Second Lieutenant Phillip Bradford
Name: Phillip Bradford
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Callsign: Iceblade
Age: 26
Nationality: South Eastern American (US)
Branch: TCSF
Department: 1087th Fighter Squadron
Position: Wingman, never the Wing Leader
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Mars
Actor: {$actor}



Second Lieutenant Phillip Bradford was born on August 23, 2631, as the youngest son of Paul and Olivia. He had two older brothers Chris and Michael and grew up close to extended family on the outskirts of the city of New Alabama on the planet Mars. All three brothers struggled academically from an early age, but all three overcome their weaknesses and excelled later in their secondary education. All three eventually attended the hundred-year-old University of New Alabama. The Kilrathi threat, however, pressed on their minds and soon both Chris and Michael joined the Confed Miltary the same year Phillip started university in the field of Chemistry. Eldest Chris joined the TCSF while Michael joined the TCN.

Phillip, unlike his older brothers, had more interest in research than fighting. He wasn't particularly outgoing at university preferring to spend most of his time towards academic studies. As such, many of his friends and classmates would come to him for assistance in understanding difficult material especially in Chemistry and Physics.

Four years into his college education and one year from completing his degree, tragedy struck as news came in that Michael was killed in action serving aboard the Exeter class destroyer TCS York when it was ambushed by two wings of Gartha fighters and two wings of Dralthi. When help finally arrived, only two scimitars remained and no escape pods were detected.

The news hit the family hard and Phillip became very reversed. Several weeks passed with Phillip remaining very cold. One day however, Phillip broke down while walking through town, and in a fit of rage, killed a stray cat in an alley. When he came home later that day, the fog that had plagued his mind had cleared and a new focus now drove Phillip on. The next morning against the wishes of his family, friends, and teachers, he decided to join the Confed military as a space fighter pilot. The most drastic change, however, was in his demeanor. Instead of cold or moody, he would often appear cheerful; yet to the careful observer, his mood was almost always anything but happy. In fact, his actual feelings and thoughts were often well concealed, making him very hard to read.

Over the next few years, Phillip fast-tracked to get into the Academy. By age 25 (May 2657), he had graduated with a perfect GPA, the highest marks by all of his teachers and much praise by his peers. During his education, he learned the specs and capabilities of every fighter currently used by Confed and was often found in the simulator practicing different maneuvers on various fighter craft. Though not a natural flyer, he quickly became one of the better pilots in his graduating class. In addition, Phillip was a very by-the-book cadet never incurring a single demerit and often coming off as being too good for some of the fellow cadets.

After graduation, he initially served aboard the Exeter class destroyer TCS Kansas flying Hornet light fighters as part of the 2032th Fighter Squadron (The Drones) and patroling the various systems of Gemini Sector for pirates and the occasional Kilrathi raiding force. Early Spring 2658, the TCS Kansas was sent to reinforce Confed forces with the Kilrathi threat to Gemini sector. In route, Phillip was transferred to the 1087th Fighter Squadron on the TCS Majestic, eager for action against primary Kilrathi forces.

Prior Deployments

Terran Confederation Space Forces Academy and Flight School, Mars, Sol Sector
2032th Fighter Squadron (The Drones) on the Exeter Destroyer TCS Kansas


Academy Graduation Service Ribbon
Flight Training Graduation Service Ribbon
Hornet Fighter Qualification Ribbon
Scimitar Fighter Qualification Ribbon
Rapier 2 Fighter Qualification Ribbon
5 Mission Service Ribbon
Ace Performance Service Ribbon
Purple Heart for actions on or about 2658.135
Presidential Unit Citation for Battle of Junction
Purple Heart for actions on or about 2658.142
Junction Campaign Ribbon


None reported on record.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

All academic and flight instructors gave top marks and high recommendations for this officer.
Commander Freedman (Captain of the TCS Kansas) and Captain Dole (2032th FS CO) gave the highest recommendations for this officer, allowing him to choice his next deployment within reason.

Other IC Info

This pilot is well-studied and a quick learner, able to absorb and retain many facts and specs about numerous Confed Fighter craft. He doesn't show his emotions often and appears to be in perpetually good spirits. He tends to get along well with most people; however, he is not the most socialable and is often found studying fighters specs and maneuvers or practicing in the simulator.

He has spent so much time in the simulator that he can be checked out on various Confed fighter craft including specifically the Raptor, the Stiletto, the Talon, the Rapier 1B, the Ferret, the Hellcat V, and the Corsair.


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