Local Terra In The Area

New Detroit - New Detroit is the industrial heart of the Gemini sector. Predating most of Gemini's refining stations, the industries on New Detroit have been expanding for the better part of two decades and show few signs of slowing. What started out as isolated urban centers on the planet's surface have by now expanded to cover a solid three-quarters of the planet. The planet's incredible manufacturing output does have a cost, however: The atmosphere is heavily laden with pollutants, enveloping it in a perpetual smoggy haze.

New Constantinople - New Constantinople is Gemini Sector's center for three things: Government, Commerce, and Corruption. A massive space station that has served as the sector capital since its construction, New Constantinople made a natural home for legitimate and illegitimate businessmen alike. Following the loss of Perry, New Constantinople found itself the rallying point for Confederation forces, and a major battle was fought just outside the station. With the front lines so close to the station, Government functions have temporarily been withdrawn to Oxford, and the Confederation Navy presence aboard has substantially increased.

Oxford - One of the first planets terraformed in Gemini Sector, Oxford has become the seat of research and learning in Gemini. Home to several prestigious research universities, the planet has been designed to appear deceptively low-technology, with simple brick and wood buildings containing some of the Confederation's most advanced research equipment. Following the loss of Clarke and Fariss quadrants, the government of Gemini Sector has temporarily relocated here.

Perry - Perry Naval Resupply Station was the lone Confederation Navy installation in Gemini. More a supply depot for the 12th Fleet's vessels than a defensive post, the station was poorly equipped for a direct encounter with the enemy. Still, the tenacity and skill of its defenders allowed the station to hold for nearly a month before it was destroyed, buying critical time for Confederation reinforcements to arrive. Due to its central location in the sector, reestablishment of a presence here is a priority for the Confed leadership… with plans already being drawn up for the construction of a Farragut-class space staiton in the system once it is reclaimed.

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