Michelle Rodriguez
First Lieutenant Paz Garca Ramirez
Name: Paz Garca Ramirez
Rank: First Lieutenant
Callsign: Tizona
Age: 22
Nationality: Spanish
Branch: Terran Confederation Space Forces
Department: 1087th Fighter Wing "Minutemen"
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Saul's Freehold, New Illyricum Archipelago, Erewhon, Gemini Sector
Actor: Michelle Rodriguez



1st Lieutenant Marguerite Paz Garcia-Lopez was born on 12/AUG/2535 as the youngest daughter of Saul and Concha. Her particular branch of the larger Garcia family consists mostly of colonists who left Terra from in and around the central plateau of Spain, most notably, the city of Burgos. These Garcias successfully claimed about 15 percent of the southwest arm of the New Illyricum Archipelago on Erewhon in the Shangri-la system. It was on her own family's land, claimed by her great grandfather Saul, that her father had set up a private fueling and light repair yard to service small private and corporate commercial space craft. It is believed by some authorities that Saul's Freehold is also host to more than a few gray legal transactions, but insufficient evidence exists to warrant a formal investigation.

The New Illyricum Archipelago may be one of the more beautiful locations on Erewhon, but its remote location, some six thousand nautical miles from the planet's capital and largest city, and the clannish nature of its inhabitants have kept it off the itineraries of most tourists. Life on Saul's Freehold was if not precisely tough, at least far from easy. Operating a private fueling and repair station translates to a more or less twenty four hour workday, ships come and go according to their owner's schedules, and a good station owner never turns away the opportunity to turn a buck. The war, before the invasion of the Gemini Sector, may have seemed remote and almost unreal to New Illyricum inhabitants, but strict rationing and high taxes have forced the population to adopt very crafty and thrifty means to get by.

First playing around, then, at about age ten, actively working in her father's business with her three siblings,introduced Paz to space craft and fed her desire to learn to become a pilot. Also, her exposure to mechanical and technical work provoked a deep interest in the field. But it was her dream of flying that her father, determined that at least one of his children would be able to go on to a better life, fully encouraged. Upon entering high school, she was signed into the tiny little community's JROTC program at her father's insistence. Paz performed well enough in school, proving herself particularly adept at mathematics and ancient history, and also became one of the school's star basketball players. Her more raucous, party girl ways, though, did lead to more than one run in with the authorities.

Upon graduation, Paz began to take classes via computer study at the University of Erewhon, otherwise known as 'Nowhere U' and used her contacts within the local aviation community to cadge rides to campus for ROTC events. After switching her major no less than six times, she finally settled upon Ancient History and received her Bachelor's of Science with a final GPA of 3.2. After that, it was straight to the Academy of the Terran Confederation Space Forces for Basic and Officer's Candidate Schools, where her rebellious, playful, often sardonic and generally 'party hearty' reputation was met with considerably less enthusiasm than in high school. In fact, Paz spent her second Christmas at the Academy in the Brig after a practical joke on one of her instructors resulted in a fire that caused several thousand dollar's worth of damage. Thankfully, said instructor owed Paz a considerable sum of money as a result of a sports gambling debt and convinced the Academy it had been an accident in return for having this debt forgiven.

Graduating in the solid middle of her class, Paz's dream came true when her natural aptitude for flying was discovered. It was here, in Basic and later Advanced, then Fighter Weapons schools, that bored, disinterested Paz reigned in the worst of her natural inclinations and went on to graduate each score within the top eight percentile of each of the three courses. She was very nearly activated upon graduation and had actually received orders to report to the TCS Tiger's Claw, but a last minute reshuffling of forces scuttled the notion, and Paz was dropped into the reserves and the 1087th Fighter Squadron, “The Minutemen”, which was operating nearest to her home world.

A small reserve squadron tucked into the corner of a remote and dilapidated space port in the back of beyond, the Minutemen had been sucking the Confed's hind teat for at least ten years before the Kilraithi War began. After nearly stealing a march on glory, the Minutemen, with their antiquated Scimitar fighters, aging ground crew and generally appalling operating conditions, could have been a soul- crushing disappointment, And it might, had it not been for the Squadron's newly-frocked CO, Captain Bartolomeo “Jolly” Ricci.

Bartolomeo Ricci transferred into the 1087th by default when his career as a hydrodynamicist with the Beck Mining Consortia popped him and his wife Maria on the right world at the right time. Alone among the 1087th's personnel, Jolly knew that the odds of the war spilling into the Gemini Sector were, at best, above average, and if it did, the 1087th were going to be going head to head with the most dangerous and implacable enemy the human race had ever encountered.

So, in the true form of a natural leader, he began to hone his scraggly squadron into a fighting unit. He did this not with the usual screaming, hollering and authoritarian posturing, but with a ready laugh and an 'open door' policy. Soon, the Minutemen became he and his wife's surrogate children, frequent guests in their home, Maria clucking over every detail of their personal lives like a mother hen while feeding them good Italian food until it squirted out of their ears. Jolly discovered he had a knack for end-running the bureaucracy, and began to acquire sufficient resources to begin to build a true fighter squadron. They may have only been given aging Scimitars, but thanks to Jolly, they quickly became exquisitely maintained fighters. Through a heartfelt love and commitment to making the Minutemen the best they could be, Jolly not only forged an effective combat unit, but a family.

Through a series of punishing, exhausting flight drills, Paz began to learn how to turn the clunky Scimitar's disadvantages to her favor. With Jolly encouraging her development as an increasingly aggressive pilot and Maria trying to tame the worst of her excesses, Paz, for the first time, found herself. The hard-drinking, jocular, basketball and surfing crazy rebel began to grow up, if only a little.

On the day that the 1087th shipped out to join the TCS Majestic, Jolly called the squadron together thirty minutes before wheels-up. In a simple ceremony of breaking Maria's good, fresh, Italian bread and eating it with spiced olive oil, he asked each member to choose their call sign. When her turn came, Paz recalled the stories she had learned at her parents' knee from back in Burgos on old Terra, about the legendary broadsword wielded by Spain's greatest national hero against another implacable enemy. Tizona…..

Prior Deployments

Terran Confederation Space Forces Academy, Earth, Sol Sector
Basic Flight School, Luna Base, Sol Sector
Advanced Fighter Weapons School, Edwards Field, Oxford, Gemini Sector
1087th "Minutemen" reserve fighter wing, Edwards Field, Oxford, Gemini Sector
1087th "Minutemen", TCS Majestic as part of CV-22, Gemini Sector


Purple Heart with cluster
Gemini Sector Campaign Ribbon
Ace Performance Service Ribbon
Academy Graduation Service Ribbon
Flight Training Graduation Service Ribbon
Scimitar Fighter Qualification Ribbon


"Borrowed" a spacecraft with out permission
Drunk and Disorderly
Destruction of Property

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

Paz is equal parts brilliant pilot and social disaster. She has problems with the chain of command when she feels that she knows what's best. And damn-it all if she isn't usually right. She also has a penchant for drinking too much and flying on anti-inebriation medication. For all her faults she is a wonderfully gifted pilot that any CO would be proud to have in their company when the fur hits the fan.

Other IC Info

A known practical joker, especially when in a barroom setting. Fiercely loyal to her friends and comrades.


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