Surfer Paz wipes out!
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Summary: Victoria and Paz share a moment of swimming, surfing and near drowning during shore leave on Geminga
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Beach Geminga

Post-dated RP taken from our stint on shore leave

The view here is all deep purple sand and the sapphire waters of the bay, deeper in color where they meet the main body of the ocean far in the distance. One of the more popular destinations here planet side, there are usually a multitude of chairs and towels scattered about the beach, marking 'base camps' for the beach goers. Far to the eastern end of the bay, a pier reaches out into the water, with a number of small businesses along it to rent aquatic equipment.

Look! Out in the sea!" "It's a shark!" "It's a dolphin!" "It's Surfer Paz!")… Yes, it's Surfer Paz… strange visitor from another planet, who came to this beach with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! Surfer Paz … who can ride a pipeline like a floating leaf, and who, disguised as Paz Garcia, mild-mannered Scimitar Jock aboard a great TCSF carrier, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the Confed way! And now, another exciting episode, in The Adventures of Surfer Paz!

Paz is by the by, surfing her ass off

Tori still doesn't surf, though she's certainly developed a nice tan while here. She goes into the water, swims, rides the waves, heads back to settle in the sun and enjoy the freedom for as long as it lasts. And this does give her a chance to watch the surfers, including Paz. Best of all - no paperwork for the moment. Gotta love shore leave.

Apparently, young Tizona's loving it too. So much that she's so busy show boating for the folks on the beach that she doesn't seem to notice that the wave she's picked has decided to zig when she chose to zag. The result, a wipe out of truly _epic_ proportions.

"Yipes! Tizona!" Tori calls out, as she witnesses such a wipe out. That actually has the Captain on her feet and in the water almost before she thinks about it, heading to make sure that there's not a dead surfer out there. Well, that's the plan at any rate. Though it does put a bit of a silence on her calling out anything.

"Holy GOD!" Tizona calls, popping back to the surface like a cork and laughing hysterically the whole time. "Hey, what's your malfunction, man?" she demands of the sea playfully, splashing the surface of the water. "Hey Boss lady!" she calls, waving to Tori.

"Are you okay?" Tori calls out, though at least there's some humour in her voice as she sees the other is laughing and doesn't appear to be bleeding all over the ocean or worse. "I gotta tell ya, this is not making me want to learn, if you know what I'm saying. Seems rather aggravating for not enough fun, if you ask me." She does at least make it to where Paz is, in one piece. So long as she doesn't drown herself.

"Heh, yeah, that wasn't exactly fun for me either." Paz chuckles. "But, no harm done. Bottom here's nice and soft and I only rolled over it a couple of times. Though I now have mud in places mud was not meant to be." she chuckles. "That wasn't a bad swim, boss." she offers

Tori flashes a grin, relaxed in the water it seems. "Why thank you. You can keep the mud too, mind, but I do appreciate the compliment. water's not this warm where I'm from at all - so I used to find excuses to not swim in it." She shrugs a bit, considering. "At least I know enough to hopefully not look totally ridiculous in the water. But maybe I should head for shore soon. Did you lose your board?"

"Nope." Paz replies, tilting back to the water to show the leash attached to her right leg. "Floatin' just over there." she points to the bright yellow surfboard floating nearby. "I like to keep my leash nice and long so I don't get beaten about the head and shoulders with the thing if I wipe out." she explains. "Where ya from, sir?"

"Canada," is the simple response. Which planet is that on? Huh, guess. Tori eyes the surf board, and the leash, a thoughtful look on her face. "Now that makes sense to me. A leash and making it long, both. Though I just had visions of the board shooting off on its own and beaning some poor shark in the head." That could be somewhat scary - a big shark with a bump on its head and a surfboard in hand wandering over menacingly. Perfect cartoon moment. "and I suppose I could have gone to warmer parts of the planet to surf, but even when I did go there, it never seemed to be quite the time to learn to surf."

"Canada…..What system is tha….Oh…duh…Terra." Paz chuckles, rolling her eyes at her own stupidity. "Yeah, seems a mite on the chilly side up there in the frozen Tundra." she comments. "How did you survive the hordes of rampaging polar bears, sir?" she asks teasingly.

That gets a half shrug and a grin from Tori. "You got it," she says. "The polar bears are nothing compared to the rampaging penguins," she then adds, trying a mock solemn look on her face, but not trying too hard. Can't be helped. "And in either case, just hiding out in an igloo until they get bored and head off tends to work." Hey, she can go with it. Honest. "What about you, where are you from?"

Paz gives a throaty giggle as she begins to tread water, not an easy thing to do with a leash line attached to one leg, but she manages well enough. "Erewhon, New Illyricum Archipelago, little island called Saul's Freehold." she replies. "Penguins…those are the little birds that look like they wear tuxedos, right?"

"Yes, they are. And they aren't native really, but never mind. there are as many of them rampaging as there are polar bears," Tori admits. She is already treading water, but she's slowly heading shallower before she tires out. "Are you going to go back and try another wave?" she asks, curious. "I think I'm going to go shallow enough so I can stand. I don't quite swim like a dolphin." She's okay with that, being a decent swimmer - just not as outrageously good as Paz maybe.

"Nah…think I'm done embarrassing myself for one day." Paz replies, rolling over to where board waits and sliding atop it to paddle back to shore. "Heh, when going to school every day takes a twenty minute boat ride, you pretty much learn to swim quick." she adds as an aside. "Don't sweat it, sir. Think there's a pool on the ship. Could always teach ya. It's easier than you think."

That gets Tori to pause as she considers the idea. She ducks under water, and then surfaces, head back. Her hair is still tied up, though the water is starting to drag at it somewhat. "Maybe. It's not so much that I can't swim, but I've never tried surfing, at all. And well, only so much swimming time, what with everything else." Once she gets to shallow enough water, she sits down on the nice comfy sand, leaning back and enjoying the warmth of the water as she partially floats, resting in the knee deep water. "But I tell you what, if we do get a chance, and you're up to teaching, I might take you up on that… Just don't expect me to learn fast. It's not so easy to teach us old dogs new tricks."

The young LT pauses at about knee-depth to slip off her board and take the leash off her ankle. "Yeah, that's for sure sir." Paz sighs. "We get back going again, it'll be back to the Grind in no time." she says, taking a seat next to her boss. "Any word on where we're going, sir?" she asks, leaning back until she's propping herself up on her elbows.

"Shake down first," Tori replies, "Though I'm not sure we've got a good idea where." Well, it's a start, anyway. She watches as a young surfer fellow out a ways takes a trip along, managing to not fall over. He's all pumped and cheered on by some groupies, but that just gets a smile from Tori. "Course, look on the bright side, at least you don't get all the paperwork." That's a good thing, right?

"Heh, true enough, but you know what Shakedown cruises are like." Paz sighs, "Harder damn grind than actual combat, minus the tension of possible death every time you leave the tubes."

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