What To Expect

Here you will find the policies listed on the game's news files. It is listed ultimately as only a back-up for the game. Current policy held by the game will be contained on the game proper. At no time should this page be cited for specific reference to policy violations without double-checking the provided files on the game server.


While there's nothing quite so absurd as a formal rating system for MU*s, this is not a game intended for children. We do not pretend otherwise. Graphic Violence, Language, and Sexuality may all be present. In short: There's a war on. People love and hate, live and die, and it's not always pretty.


1) We're all here to have fun. Players and Staff alike.

2) This is a game for adults (18+). Please act like one.

3) Don't be an ass OOCly. If you do, you'll be asked to stop. If you continue you'll be shown the door.

4) Your IC actions may have IC consequences. Deal with them.

5) Respect the items under '+news policy'. There aren't many.

Feel free to speak with any visible staff member about issues you may have, or e-mail the head honcho at moc.rotcesinimeg|namssob#moc.rotcesinimeg|namssob


Players on Wing Commander: Gemini Sector are allowed a total of two characters, with the following restrictions:

The characters may not be in the same branch of service

The characters may not participate in the same scene, share information, or otherwise interact.

Only one character may occupy a leadership position (Marine platoon leader or higher, Space Force squadron commander or higher, Navy department head or higher).

You must register your alternate characters with the alts system. See +help +alts for details


Wing Commander: Gemini Sector is in no way associated with Origin Systems or Electronic Arts. The Wing Commander universe (including images, locations, names, etc) belongs to its designated copyright holders. We're just devoted fans having some fun together in a setting we enjoy. Please don't sue us!


Wing Commander: Gemini Sector maintains a non-consent policy for all staff-run scenes. Your character's actions may lead to injury, death, or other unpleasantness.

This is not to say that staff are going to go out of their way to kill off characters, merely that injury and death will be maintained as an appropriate dramatic element of a wartime setting.

Note that this does not apply for player-run scenes, which operate under the policies outlined in +news PRP.


Players on Wing Commander: Gemini Sector are free to run plots for other players, without requiring prior consent from the administration. The following rules do apply, in order to keep things sane.

1) Death/Permanant Injury is by player consent only for PRPs.

2) Do not destroy the Majestic or render it inoperable. Other capital ships are fair game. Do not kill NPCs listed on the 'who's who' pages without prior consent from staff. Other NPCs (including enemy aces) are fair game.

3) Please submit logs of your PRPs to moc.rotcesinimeg|sgol#moc.rotcesinimeg|sgol. This allows staff to keep track of changes which may occur in the game universe due to your actions.

4) Staff reserve the right to modify the 'official' outcomes of player-run plots in order to prevent conflicts or thematic inconsistency (ie, two seperate flights shooting down the same ace). In all cases where practical, this will simply be considered an effect of the 'fog of war'. Events will only be nullified in the event of extreme thematic inconsistency (Sorry, that mission flying with Gandalf against Robot Hitler's legion of demons is out).

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