Post Stupidinum Morte
Post Stupidinum Morte
Summary: Kanani and Paz shoot the breeze about many, many things in FAL after the failed pirate ambush.
Date: 2658.106
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First and Last
119CE System, Humboldt Quadrant — 2217 Hours 2658.106
Though a single space, the ship's lounge is divided into three sections by a pair of heavily tinted glass panes, painted with the logos of the six squadrons which serve aboard the Majestic. Blue carpeting runs through all three, and the only entrance and exit is located through the center section.

The center space sports a scattering of metal tables and matching chairs, all bare silver to contrast with blue carpet. A small bar is located along the aft bulkhead, with a wide selection of beverages located in the cabinets behind and a few bar stools set in front. Flanking the bar are a pair of large vidscreens, to keep the crew up to date on the latest in news or entertainment.

The side rooms are configured identically, each with a small vidscreen mounted above a shelf that runs along the bulkhead, giving occupants a place to rest drinks or possessions The room to port has been set up with a pool table, while the room to starboard sports a pair of poker tables.

Paz finally is able to make it to FAL after filling out her post-flight reports and going through an agonizing debriefing as to why it took three torpedoes to splash one Drayman. She was kind and refrained from telling the Intel officer 'Because someone in the 'muni crew fucked up', but it was thirsty work.

Kanani crawls (not literally, of course) into the FAL after filling out all the post-flight stuff that's usually required to muck around with, along with an animated discussion with her tech crew about weather or not the missile launching system of her Stiletto is properly arming the heat seekers when it launches them. She heads right over to the bar, and grabs herself a mug, and takes a long swallow from the mug, before turning to Paz and commenting. "That was quite the day, wasn't it?"

"Huh, that was …something," Paz replies with a half shrug and a long sip of beer. "I dunno what it was, really, but it was…something."

Kanani smirks some and chuckles. "Yeah. Whatever it was, it was crazy. Though… I'd have really liked to seen the looks on all of their faces, when their little ambush got ambushed." She states with a nasty snicker, and shrugs. "But other than that… Is it just me, or are some of our missiles and things not working properly?"

"Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph." Paz chuckles, sipping at her beer again. "I just spent the last twenty minutes going over that very thing with the Intel pukes." she groans theatrically. "And, yeah, I think we're having some issues, but not sure if its the missiles themselves or the muni' crews not getting the job done."

Kanani chuckles some more at Paz's response to the question. "Heh, I just got finished talking with my tech crew, trying to see if there was something wrong with the systems that arm the missiles when it launches them. Cause that second missile I shot, hit that Orion real nice, but didn't go boom, like it should have." She gives a bit of a shrug and takes another drink of her beer. "Figured it'd be a good idea just to make sure it wasn't the fighter that was causing that problem, anyways. At least I brought the fighter back in perfect condition this time, so they weren't in such a bad mood for once." She finishes with a slight grin.

Paz bobs her head a little. "What did they think?" Paz asks, waggling her eyebrows as if she more or less already knows the answer, but wants to hear it anyway. "Jeez, Tsunami, those poor turds out there didn't have a frickin' clue what they were doing." she sighs. "That wasn't combat, that was ….I dunno. More akin to clubbing baby seals or something."

Kanani snickers and gives a bit of a shrug. "Well, after looking at me like I didn't have a clue what I was talking about, they said it -might- be possible, and they'd check into it." She hmms thoughtfully, and grins. "I'm not quite sure weather that's their way of saying, 'We know how to do our job. Shaddup and get outta our way.' or not. Time will tell. And to be honest, I sorta doubt it's the problem myself, but just wanted to be sure of it."

Paz snerks. "I'll give ya three guesses and the first two don't count." Paz teases, stretching a little. "Though I'm sure they will look into it. They just won't admit it unless they find a serious problem." she muses, sipping at her beer. "They hate to admit us poor, nontechnical pilots actually know a few things about the ships we fly."

Kanani giggles and nods in agreement. "Yeah, but then again, if they were giving advice about flying, we'd probably react in a similar manner." She states with a smirk. "And I'm less interested in them admitting I might be right, than I am in that little problem coming up again. I think it's like the second time, that the second missile I've launched at a ship, has pretty much done nothing." She pauses for a moment and shrugs and gives another chuckle. "Not counting clean misses of course, that is."

"True enough." Paz nods, sipping at her beer again. "I dunno, sometimes shit just happens." she shrugs. "I've had plenty of missiles go wrong on me when I could've sworn I had the bastards dead to rights. It's just one of those things, ya know?"

"Good point. Chances are it's less a tech problem for me, than just bad luck. " Kanani states and takes another drink from her mug. "But those torps… Man, that can't just be bad luck, I wouldn't think. Totally crazy how they couldn't just rip through that Drayman on just the first shot."

"That's got me wondering, too." Paz nods. "Does seem a mite on the strange side, considering how much damage the one that worked did." she says. "Somebody didn't set something right."

Kanani nods a few times, and hmms thoughtfully. "Yeah. Though I guess there's more safety measures to get a torp armed, than say a heat seeker. Which means that there's more things for people to forget to set, when loading them onto the 'swords, which could be the problem. Assuming they weren't really loaded with confetti to begin with." She finishes with a smirk.

Paz snorts. "I somehow doubt that one." Paz replies, taking another pull from her beer. "We would've seen the sparklies if that was the case." she giggles. "That would be funny though….Would definitely freak out the enemy."

Kanani giggles a bit. "It would certainly make for an interesting report to give afterward, wouldn't it?" She takes another sip from her mug and shrugs. "Would probably have confused them a lot more than they already were, I bet."

"You think they could've gotten more confused?" Paz asks, cocking her head and peering at Kanani as if she suspected the other woman were running a fever. "After that half-assed ambush they tried to pull?" she adds. "Pfft! Fucking rank amateurs. I will be so glad to get clear of these losers. I didn't sign up to kill my own people, even if they are pirates."

"Who knows? Maybe they'd have gotten so confused they'd have started firing on each other." Kanani states with a slight grin. "They were amateurish enough that it wouldn't surprise me any, at least." She gives a bit of a shrug, and then nods in agreement with Paz's last statement. "Yeah, I think I've got to agree with that, at least somewhat, anyways. If I never hear from another pirate or Retro again, I'll be a pretty happy little pilot, I think."

"Amen to that, sister." Paz replies, hoisting her beer mug and clicking it lightly against Kanani's. "Be good to get back into a fight with real opponents for a change." she says. "Got lots of Fuzzy Wuzzies left to kill."

Kanani grins and takes a big drink from her mug, after clinking it against Paz's. "Yeah, I've got to admit to being curious about how well I'll do against real pilots." She states with a nod. "Though I suppose I've been lucky given that I've been able to start out flying combat against mostly pilots who weren't all that great."

"Heh, the Kilrathi would eat those idiots tonight for breakfast." Paz says firmly. "You go up against the Kittens, you better have your shit in one suitcase."

"True, true. Don't think that I'm overlooking that fact." Kanani says with a chuckle and a wink. "I know that it'll be a lot harder fighting the Cats, but at least I was able to get some of the old combat jitters taken care of with these clowns."

"Yeah, that's a good point." Paz nods, then snickers. "Us veterans hadda go out there swinging from day one, of course." she teases, striking a mock superior / heroic pose. "We learned the hard way." she adds, then busts out laughing softly.

Kanani snickers and grins some. "And did you have to fly uphill to the carrier, both ways?" She questions, trying to keep a straight face, which proves impossible, as she starts to snicker.

"That's right." Paz giggles. "In the snow, even. With no spacesuit on."

Kanani giggles more, and shakes her head slightly. "That sounds really harsh. I'm glad that I joined Confed after they started giving us perks like fighters and spacesuits. And got rid of the snow, too. Just can't stand snow that much." Kanani states with a grin.

Paz chuckles throatily. "Yeah, we finally convinced 'em to clean up their act." she nods. "Bribery's good for that, I find." she winks as she polishes off the rest of her beer. "I shouldn't do this." she says, signaling the barkeep for a refill. "But damn if that first one didn't taste so good, it warrants a repeat."

Kanani grins and nods as she sips from her mug. "Don't worry, I won't tell." She replies with a grin. "And yeah, I suppose that bribery has to be good for something, after all."

Paz nods repeatedly. "Comes in all manner of handy in many situations, I've found." she grins. "And thanks, I don't have the CAP until after noon, but Pip's being kind of particular what with us about to transit to a new combat zone."

Kanani chuckles nodding herself. "Yeah, I suppose that's understandable, really. Once we get there, there's now telling when we could get attacked or need to make a strike." She pauses and gives a bit of a grimace. "And all the stuff that can help with hangovers or being drunk, are like totally awful to actually have to take. I bet they make them like that on purpose."

"Heh, yeah….they're not the most fun things in the world to take." Paz sighs, "Trick's to take 'em early enough so you can spend a few minutes in the head getting yourself righted." she blushes, wincing a little. "It's not pleasant, but it works."

Kanani snickers softly. "I'm guessing you're speaking from experience, hmm?" She asks with a slight grin. "Can't say I've had to much experience with any of them, other than hangover medication a few times in the Academy."

"Eh, sort of." Paz demurs, sipping at her pint gingerly. "Some of knowledge is first hand, some of it's anecdotal." she lies shamelessly.

Kanani giggles and nods some. "Ah, I see. Anecdotal experience is the best sort, for some things at least. Since that way you don't have to go through all the misery." She comments, nodding a few more times.

Paz snickers. "Depends on who's telling the anecdote." Paz quips. "Some of 'em can be fucking _painful_." she grins. "Like listening to your Uncle get drunk and talk about how the Scoutmaster rubbed his butt at the Jamboree for the fifty sixth time."

Kanani smirks and gives a nod towards Paz. "True. I hadn't thought of anything like that. Of course… I was trying not to, so that might be why." She states with a grin.

"Haha!" Paz laughs, nodding her head. "Guess that was kind of over the line, wasn't it?" she giggles. "Could've been worse, I guess." she giggles fitfully. "He could've woke up in Uncle Touchie's Naked Puzzle Basement."

Kanani smirks and just shakes her head, and finishes off her mug of beer. "I guess that's true. Though I must say that I'm glad that for the most part my family isn't crazy like that… Or at least not any of the family that I know of." She states with a giggle.

Paz awws and pouts a little as she sips at her beer. "I thought that was a good line." she sniffs playfully. "Been cooking that one for a couple of days now." she chuckles. "And for the record, I didn't have an uncle that had that happen. Friend of mine did."

Kanani giggles and nods some. "Ooh, so that was one of the anecdotal examples, huh?" She nods thoughtfully, and snickers. "Still seems like an odd thing to go around telling people. No matter how drunk they are."

"Some people are born whiners." Paz sighs, shrugging a little. "Or they want attention."

"Yeah, I suppose so." Kanani states, shrugging herself. "It's just annoying that some of them don't care much about what they complain about. And a lot of it tends to make people uncomfortable." She finishes with a chuckle.

"Hhehe…I'm not making you _uncomfortable_ am I, Tsunami?" Paz asks, suddenly lunging at the other woman as if to kiss her.

"Why would you be doing th- Ack!" Kanani is cut off in her remark, by the lunge, and she bumps into the bar, as she tries to dodge out of the way in surprise.

"Ha! Gotcha!" Paz grins, giggling fitfully. "Hehe…you should've seen the look on your face!" she hoots, slapping the bar with her hand. "OMG! Paz is gay?" she giggles. "Don't want! Don't want!"

Kanani smirks and gives a bit of a chuckle, as she sits back down. "I'm sure it was quite the sight, really. And that is so something I can agree with." She states with a snicker, and shakes her head. "I'd of hated to have to hit you if you really had kissed me, you know… Especially since I'd probably just prove how pathetic I am in ground type fighting." She finishes and grins some.

"Ha! That would've been unfortunate." Paz nods. "Cause then I would've proved just how horrible i am at taking a punch." she giggles

"Only if I had actually hit you, and didn't spin myself around and trip and fall." Kanani chuckles, and gives a shrug. "But at least we shall never have to find out the answer to that situation."

"For the best, really." Paz replies, nodding sagely as she drinks at her beer. "The alternative could've been disastrous to our careers."

"Indeed it is." Kanani nods some more, and snickers. "Also a good thing that I didn't throw myself into the bar any harder. Would have been a bit embarrassing to have gotten hurt like that."

Paz laughs and nods. "Probably would've been all over the ship by change of watch." she giggles, shaking her head a little. "Would be a hot one for the flight surgeon. 'How'd you break your ribs?' 'Fuckin' Tizona tried to kiss me!'"

Kanani giggles some and nods a bunch. "Yeah, and embarrassing as it'd be, I can't help but find it sorta amusing at the same time. I can only imagine how that would go down on board the ship."

"Well, this is a modern military outfit." Paz muses. "Aw, hell, what's the name of that one deck bunny?" she asks, frowning thoughtfully. "Damn…. French girl….name's right on the tip of my tongue…hehe…so to speak."

Kanani snickers and hmms thoughtfully. "Huh, not sure if I've ran into anyone like that, to be honest. Yet at least."

"Mercier! That was her name!" Paz says, slapping the bar as the name returns to her. "Totally down with the alternative lifestyle." she chuckles. "Shame, too, she's a nice kid."

Kanani chuckles some, and shrugs. "Ah, I see. Personally, I don't care to much about how other people want to live their lives." She pauses and chuckles. "So long as they don't hit on me, at least, anyways." She states with a smirk.

"Eh, got too much Catholic in me for that kinda mess." Paz sighs, then chuckles fitfully. "Although…." she grins and winks. "Apparently, back in the day, the priests didn't."

Kanani grins some, and nods. "Yeah, so I've always heard. Then again, with some things, it doesn't matter how long ago it was when it all happened, cause people'll still occasionally make jokes of that sort."

"Yeah, like me." Paz nods, polishing off her beer. "'Cause I'm mean like that sometimes." she smirks. "Anyhow, I hate to say it, Tsunami, but my butt's about dragging my tracks out." she yawns. "You take care, okay? Don't stay up here too long."

Kanani chuckles and nods some. "Hey, you sleep well Tizona. And don't worry, I'm about to head to bed myself, I think. So I won't be up here much longer either." She grins slightly and nods some.

"You too, Kanani." Paz replies, slipping off her bar stool and stretching mightily. "Damn good work out there." she grins. "Anyhow, there's an exceptionally trashy and violent novel waiting for me in the Powderkeg." she yawns. "Take care. See you next CAP, or thereabouts."

Kanani grins and nods some, as she gets up out of her seat. "Thanks, and good work yourself, too! And have fun with that novel." She states with another grin. "See you later!"

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