James Purefoy
Major Thomas Pickett
Name: Thomas Pickett
Rank: Major
Callsign: Archangel
Age: 30
Nationality: Unknown
Branch: TCSF
Department: Command Staff
Position: Wing Commander
Marital Status: Engaged
Homeworld: Alpha Centauri
Actor: James Purefoy


Service Record

2627 - Born on Alpha Centauri
2645 - Enrolls in Terran Confederation Service Academy
2649 - Graduates 2203rd of 2203
2651 - Promotion to 1st Lt
2653 - Promotion to Captain
2654 - Shot down, presumed dead
2655 - Escapes Kilrathi Prison camp
2656 - Returned to active duty after debrief and psych eval
2657 - Promotion to Major, Command of 221st Fighter Squadron

Prior Deployments

TCS Kyoto
TCN Headquarters
TCS Majestic


Silver Star - For extraordinary valor in the face of overwhelming opposition, on or about 2656.321. MAJ Pickett's aggressive leadership of his squadron during action at New Constantinople caused considerable disruption to Kilrathi fighter forces, contributing greatly to the eventual Confederation Victory.

Bronze Star - For expectional bravery in combat against the Kilrathi enemy on or about 2655.233. CAPT Pickett's courageous leadership and valorous conduct enabled the escape of ten Confederation prisoners from a Kilrathi prison camp, saving the individuals from certain death.

Bronze Star - For exceptional bravery in combat against the Kilrathi enemy, on or about 2654.004. CAPT Pickett courageously engaged a vastly superior enemy force in order to allow the escape of his wingmages. Though ultimately defeated in the engagement, the diversion allowed for the escape of the remainder of his flight element.

Golder Sun - For bravely sacrificing his craft in pursuit of mission objectives, on or about 2654.004. CAPT Pickett's selfless devition to duty reflects credit on himself and the Terran Confederation.

Ace of Aces Award - For successfully downing 25 enemy fighter craft in combat, 1LT Pickett is hereby authorized to wear this device as of 2652.337

100 Mission Award - For successful completion of 100 combat missions against the Kilrathi enemy, MAJ Pickett is hereby authorized to wear this device as of 2657.183


For unauthorized usage of a Terran Confederation craft, improper use of lawful authority, and insubordination, MAJ Pickett is hereby confined to the brig on 2657.305

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