Actor Name
Ensign Raine Winterson
Name: Raine Winterson
Rank: Ensign
Callsign: Lucky
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Branch: Navy
Department: Medical
Position: Doctor!
Marital Status: Single and treed!
Homeworld: From Oxford baby!
Actor: Actor Name



(Work in progress. Saving as I go!)

Raine hails from Oxford and a family of researchers. She's the middle child of 5 children. Alas for Raine, she was the only one of the group who did not test with a genius level IQ. It left her with a sense of inferiority, but it wasn't soul crushing angst. She just never felt the urge to be competitive or stand out because of it. She withdrew into herself and developed a very vivid imagination. Unfortunately, it also left her very shy and sensitive.

She had a fairly sheltered, well off existence (As much as one can with disgruntled kitties running amok). In a Darwinian twist, she also had the bum luck of ending up as a test subject or unwitting guinea pig for her intelligent siblings. While she did not share their raw talent, Raine made up for it with sensitivity and hard work. Or at least, she tried. She never really did keep up with the others and was often regarded as 'the slow one'.

Still. she wasn't angsty. She did pretty well in university and medical school. It didn't take her long to realize she didn't fit in well in medicine for profit or working for a company. It wasn't a slight on those things, she just wasn't cut out for it. Somehow, she chose the military. Raine managed to pass through officer training (Somehow. We suspect booze or bonsai were involved).

And then, she was on a carrier! A mother f- oh well, she's on a carrier!


A few missions with marines. Boldly going where most medics don't, armed only with duct tape, Hello Kitty bandaids and a lot of lollipops.


Does having the most trees on board count?


No, but trouble seems to find her. Most notably, the sort of trouble that involves being caught on fire.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

… seems to be extremely flammable, but competent.

Other IC Info

Raine has yet to meet Kessel! She keeps trying. Yet, it's also rumored Raine tends to break down or go a little loopy if she loses her trees or fish. Raine also has a penchant for drifting about the ship and being like, the worst officer ever in terms of remembering she is in fact, an officer.


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