the other side of the bag. Without him, I would be floating away happily and likely you as well."

Melia flickers her eyes towards Aquilina her smile grateful. "Well, I guess I owe you thanks also Lieutenant." She then shakes her head and chuckles. "You lot aren't bad you know despite the usual enmity between our two professions I'm definitely liking this new crop." She looks kinda sheepish, hoping they get what she's trying to offer here, a hand in friendship or at least an understanding and respectful relationship.

Aquilina taps off a vague two-fingered salute sort of thing at the thanks, and then smirks. "No shit, Lance. On my last the pilots and marines used to beat the shit out of each other so fucking much, they used to call a punch a surface-to-air missile." He glances at the door. "Doesn't seem too bad around here. Then again haven't met too many Marines. Been wondering where they've stashed you all."

"Thank you. I think." Markovic chuckles out her words carefully. Her legs continue pumping, an arm lifting to wipe the sweat off her brow at this point. "I have not had the luxury of stationing with Marines for quite some time, though. Four years with my feet on the ground has made me forget how interesting relations can be. It is a shame I can only find the time to throw insults at my own squadronmates." Amongst other things. Like fists. And shoulders. And shotglasses. "Yeah, Lance. Where do they keep your comrades confined to? I think I saw that enormously endowed Major of yours and maybe one or two others. What do they have you busy with?"

Melia gives a bark of laughter. "That's what I mean, it's a refreshing change cause lord knows I don't need more chargers of striking a Superior officer on my file. They almost, always bust you for that if your caught throwing a punch at the wrong person." She says, her eyes going to flicker from one to the other. "I'm getting too old, to come out with my fist and mouth moving." She tells the pair. "And where we hiding no idea to be honest, more then likely polishing our boots. As for the Major yeah that bitch has some huge fuckin tits, that's for sure. She shakes her head. "I hear your Wing Commander and her have shacked up, wonder if he can keep her busy, she's one of those that gets bored easily we've served together now for a while. She's a great person, even if she is a whore, don't tend to hold that against folks you know, some like to bed hop others don't." She shrugs.

"Perhaps that's the secret of the amity," Alex comments, drily. "Some spell cast round the ship, long as Grim keeps his hose busy watering the magic flower. Minute they call it quits, BAM, all hell breaks loose." He makes a hugely descriptive motion along with this idea. "It's courageous, really. Selfless acts of love and cunnilingus."

"The trick is hit someone and make sure they know they do not want to make it happen again. It be so horrible at fighting that people feel sorry for you." There's a shadowed glance and suppressed laugh to Alex. She's either making a comment about herself or him. Tough call. "Fucking Major. Yeah I met her up at First and Last with Valentine. She seemed quite polite. It was the only time I have seen the Colonel be functional, though he did buy me dinner." It will take more than that, though. "But if she is the one taking up most of his time then.. then I am sure he is more functional elsewhere." Her tone has gone completely dry despite the sweat beading on her face. Likely there are a few things the Captain holds against people - including against the Major and Colonel. But those are going to stay stowed for the moment. But Aquilina's comments get the woman on the bike to nearly collapse off it in laughter. She falls forward on the rails and stops peddling. "Oh shit, Alex!"

Melia gives a little laugh at Alex's sally. "Oh you know that's funny stuff right there. Well I aint going to keep em sweet." She remarks and then just shakes her head at Markovic's remarks. "Hey if he gets transferred off they'll bump Pickett up, we could use they extra money." She says then widens her eyes and jumps towards the Captain. "Shit sir, easy there don't wanna brake anything you'll be pissed for days if you get laid up." She says. "Look if you guys are that unhappy with the Wing Commander, talk to the Major. He and Val served together…We all served together some years ago before Tom got captured maybe he just need a little shake up…For someone whom he'll listen too. I know I could always beat Frejdot around the head when she got like this."

Aquilina smirks at Dejana, folding his arms. Something that Melia mentions in there makes one long brow tic upwards at the end, some bit of information stored. As to speaking to pickett there's no immediate comment, not with a superior standing right next to him.

Markovic rises off her laughing streak, waving away worries about her. "Look, if they got him off the command slot and promoted Pickett, I do not care. I do not care if Colonel.. I cannot remember his name- stays on. If he does, I just demand that my superiors perform the same way that pilots like Lieutenant Aquilina-" she gestures to him "-demand that I perform to my post. If I fail them, then I fail in my duty as an officer. I heard a Major once say that you can promote a moron to a command position, but that does not make them a leader. Pins do not make leaders." She taps her heart lightly. "What you have in here makes you a leader. Your desire to do the best you can because the people under you depend on it with their lives. The willingness to listen and take feedback. To learn. All of things are important. I am unsure what the Colonel lacks - if anything at all. I can give him the benefit of the doubt that he has had genuine problems. If so, then he is very likely a good man. I do not see him making that rank before thirty and being a failure. However, stranger things have happened." She lifts a towel and wipes her face.

Melia shrugs her shoulders. "Well seems you guys know what your doing, I hope it all works out cause your a good bunch, I don't wanna be saluting your coffins." She then just goes quiet leaving the pilots to deal with their own, none of her business right.

Aquilina keeps his mouth shut through all that and arms folded across his chest, one brow thinly arched. At the mention of saluting coffins, a thin smirk finally breaks the inscrutable mask. "Mind your guns and with luck you won't, Lance." Turning halfway around, he picks up his water again.

"Command has a way of solving its problems. If my record says anything, I do not let a thing like supposedly poor leadership get in the way of life." Whatever the Captain means by that, she doesn't elaborate. She nods to Melia and sets the towel down on the bike's handles as she looks back to Alex - waiting. She may not have known him long, but when the guy shuts up there is a reason. Its plain she wants to hear what is on his mind. But will he say anything?

"Oh you can be sure of that ell tee, trust me." She says slowly holding out her hand for his water bottle. "Do you mind?" She asks with a warm smile. "All this talking, kinda making my mouth dry." Yama admits, hoping she's not being too forwards. "I've only been around the Military for six years, but I can agree command knows what it's doing. She then smirks. "Look at my record sometime Captain I bet it's as pretty as yours. I'm shocked I'm still here some days, but then I'm growing up a little, thinking before I leap and keeping my gob in check, cause it tend to get me into trouble. As you guys saw the other day….But I have to say, who doesn't pick on rooks?"

"Mira," Alex informs Dejana as he tosses the water bottle over Melia. "I don't have cooties." If she was waiting for something poignant on previous matters, obviously it's going to have to wait. "Don't think anyone in that set of bunks counts as a 'rook'. Just as well. Fine with being surrounded by gits, but at least be a git that knows enough not to scratch your watch and wind your arse."

"Who does not pick on rooks?" the Captain repeats with a raised finger. "Enlisted. And I am not trying to be insulting, Lance, but do be careful about that. It is an easy way to find yourself scorned among pilots unless you know them well." She lowers the finger to point at Melia. Its not a comment filled with venom or accusation. Just some even advice. "But if you and I have a similar record, then likely you will be like me and stuck at the same rank for the rest of your career. I will not compare boots but I have pissed-off more birds and generals than I prefer to think about." She rolls her eyes at her own stupidity, even glancing over the floor with some of the more 'Ouch!' moments on her memories.

Melia takes the water bottle from Alex with a silent thank you and takes a quick few sips. "I never thought you did." She says giving the water back, with another thank you. "Aha, I don't mean to be a jerk it's just when I get bored, or." She shakes her head. "Anyway, I was bored heard some new pilots arrived and figured I'd have some shits and giggles." She admits then turns serious as Markovic mentions rank. "Well I'm getting bumped to officer in a few months, as long as I get all my exams in and I pass the sectioning commity, I have a feeling if all goes well I'll be an officer by next year." She says sounding far more relieved that her words admit.

"Why the fuck would you want to do that?" Alex asks Melia as he catches his bottle back. Despite the swearing, the question's not harsh. But nor is it rhetorical.

Markovic shakes her head, waving a hand dismissively to Melia. She smirks as she speaks: "Everyone has reasons. Do not concern yourself. Just something to keep in mind in the future." She steps off the bike finally and moves over to sit on a bench, cracking her neck. The Captain doesn't seem to have a comment further, but the question from Alex gets a chuckle and a brow-raise. She wants to know, too.

Melia is taken back by the force of the question her body taking an involuntary step back. "I have my reasons." She says quietly not ready to admit to them all in front of people she barely knows. "I figured why not, was asked and I agreed you guys seem to forget what it's like being at the bottom, the shitty pay the lack of respect the kinda stigma and scorn that some, not all officers hold for those in my position. I wanna better myself you know, I think I can take command and do some good." She seems conniving and in a way it's true, she does want to better herself.

Aquilina smirks as she flinches, teeth showing briefly like a self-satisfied Cheshire. "You'll need some thicker skin, that's for fucking sure." The swearing? He just seems to enjoy it, rounding his mouth over the syllables. Then grin fades and he says more seriously, "Just don't think being an officer is some instant respect. Those under look at you just as hard as those over. And I've got to say, half the time it's worse when you've a shaky foundation than a shaky roof."

Markovic chuckles, watching the reaction from Melia. "Aye. Listen to the Lieutenant, Lance. It wasn't an attacking question. Just some playful curiosity." She settles back on the bench, resting her arm over the back. "Yeah, respect is hard-earned. More so than pilots, especially in the Marines. Leading combat personnel is the hardest job on any planet. But its also the most rewarding, I think." She keeps her tone light, not trying to scare off the LCPL.

Melia gives Aquilina a wink as he finish off his advice. "Trust me Sir, this isn't something I'm running head long into I'm still on the edge of formally accepting it, I have until my exams are done and the board has formally accepted me into O.C.S. I know it's not instant respect but it's a step in the right direction." She tells him, firmly. "If I wanna do it, be assured I'll do it right." She glances down at Markovic, her mouth opening to say something she then changes her mind closes and just leans against the her eyes quietly going from one pilot to the other.

"That's all I'm saying, Lance." Alex's tone isn't explicitly approving or disapproving, staying quite matter-of-fact about topic. He notices his watch right then, lifting his chin at Markovic. "I've got CAP in a minute. I'll see you back at the slums."

Markovic smiles to Melia with the Marine's expression. "We will talk later. I have the same CAP, though." She rises off the bench and moves for the door. "I will have those lesson plans in the morning." She waves over her shoulder on her way out.

Melia nods her head at Alex. "Nice chatting sir." She says going to get up herself. "I should turn in, got to go spit polish my boots." She says with a quick grin. "You take care." She adds, then goes to collect her back from near where Markovic is sitting and slings it over her shoulder.

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