Taking Risks
Taking Risks
Summary: Markovic has a quick few words with Kell about his ejection.
Date: 2657.317
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Markovic leads the young pilot off the deck and offers him an easy expression. Trying to get him to relax. She leads him to the map room, not far from the First and Last and a deck below. The Captain doesn't bother closing the hatch once inside, but she keeps her voice low when she speaks. "How are you? Feel okay? Need to vomit?" Her head dips with the question, smile slowly appearing on her face as her arms cross. "It is okay if you do. It will not leave us."

Walking through the maze of the ship, one that is still somewhat unfamiliar to the rookie pilot, Kell joins her in the map room and arches a brow. He looks around and wonders why they are here, turning his attention back to her. "How? I dunno… physically I'm fine. Won't be puking unless we do a ton of drinking later. We had extravehicular training back at the Academy so it wasn't something knew and crazy." There is a slight pause as he considers what she is saying, but he doesn't feel queasy, "Just disappointed, I understand we all lose a ship, just doesn't sit well with me." He doesn't say anything about being one of the top of the class back at the Academy, since it isn't worth spit right now despite being on his records.

The Captain's smirk doesn't leave. "Alright. I lost my lunch in my first ejection. So embarrassing. It is not uncommon. So I am told." She laughs lightly, but it fades slowly with his words. "Look, Lieutenant. It should not sit well. You did something very brave and it nearly got you killed. You may even get a medal for it. But there is something very important you need to remember: We need brave pilots like you. But we need them to survive. Especially new ones like yourself. There is much for you to learn, still. Promise me you will refrain from doing things like that until we can get some more experience under your belt? As a personal favor to me?" Her tone brings levity with her last, taking a turn for the less serious.

"I lost my lunch during the first couple of live exercises back at the Academy, so you're not alone. We had a pretty sick instructor, he would feed us a pretty nice dinner, pretending to be a nice guy. Then in the middle, he recinds all leave and takes us into space for more ejection practice." Kell shaking his head as he recalls that nightmare, "So my gut has been well trained."
Listening to Captain continue, Kell can only nod slightly, saying, "I dunno, I certainly don't feel deserving of a medal right now. Maybe it'll change after I sleep on it." As for the promise being requested on his part, he looks away for a moment, "I don't know if I can promise something like that. I guess it's the way I was raised, if someone is in need of aid, I was taught to help. Our CO took a pretty bad hit, losing him was not an option. Heck, losing me would be much better for the fleet if it means not losing the CO."

Markovic smiles easily with the mention of that instructor. "I love instructors that do that. It warms my heart that they give training that beats up on pilots so badly." She shakes her head and leans against the bulkhead. "Okay, see that is a bad way to think. It is not about who is worth more. Every pilot means everything. He might be worth a lot now, but what if you become a Wing Commander one day that commands one of the fiercest squadrons in the confederation? Who are you to rob us of that?" She asks the question frankly, without malice. "I feel the same way, though. When your friends are in dire need, you do not sit around and debate the risks. You dash in and you at the very least lend moral support." Her words carry deep conviction. "But you must be able to control such movements by acting smart. Which is what I mean by experience. I think you have all the trappings of being an outstanding pilot, Lieutenant. Just.. relax." Her smile returns. "There will be plenty of times that death will knock in your career. Tempting him is nothing to do lightly."

Giving her an odd look, Kell certainly doesn't share her sentiment, atleast not yet since he is still the green rookie that had just escaped his instructors evil grasp without fully realizing how it may just save his life many times over in the future. "If you say so, Captain." He does grow quiet again as Markovic gives her views on who might be worth more and whatnot. At first Kell just smirks and looks away, "Me, a Wing Commander? Yeah right…" but slowly he begins to understand what she is saying, "I guess you're saying that we all have potential to be better and not to think just of the present… I get it."
Kell does seem to get it as he looks down at the deck, working out some thoughts is his head before looking back up at the Captain, "Thanks Captain, I guess I never looked at this in that way before… certainly a different look on being a pilot."

Markovic's smile grows and she chucks him on the shoulder. "See? You are bright. Plan for the future and set career goals, too. Start small. Maybe you want Korsakov's position. -You- can do that. And I am not blowing sunshine up your ass, either. Just remember that there could be something very special in your future. Maybe she has a name. Maybe it has a nice retirement bonus. Whatever fits your bill." The blonde stands off the wall, then. "Just remember, you still owe Pip a beer for pulling you out of EVA." She winks and motions for the door. "Let us go and get wildly drunk."

"Maybe… what I do need is more practice in the Sims and more flight time out in space. As owing Pip, I know I'll be owing him a lot of beer and not just tonight. Not sure what it is but there's something about him, a good pilot and a good man." Kell says, the mentor figure of Jenthson is certainly evident as he heads out the door, "That certainly sounds like a good idea though, getting drunk. Thanks again, Captain."

Dejana nods. "Pip is a very good man. I think we all may end up owing him many beers." To the last, she nods simply. "Just remember this when you are a Captain one day and have a new Lieutenant who likes to get crazy." She waggles her brow at him and moves for the door. Someone probably had the very same conversation with her at one point.

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