Promotions, Interrupted
Promotions, Interrupted
Summary: Big scene. Promotions. New Captain. Good times.
Date: 2657.343
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Briefing Room Deck 12
Troy System, Humboldt Quadrant — 2217 Hours 2657.343

Set above the ready line, this sizeable room serves as a briefing area for the Majestic's air wing. Stadium-style seating in five rows provides space for sixty pilots or other flight crew. At the front of the room, a lectern with the Confederation logo stands on a raised platform for presentations, with a trio of chairs located behind it. A large vidscreen is set into the wall, for projecting mission flight paths or other critical information. The side walls are decorated with the insignia of the squadrons operating off of the Majestic.

Marko enters from the rear hatch, swinging the door closed behind her. She's still in her flight suit and carrying her helmet, freshly back from a CAP. She offers a silent nod to Pickett and finds a seat quickly to avoid anymore disruption.

"You just missed the fun, Captain" Pickett says to the late arriving Markovic. "You just got thrust into the wonderful world of paperwork as squadron exec. See what happens when you show up late?" Pickett jokes. "On a slightly more serious note, I'd also like to welcome Captain Swallows, who will be assuming command of the 13th Bomber Squadron."

Clara gives a quiet round of applause as she now puts a face with the name Markovic, and the new promotion…"Congratulations, Captain…" She calls out over the room, before her own name is suddenly brought into the spotlight a bit. She gives the area a brief, firm nod…"Good to be aboard. I look forward to blowing the shit out of things with you all in the future."

As the Major announces the new XO's promotion to her, Kell continues to grin as he looks at Markovic to judge her reaction. The introduction of the new pilot though causes the young rookie to look at the new Captain and when her name is mentioned, a brief snicker escapes from Kell before he is able to clamp it down. For a second, there is an 'Oh Shit' expression on his face as he realizes that he let the amused reaction slip.

Aquilina turns his smirk onto Mark briefly, then the new Captain. Particularly as Pickett says her name, which makes the corner of his eye twitch. Probably in amusement, though it's hard to tell. He's not smiling. An upwards nod sent to Clara, along with a casual-looking salute.

Xiang's smile widens at Markovic. And she salutes the newly XO'd captain. Smartly. Somewhat in jest, somewhat not. Xiang does look quite pleased for Markovic. She lowers her arm to give Clara her full attention. Eyes ever-so-slightly widened again. Though that last remark by the bomber pilot earns an upward crook of her smile.

"Oh? Bully for me, da? Thank you, sir." Markovic blinks once, a good amount of surprise there. A smile slowly appears on her face and she offers a nod of appreciation to Clara. "Welcome aboard, Captain." That smile finally shows in full force and she looks back to Pickett.

"With that said. I'd also like to take a brief moment to say well done all on our operations in the Castor system." Pickett adds. "We saved quite a few innocent people from a pretty horrible situation back there. Hopefully we'll be able to do the same here in Troy"

Clara isn't oblivious to the mutual amusement in more than one pilot's eyes as her surname is brought up. The exact same song and dance routine every single assignment…Every single school in class… Etc. She smirks quietly, giving both Kell and Aquilina a levelled little glare of amusement before she looks back to Pickett. At least it's enough to convince her it's -definitely- time for a callsign change.

The young rookie actually looks slightly embarrassed for a second for having been caught but he flashes her a grin right back along with a respectful nod before welcoming her, "Glad to have you on board, Captain. Looking forward to escort you and your birds in this Sector." He certainly sounds sincere in his greeting and any traces of amusement have faded.

Aquilina does not look embarassed when he's caught. Not one damn bit. His nose makes a faint wrinkle and lips twitch in what might presumably pass for a smile from him. "So what do we call you out in flight, Cap?" Uh oh.
Xiang says nothing to the new captain, for her part, though she does observe the woman intently. A sidelong look, and faint arch of her brows, at non-embarassed Aquilina.

"Is it safe to assume we are retiring from Castor operationally, sir? At least for a good amount of time?" Markovic probably has a good reason to ask, the smile fading a bit. She's been busy lately in the map room. The woman seems oblivious to the funny with the last name. For now…

The question from Torch catches the middle 30s Captain off guard. Dammit… she should KNOW to always be prepared. Clara chuckles softly to herself, considering a few moments…"Dove… like the bird." Yeah. That makes sense. Even if there is just a bit of colour on her cheeks and…Nervousness? She doesn't sound exactly -comfortable- with that name.

Clara adds quickly…"And yourself, smart mouth?" To Alex, her eyes challenging… And respectful. Being ballsie is useful in their field.

Having decided to avoid the minefield and playing twenty questions with the new Captain, Kell can't help but grin when Torch steps up to the plate though as his attention refocuses on Clara. Her answer is slightly disappointing though but the rookie doesn't question it, only commenting, "Dove, huh… interesting callsign for a Kilrathi killer. But then again, we do have a Mouse in our squadron."

"Sure it's not Pigeon, sir? Because you look awfully full of shit." Alex's pale eyes look right back at her, similarly challenging as the corner of his lip pulls back in half a smirked grin. "Torch. And nice to meet you regardless….Dove."

"Charming, Alex," Xiang says very dryly, but not without a trace of amusement. A faint trace. Don't listen closely and you'll miss it. She doesn't pepper the new captain with any questions herself. None just yet, anyway.

Markovic's eyes settle on Alex and she just -looks- at him, unimpressed.

Clara looks over to Markovic…"Captain Markovic…back me up here! Is all of your squadron full of smart mouths? Thank god they're handsome, or they'd be useless…" She winks to the other woman, apparently the more stern, business part of the briefing is over. And then she does a slightly closer look at Jia…eyes narrowing…"If you don't look familiar, my dear…You got a little sister?"

Aquilina probably lives for that unimpressed look. Someone's got to do it. He snickers at Clara's reponse, giving a slight and approving nod. Oh yes, she'll do. "Dove and Mouse, you're right," he comments idly to Kell, then glances subtly Xiang's way as Clara turns questions on her.

Xiang's brows arch at Clara now, some puzzlement coming into her dark eyes. Which, after a moment's thought, turns to subdued spark of amusement. "Yes," she replies. "Though she's not terribly little anymore. Min just started her first year at university before I was assigned here. First Lieutenant Xiang Jia. Callsign's Verdict." The slightest extra emphasis is put on her rank. She's not /quite/ the baby of this squadron. Though she comes close to it. "Has it really been that long, Clara?" The woman's name is spoken with some familiarity.

"Oh trust me, Captain Swallows. Mister Aquilina and I will be having a few words after this about his behavior and its credit line." Marko doesn't look away from Alex, staring at him. The woman finally looks away and back towards the front, expression plainly unhappy.

"Cheerful" Pickett comments with a little chuckle as he listens to the conversation. "Do try and keep from scaring the new Captain off on the first day, hmm? Give it at least until day three or four?" he suggests. "And on that note… You're all dismissed"

Clara states off handedly to the unhappy looking Markovic. "Oh…you might be able to extend his limit a little bit. He's just making up for those little boy dimples he's got. Gotta be the tough guy…" She pats Markovic's shoulder genially as she passes by, but then she steps closer to Jia and just blinks, staring at the woman's face…"…Jia? Little Jumpin' Jia? Dear -god- you grew up. How in the hell are you, girl?" And she wraps the girl in a sudden, tight, elder sisterly little hug, practically picking her up out of her seat.

Aquilina makes a slight face at the dimples comment. Which, naturally, brings the dimples right out. He gives Pickett a saluting gesture and stands up, unable to keep from making a 'huh' face at the huggery. Daww.

Markovic doesn't visibly respond to the remark from Clara. She just continues looking unhappy. There's probably more than one reason for it, though. She rises from the chair and moves towards the front and Pickett. "Major. About that operation I mentioned to you a week or so back. You sent me to intel about it? Will we be returning to Castor in the foreseeable future or should I plan for Troy and the surrounding systems?" She clasps her hands behind her back as she speaks, her voice low.

"Oh, right" Pickett comments, pausing for a moment. "I'd plan on the operation being conducted in Troy. With the base in Castor liberated, there's really little there to hold our interest"

Xiang stands when she's dismissed, but she's still rather caught off-guard by the hugging. The typically reserved pilot takes it in stride, though, a bright grin coming to her face as she clasps Clara's shoulders warmly. "Little? I'm as tall as you now! Or nearly so." Clara has an inch or so on her. "How's your family? I rather lost touch with Mother's crowd back in Washington when I joined up." For which she doesn't sound precisely sorry. "I was wondering if I'd run into you out here. I knew you were still in the Space Force, but.." Markovic and Pickett are left to their leaderly matters.

Markovic nods to the new WinCo. "Copy that, sir. I will make the adjustments and inform the related parties. And sir.." She ventures a hint of a smile, barely peeking out behind the now only mildly unhappy expression. "Thank you, sir." She offers a light salute to him, moving for the door if he has nothing more for her.

Pickett offers a salute in return, though his version is more of a vague wave to his eyebrow than much of anything. Either way, he doesn't seem to be doing an awful lot to put a stop to Markovic's departure.

Clara laughs warmly still, reaching up and, in the most annoying old-auntie way, she ruffles Jia's hair and then smooths it back behind her ear. "Just got the transfer…they've been stumped with what to do with me since Vega. I guess this is their idea of a promotion…" She seems happy about it though, squeezing the young pilot's shoulder one last time before letting go. "…Saw the senator…" Not even 'my father'…"Last month on leave. He's..the same old. I don't think they age in Washington. They just get more conservative." She mutters, before turning back to the room…"But we'll catch up later."

The happy reunion's left in peace, Alex having gathered his things and started heading off to the hatch. Wherever it is pilots go. It involves either alcohol or the simulators, or possibly both.

Xiang smirks a bit, reaching up to smooth her ruffled dark hair. Seeing it ruffled is a rare thing. A nod in understanding to Clara's comment about the senator. "Mother's much the same. Oh, June will get a kick when I write him. I'll have to tell him you're here. He's doing well. He's done with his residency now. He's in the Navy, actually, posted to the TCS Suffolk." A nod about catching up later. "Quite. When I saw you I planned on catching you after all this. Have I changed that much?" She actually sounds a little hopeful that she may have. Aquilina's exit is missed.

Pickett glances around for a moment, before he takes his turn at slipping quietly along for the door. After all, as much as he'd like to stay for the festivities, he's got important things to take care of… like decorating his office.

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