Steven Petrarca
Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryan Manix
Name: Ryan Manix
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Callsign: Scotty
Age: 29
Nationality: English
Branch: TCN
Department: Engineering
Position: Acting Senior NCO for Reactor Room and Damage Control
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: None, though raised on Earth
Actor: Steven Petrarca



Ryan Manix, born on a tramp freighter, the 'Raliegh's Regret', en-route to Earth from Sirius, December 10, 2628. His parents were part of a small interstellar shipping firm based on Jupiter's third moon, Ganymede. Raised aboard the Regret until mounting tensions with pirates, and later the Kilrathi, forced his parents to leave him with relitives in London, Earth.

Todd and Janel Favreau owned an out of the way repair shop on the outskirts of London where anything and everything can be repaired, from 20th century magnetic storage media to a top of the line Sonysoft Cube Box game system. Taught from his early years how to accelerate his technical knowledge to a razor's edge, Ryan quickly became bored with his relitivley normal school life. While wasting a perfectly good history class one afternoon by trolling on the schools small network, Ryan found the head master's private files. After posting some of the more embarrassing tidbits in some very public places, Ryan was hooked on snooping through mainframes for the best information his rapidly growing skills could acquire.

Ryan, now 17, was caught hacking into Confed's personel filing systems in order to find his parents location after not hearing from them for nearly a year. The Confederation's desperate need for trained personel lead to a plea deal, enlist with a branch of the Terran Confederation's armed forces or server 20 years hard labour on the second moon of Mars, Phobos. Choosing to enlist in the Navy as a technician, Ryan has enjoyed the challenges he had been looking for in his misspent youth.

Spaceman Manix, fresh from boot and his technical training, joins the engineering team of the destroyer TCS Barrington for his first space cruise since his parents left him on earth. Enjoying his time back in space, Ryan accepted every chance to advance in rank and quickly made Petty Officer 2nd Class by the time the Barrington was destroyed by the Kilrathi over a nameless sector of space. During the fight, while running damage control in a secondary missle armoury, Ryan was caught in an explosion that gave him his distinctive scars. Ryan was removed from the ship by medical transport to the waiting carrier TCS Peter the Great, now one of only 45 survivors of his first ship.

During his recouperation Ryan's bed was parked next to the only other surviving engineering team member, Chief Petty Officer Brock Peters. It was Chief Peters who introduced Ryan to a life of hard drinking, cigar smoking, and shipboard gambling enterprises. Upon returning to limited-active duty at Haven Base Ryan was introduced to flight-ops. Repair, refuel, taxi, and pre-flight work ups on 'slightly used' and recently 'referbished' craft slated to become system defence craft. Ryan felt it was a job he was born for, until the Haven system was invaded. After six months of hard fighting for the defense of Haven Base, having been invovled with several major fire-fights near the flight line and one CQB that added another scar to his already marred personage, the remaining space worthy craft were flown to their new home, the TCS Peter the Great.

Ryan personally flew the most damaged Hornet to a pretty vicious crash landing mear seconds before Peter the Great jumped clear of the Deneb System. Ryan has been quoted as telling the deck officer who was chewing him a new one for crashing a perfectly good spacecraft into his pristine landing deck, 'Don't worry sir; some bond-all, a new coat of paint and a new landing skid is all I need to make that crate fly again.' The already peeved deck officer wasn't pleased with that statement, but went apoplectic when Ryan was as good as his word. Ryan smugly sat in the brig for the next week, smoking a smuggled cigar in his cell before the Captain decided he was better suited fixing things for the ship rather than sitting around doing nothing. Now after 12 years of service Senior Chief Manix reports aboard the TCS Majestic for his fourth space cruise.

Prior Deployments

TCS Barrington (destroyed), Vega Sector
TCS Peter the Great, Vega Sector
Bethesda Naval Medical Station, Sirius, Sol Sector
McKinley Air Field, Vespus, Sol Sector
TCS Kyoto, Epsilon Sector
Haven Base, Deneb, Epsilon Sector
TCS Peter the Great, Epsilon Sector
TCS Majestic, Gemini Sector


Silver Star
Bronze Star
Navy Marine Crops Medal
Purple Heart with two clusters
Golden Sun
Combat Action Ribbon
Battle Efficiency Ribbon
Good Conduct Medal
Navy Expeditionary Medal
Vegan Victory Award
Gemini Sector Campaign Ribbon
Epsilon Sector Campaign Ribbon
Vega Sector Campaign Ribbon
Naval Space Service Deployment Medal with three Clusters


Last known demerit has been removed from this file. Just a post-it note.
Until stricken from the record, 1st Lt Frep's log of insubordination is to be considered nothing more than a covering for the Lieutenants pride and not an actual mark against the Chief's character.
-Captain A.J. Cheneye

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

-Excerpts from Lieutenant Ashford, TCS Kyoto
Highly competent and relaxed attitude helps keep those under his command functioning smoothly. He's only seen as a disiplinarian to those who've tasted his wrath for those who under preform. Likes to trade stories with the other POs as to where his myriad of scars were collected. No story ever stays the same.

-Excerpts from Colonel Harrington, TCMC, Haven Base Marine CO
I have never seen a squiddy take so much from a Kilrathi and not blink. He's been shot and stabbed during the siege of the airbase and has continued in his duty to keep our air support flowing. An exceptional devotion to duty keeps his other ground crew working while others have fled for shelter, even while taking artillery fire. His calm presence under fire has instilled others under his command with dedication of purpose. Damn I wish he were a marine instead of some squid tech.

-Excerpts from Captain Cheneye, TCS Peter the Great CO
The Chief is one of the best things to have ever happened to the Navy as a whole and Great Pete personally. It seems he can literally fix anything with what's available at hand. Those under his command seem to be awed by him and take his instructions to heart. He does seem more withdrawn of late as he was wounded during a boarding action by Kilrathi marines last month. Commander Wently has brought up her concerns that it might impair his ability to lead those who've come to almost idolize the Chief. I have appended a request to have him promoted and moved out of this sector command so he can get his head together. I only hope he will one day become the man we all knew when he first arrived…

Other IC Info

Shrapnel, burn, bullet and knife scars cover 60% of his body.
Not all of him is original equipment, most notably his eyes are very expensive augmetics. Not overly out going since his latest 'accident'.
Photo taken prior to his first deployment to the TCS Barrington.


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