Of Diplomacy, Language and Underpants
Log Title
Summary: Kanani, Paz, Weiss and Veritas discuss many, many things in FAL
Date: 2658.10
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First and Last Deck 7
119CE System, Humboldt Quadrant — 2350 Hours 2658.101

Though a single space, the ship's lounge is divided into three sections by a pair of heavily tinted glass panes, painted with the logos of the six squadrons which serve aboard the Majestic. Blue carpeting runs through all three, and the only entrance and exit is located through the center section.
The center space sports a scattering of metal tables and matching chairs, all bare silver to contrast with blue carpet. A small bar is located along the aft bulkhead, with a wide selection of beverages located in the cabinets behind and a few barstools set in front. Flanking the bar are a pair of large vidscreens, to keep the crew up to date on the latest in news or entertainment.
The side rooms are configured identically, each with a small vidscreen mounted above a shelf that runs along the bulkhead, giving occupants a place to rest drinks or posessions. The room to port has been set up with a pool table, while the room to starboard sports a pair of poker tables.

Paz is sitting at one of the tables, humming to herself idly as she thumbs through a tablet full of loose papers and nursing a beer. "Okay… this doesn't look half bad."

Kanani wanders into the FAL, and heads to the bar, getting herself a beer, before she looks around to see who's doing what. Noticing Paz, and the paperwork, she gives a bit of a chuckle and heads over towards the table, and says. "Hey there, Tizona. Whatcha up to?"

Veritas enters the bar himself, looking a little disappointed the pool has been cleaned up, he heads toward the bar to get something to drink.

"Hm?" Paz asks, looking up and peering at Kanani for moment as if not know who she was, or where she is. "Oh..oh…hey, Tsunami." she replies at length, blushing faintly. "Just some stuff I'm working on for the rooks." she says. "Putting together a kind of…I dunno what you'd call it. 'Advanced Aerospace Combat Primmer'? Something like it, anyhow. Pip wants me to help get the rooks ready for what we'll be facing in the combat zone."

Kanani snickers slightly at the initial confused look that Paz gives her, then nods some as she receives the answer. "Aah, I see. So how's that all working out for you?" She asks as she pulls out a chair for herself and sits down.

Veritas collects not one drink but three, then heads over to the other two pilots, putting them down in front of them, "Home work?"

"Eh, actually, I think I've got it figured out." Paz replies, passing the tablet to Kanani and motioning her to pass it to Veritas when she's done. "Ooh! Free beer!" she grins in delight. "I always knew there was a reason I liked you, Veri." she smirks playfully. "Thanks muchly." she adds, polishing off the finger's width of beer remaining in Beer Torpedo #1 before starting in on Torp #2.

"Hmm, interesti… Oooh, free beer!" Kanani is interrupted by free drinks, and she turns towards Veri. "Hey, thanks!" She states with a grin, taking a swig from the mug, and handing the tablet over towards him so that he can check out the contents as well.

Veritas looks over the tablet as he collects it taking a good swig of his beer.

Essentially, what Paz has attempted to do is put down the gist of everything she's learned about serious Aerospace Combat Maneuvering into about fifteen handwritten pages, with some rather childish, but surprisingly clear, illustrations about how a Scimitar actually handles in combat. Notes on how a combat novice can keep his head out of the 'office', the amount of thrust they'll get when they stomp on a thruster pedal in a given direction at a given speed. Lots of notes on weapons, especially Dumb-fire missiles. Exactly how effective it would be is in the eyes of the beholder, of course.

Kanani hmms, as she glances towards Paz. "I'm guessing most of this stuff is intended for the Minutemen, right? Or at least I assume that, since a bunch of it's geared towards Scimitars." She states with a chuckle, and takes another drink from her mug. "But it looks pretty good to me, anyways."

Veritas looks throw it, slowly, reading it a lot more detailed then a short scan, "you know some of this is really useful"

"Thanks." Paz beams proudly to her fellow aviators. "I tried to keep it as simple as possible." she explains. "Not that our rooks are bad pilots, mind you, they're not. A couple of them are _really_ sharp. It's just easier to have only a few things to try and remember when someone's trying to kill you than a whole frickin' playbook, ya know?" she chuckles. "And yeah, it is pretty much designed for the Minutemen. What I know about flying combat in a Stiletto, you could write on the back of a matchbook in grease pencil." she shrugs. "Not that I couldn't smoke a lot of kittens in one." she adds quickly. Attitude : Because the Very Humble Die Quickly in Aerospace Combat.

Kanani grins slightly, nodding some at Paz's response. "Heh, makes sense yeah. And about all the experience I have with Scims is some simulator exercises from back in the Academy." She chews on her lip thoughtfully, and chuckles. "Come to think of it, I think before being assigned to the 221st, I hadn't even flown a Stiletto in a sim more than a few times." She gives a bit of a shrug, and takes another drink from her mug. "But hopefully, that should be really helpful to people."

Veritas smiles and raises an eyebrow, "Smoke some Kittens huh? You know…." He waggles his eyebrows.

"Hey, maybe you or someone else in your squad could come up with one of these for your rooks." Paz suggests, taking a big pull from her beer. "I mean, as much fun as it is to tease rooks about doing stupid things in combat, it gets kind of ..less fun after the second or third funeral you've gotta go to." she says, growing very serious, if only for a moment. "Heh, Oh, Kitten…You poor, poor, soul. If wishes were wings, we wouldn't have needed aeroplanes." she sighs, shaking her head sadly.

Kanani chuckles a bit, and hmms thoughtfully. "Might not be a bad idea, honestly, though given that I've only been in combat twice so far, I might not be the best person to do it." She states with a slight smirk. "Wonder what sort of differences would need to be put in though. I suppose at least it'd seem likely that most regular Confed pilots would have… at least similar understandings of the theory of combat, as the next, so it'd be easier to explain to them. As opposed to Reservists who I'd assume their actual understanding of combat can vary widely from each person. Or am I wrong about that assumption?" She asks thoughtfully.

Veritas shakes his head, "different people can go for years without combat, others can see combat constantly. It is mostly hit or miss, especially with inter sector transfers for casualties on the rise.

"Eh, you're about fifty fifty, Tsunami." Paz replies thoughtfully, sipping at her beer. "I mean, we all get the same training at the Academy, and the same instruction manuals and drill procedures when we get to a squadron. Guess it mostly depends on who's running the show before the unit gets activated." she continues. "If the CO's on the ball, you've got a pretty good chance. If they're some lazy, REMF paper-hangar, not so much." she concludes. "We got lucky in the Ten Eighty Deuce, didn't we, Veri? Jolly had his shit together and make sure we did too."

Veritas nods, "Though I wasn't with you in training Jolly was good though. By the time I joined the Minute men we were already deep in the crapper.

Kanani nods thoughtfully, as she sips at her glass. "Point taken. And there's always the fact that some people just don't take in all the training the same way, as others. And that all the training in the world doesn't totally prepare you for actually flying in combat. But at least good teachers can help out a lot of the way with that."

"Yeah, that's true, too. You can teach and teach and teach, but unless the person you're teaching's willing to actually _learn_, there's not a lot you can do." she nods to Kanani, "Oh yeah, hell yea!" she adds to the second portion of her comment. "Don't go passing this around, especially you, Kitten." she says, giving the man a playful Evil Eye. "But I damn near wet my pants the first time a burst of tracers went past my canopy. Suddenly, it was like 'Aw shit! These little fuzzy bastards _are_ trying to kill me!" she giggles. "_Pissed_ _me_ _off!_" she grins, then sobers somewhat at the second mention of Jolly. "Yeah, I miss that crazy little Italian fat fucker." she sighs fondly. "A toast! To Jolly!" she says, raising her glass. "Gone, but never forgotten."

Veritas rises his own mug touching it to Paz's "To absent friends."

Kanani raises her glass along with Paz and Veritas despite having never met the indicated pilot. She remains thoughtfully quiet for a few moments, before commenting. "I don't think I reacted quite that way myself my first time in combat. And that despite getting hit by a missile early on, though that could have been cause I was more surprised that said missile hadn't done all that much damage."

Paz clunks mugs with the other two and takes a deep drink. "Absent friends." she echoes, face darkening for a moment before reverting back to her usually obnoxiously cheerful self. "Oh man, sucking up your first missile is kind of a revelation, ain't it?" she grins. "So, c'mon, make with some details, Tsunami! We promise to only snicker about any show of weakness in the privacy of the Powderkeg, don't we, Veri?" she giggles brightly, reaching over to playfully punch the man lightly in the shoulder.

Veritas shakes his head, "cross my heart and hope to die, no laughing outside of Pillow talk with Tizona"

Kanani snorts softly, and smirks as she shakes her head. "Psh, shows of weakness, ha! I'll have you know that when that missile hit my ship, I'd have only probably jumped through the cockpit, and maybe about ten or so meters past that, if I hadn't been strapped into the seat." She responds with a snicker.

"You can tell he's never slept with me….I always drop straight off to sleep after a good romp." Paz chuckles, giving Veritas the finger. "And, for the record, Veritas, I know it's you who has my pink undies. Don't bother denying it and don't offer to give 'em back. After what they've been through, they'll never be clean again no matter how much I wash 'em." she sighs, shaking her head a little. "Heh, see? That's about the right reaction." Paz nods to Kanani. "Question is, did you splash the little bastard that did it?"

Veritas frowns and looks down, he pulls on the front of his pants to look down at his skivvies, "Pink panties huh….I knew the didn't feel right" He lets the pants snap back into position and smiles, "Oh straight off to sleep, but you mumble some while you are out. Still counts."

Kanani snickers and shakes her head, as she replies to Paz's first question. "Yeah, isn't that the way it's supposed to be, anyways? Dunno why anyone would think otherwise." She states with a grin. She pauses for a few moments to consider the second question, before responding. "Good question, I'm not sure about that. I actually think that one of the Retros got that pirate, and I shot down one of the other Pirates instead."

"It's your balls, women's underwear ain't designed to accommodate them, though why I'm having to explain this to you's beyond me, given your history." Paz shoots back to Veritas, then sniffs. "Really, wearing your sister's rainbow panties to school on the first day of gym….Mind you, I can't totally blame you. At least ours are soft. Though I dunno about the whole 'lace / cock' combination."Seems to me it'd be kind of scritchy in the wrong places." she shrugs. "But to each their own." she says, polishing off her beer and staring at the empty mug as if pondering a third. "Nicely done, Tsunami." Paz grins back to the other lady at the table. "It is supposed to scare you half-shitless. Wouldn't be near as much fun if it didn't." she nods.

Weiss limps into the Lounge, his grease-stained overalls half stripped down to his waist, arms tied like a belt, and sporting one of his Germanic rock band shirts. He must definitely be off duty, between that and having swapped the massive wrench of his for his battered forearm crutch-like cane. His braced leg's stirrup scrapes the floor as he makes his way directly for the bar, fishing one of those metallic tubes from his pocket and slipping a large and expensive cigar between his lips.

Veritas chuckles softly and shakes his head. "OK I give…." He grins at Paz, "But you will pay for it later…." He rises from the table, "I should get some Rack time before my next patrol."

Kanani doesn't comment about peoples taste in undergarment styles, though she does chuckle at the accusation. She then nods towards Paz. "Oh totally. And if you aren't at least a little scared up there, you probably don't even belong there in the first place." She states with a chuckle. As Veritas gets up, she nods towards him. "See ya later then, and thanks for the free booze." She states with a grin.

"Take care, Veri, thanks a lot for the beer." Paz says warmly. "And for taking my shit." she chuckles. "We'll discuss payback later. Good hunting out there." she says, giving the man a jaunty little salute before turning back to Kanani. "Yeah, precisely." she nods. "It's like something Jolly once told me after my Scim's engine damn near ate itself just as I was doing a de-orbit burn. I was rattled to hell and gone, as you would imagine." she explains. "He said 'Being brave doesn't mean you aren't scared, it means that you refuse to let being scared dictate your actions."

Weiss reaches his good arm, the one that is much less scarred and mangled then the other one that clutches the cane, over the bar and pulls out a bottle of Apfelkorn.. A Sweet liqueur made from 100% wheat spirit, and then blended with apples… Considered a form of Schnapps but with SLIGHTLY less alcohol content. Slightly. Grinning around the cigar, the fight technician tucks it under his arm and looks for a seat.

Kanani chuckles nodding at Paz. "Sounds like a pretty good saying, that." She says with a chuckle, as she leans back in her chair and stretches. As she glances at her empty mug she glances towards the bar, pondering getting another, and notices Weiss, giving him a nod and a bit of a wave.

"Yeah, he was good with that kinda shit." Paz chuckles fondly. "Managed to make a halfway useful pilot out of my stupid ass, and that's saying something." she confesses with a wink. "Scuse me for a second, I feel the need for a third. I'll front you another." she says, rising and heading for the bar. "Zigzag! My favorite Tech!" she calls, spotting the man. "Get yer one-armed butt over here and have a drink with us." she calls, tone friendly despite her words. "Come and tell us your latest horror stories."

Weiss snorts.. but the man with the streak in his hair is smirking as he limps towards the women. "I vill haf you know, fraulein, zat I not ze vun armed man." he says as he sets the bottle down on the table. he uses his good hand to gab the seat and turn it so he can stradle the thing then sits.. leaning the cane-crutch against the table. Both his arms are heavily tattooed.. with mythological creatures and things, but the mangled arm's tattoos, it's musculature distorted by deep running scars and probably lots of surgery to make it as useful as it is now, are more a ruin of color with snippets of coherent pictures. "Latest stories? Mein Gott! Ist nothin but continuous horror story from beginning to end." He doesn't seem TOO displeased. "Vould you schne Frauen vish to share ze Apfelkorn.." He motions to the bottle, labeled Weissenholme Apfelkorn, produced on Thuringia. "Ist from mein home world."

Kanani snickers and nods towards Paz. "Well like my dad always said. Never refuse free booze." She pauses for a moment in thought. "Or was that someone else… Anyways, it's always seemed like good advice to me." She states with a smirk. She gives a faint grin as she watches the tech approach the table and sit down, and chuckles some as he talks to Paz.

Paz snags a pair of beers and returns to the table, setting one down for Kanani and the other in front of her chair. "Apze-wha?" Paz asks, gesturing to the bottle. "I'd be happy to, if you'll tell me what it is, first." she replies, retaking her seat. "I dunno if you two have been properly introduced or not, you know me, memory like a damn fruit fly." she smirks. "Weiss, this is Lt. Nawahi, better known as 'Tsunami'. She's Illuminati, but we won't hold that against her" she grins teasingly, nodding to the pretty young Hawaiian girl. "Tsunami, this ugly Germanic brute here's Senior Space-hand Technician Weiss, 'Zigzag' to his friends. If you've ever wondered how the hell we can keep so many planes flying at one go in the middle of the shit storm, you need look no further."

Kanani chuckles softly, nodding to Paz, and grabbing the beer and taking a sip as it's offered to her. "Thanks, and yeah, we've met before, I believe. He talked me out of promising to not damage any fighters I flew. Probably regrets it now, though." She states with a slight smirk.

Weiss grins at Kanani. "Dein Vater sounds like smart man, ja." he tells her as he opens the bottle and fills three small glasses he /seems/ to have produced out of nowhere. Each are the size of double shots. "Or whoever else said zat. Und it ist pleasure to meet you again, /Lieutenantnt/ Zunamee." he says, mixing thGermanan word for the rank with his thick accent of his call name. He shoots a look at Paz, but smirks nonetheless. "Vell, I do hev good teams, ja.. Zey do help sumtimes." He pushes a glass to each woman. "Ze Apfelkorn ist like.. a Schnapps. Little less alcohol content but nicht much. One hundred percent best grain spirits.. blended vith best apples." He picks up his glass and holds it up, part in offering a toast and part in study.. the faintly amber liquid like a prism. "Fill up yur glasses und pass zem around. Better under ze table zen under ze ground." And with that his head goes back and he drains the double shot glass.

"Jawohl!" Paz chuckles, using one of the few German words she knows before downing her shot obediently. "Ooh! Aw man….that stuff is _smooth_." she grins. "I won't ask how you got it aboard." she adds with a wink. "Just glad you did. Yowza!" she says, making chicken wing motions with her arms folded. "Zigzag extracts that promise out of every pilot on the boat." she adds for Kanani's benefit. "I keep trying to tell him he oughta be directing his demands to the Kilrathi, but he doesn't speakky Fuzzy Wuzzy., so…" she shrugs, chuckling throatily.

Kanani grins some as she raises her glass and nods towards Weiss. "Nice to meet you again, too." She states before downing the shot, and then chuckling. "Oh yeah, that is some pretty good stuff, isn't it." She says while nodding to herself. "And yeah, Dad was pretty smart, for a Navy guy anyways." She grins and peers around the room just to make sure there aren't any Navy personnel close enough to hear that particular remark. "Doubt talking to the Cats would help any, frankly. I've never met a cat that will ever do what you tell it, and I have to assume the same goes for the Kilrathi too."

Weiss makes a face. "I vould never sully mein tongueh zat /dreck/ zose furbfur ballsl ein language. Ist bad enough I sully das vith /Englisch/." he says, though it is easy to tell he is at least partially joking. "And mein line of supply of spirits shall always be ein secret… hopefully. And remember, ist not just booze I can get. If you not already know, I have fingers in lots of pies."

"I'm still not convinced that they really have a language." Paz muses, sipping at her beer. "I mean, how many different ways can you purr and growl and still call it anything else but that?" she asks rhetorically. "Fucking Fuzzy Wuzzies." she scoffs. "I'm with you, Zig, I wouldn't speak that growly shit even if I knew how." she says firmly, her hatred of the Kilrathi in full flower. "Best way to talk to them, I find, is with bullets….lots and _lots_ of bullets."

"And missiles, too." Kanani adds into the methods of proper negotiation with Kilrathi, with a chuckle. "Can't ever have enough missiles, after all." This from the pilot who probably flies the Confed fighter with the -least- amount of missiles in it's arsenal. "And I've gotta agree on the language thing. I'd probably have an annoying time learning any other language, and I sure wouldn't want to waste the effort on theirs."

Weiss blehs and makes a face. "Bullets.. Missiles… I vould rather drive tungsten cored rods at zem at appreciable percentage of speed uv light. But I am German so I like Gauss Guns.. Rail guns." he amends. " He looks to Kanani and grins. "Learning languages ist not all bad. I am fairly good vith /Englisch/. And some /Japanisch/

"Qu sobre espaol? Mi lengua preferida de todos! Es la lengua de la pasin, usted sabe." Paz replies with a wink, her Spanish accent sounding somewhat loopy and out of phase with the way it's spoken on Terra. "Japanese makes my frickin' head hurt." she chuckles. "It's all context-based. So you say the same thing at different times, means two different things entirely."

Kanani snickers and gives a bit of a shrug. "Knowing other languages might not be all that bad, but learning them's a hassle and then some." She states with a grin. She glances over at Paz, and nods in agreement with the observation of Japanese. "Oh yeah, it makes my head hurt too. And Hawaii seems to get a lot of visitors who speak it too, which makes it worse!"

Weiss chuckles at Paz. "Vell.. Nicht like I has choice. Quarter of Thuringia's Population ist Oriental… Mainly Japanese.. Germans got zere first but two uther colony slow boats followed.. One oriental, uther middle eastern.. Unlike mein ancient ancestors, Thuringians good neighbors. Most integrated vith us vithin two generations. Still, zey have vat you vould call ethnic neighborhhods.. like old china-towns. But ve get along, more or less." he looks to Kanani next. "I only be on /Erdboden/.. uhm.. Earth.. for short time. never go to Havaii.. Ist nice?"

"Only reason we speak any English at all's because of Confed education regs." Paz says, shrugging and sipping at her beer. "We got ship crews at our station that spoke all kinds of languages." she adds. "Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, you name it. But they all had English as a common tongue." she smirks and winks saucily. "You want a language that'll really bake your noodle, try Latin! Took two years of that crap in college….thought my eyes would bleed!"

1."Heh, it mostly depends on what you like." Kanani replies to Weiss, with a chuckle. "If you like lots of sunshine, and beaches, and unending streams of tourists, it's pretty nice. And if you can more or less ignore the tourists it's not to bad either." She grins and winks. She turns towards Paz and gives another grin. "Oh yeah? That makes me glad that I never really studied Latin at least."

Weiss shudders. "Latin. Reminds me too much of Church when I vas a child. A lot of Latin in ze Old Catholic Church." he makes a face. Then he looks at his chrone. "Ach! I need to hit ze rack. I have an overhaul on bomber at oh-mein-fukken-gott am in ze morning."

"Heh, I _am_ Catholic, so it wasn't that much of a stretch for me, or so I thought." Paz nods, finishing off her beer. "But it's one thing to hear the priest give a benediction and understand what the words mean, and another to try and have a conversation in a language that's been dead almost three thousand years." she sighs. "Sleep, well, Zigzag. Good luck with your bomber." she smiles. "And thank you for the Ap-fel-korn." she adds, carefully pronouncing the unfamiliar German word.

"Sleep well, Zigzag, and thanks for the booze." Kanani doesn't even bother trying to pronounce it, as she smiles. "And good luck with the overhaul." She glances over at Paz and chuckles some. "I'm not even sure what the point of trying to hold a conversation like that would be." She says with a grin.

"Heh, I was a Classical history major." Paz replies, giving Weiss a friendly wave as he retreats. "Was trying to imagine what it would really be like to hang out in Rome back in the day." she sighs dreamily. "Could you imagine hanging out and having some wine with someone like Pompey the Great or Mark Antony?" she muses. "Heh, shooting the shit with Caesar about his war in Gaul? Hanging out at an orgy or some such with Sulla after he retired as Dictator…"

Kanani nods thoughtfully as she listens to Paz. "I suppose that would be interesting at the very least. Not so certain about the orgies though. I've heard those Romans could be really weird." She states with a smirk. "Especially the ones ran by either rulers or former rulers."

"Ha! Oh yeah…they definitely knew how to get their kink on." Paz replies, nodding repeatedly. "Men, women, boys, girls, of age, not so much…Pretty much anything went if you had the coin." she says. "The emperor Tiberius had a great big pleasure palace on the island of Capri that would make a big-budget spy movie villain green with envy."

"Heh, must have been cause of all the lead they used in their water pipes and stuff." Kanani chuckles, armed with what little knowledge of Roman history that she knows, and probably getting stuff wrong anyways. "Made them do all sorts of crazy stuff. And some of those emperors always sounded like they -were- those sorts of villains anyways."

"Yeah, they didn't know that lead was toxic, so they used it in all of their pipes and drinking vessels. " Paz nods. "Well, it's like the man said, 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.'." she says, shrugging a little. "But it wasn't so much that they were _villians_ the way we think of 'villains' now." she muses. "It's that they were living in an era before The Lord Jesus Christ and his Message…his teachings, ya know? So everyone around the Romans were as brutal, if not more, than they were. You gotta look at them in context, ya know? Look at it this way, they had enough of their shit together thousands of years ago, that we're basically their descendants." she smiles ferally. "And that's why we'll win. The Kilarathi have no concept of just what they're fucking with. You could exterminate army after army, the Romans would just send more….We don't quit. We persevere and just keep getting madder."

Kanani chuckles softly and nods a bit. "Oh, there's no doubt that the Kilrathi didn't know what they'd be getting into, I'd figure they thou
thought we'd be pushovers or something like that." She shrugs some, and grins. "Not sure how much it would have mattered if they did have some idea of it, though."

"Yeah…they thought we'd fold easy, _WRONG_!" Paz laughs. "Sorry, Fuzzies! We ain't goin' _anywhere_, and guess what? The more of us you kill, the angrier we get. One day, Tsu, one day, the tide is gonna turn, I feel it in my bones." she says, nodding a little. "And when it does …You couldn't pay me to be a Fuzzy Wuzzy with all the prawns in New Illyricum!" she grins ferally. "Spayed? Neutered? More like 'shaved, sterilized and _destroyed_'!"

Kanani nods a few times in agreement, and chuckles. "Yeah, that's pretty much the only way I can see of dealing with the cats that'll work. And you're right, the tide will turn. If they haven't managed to stop us yet, they just don't have any chance of ever doing so." She states with a few more nods.

"Yep…." Paz nods. "Only outcome possible now is 'Us' or 'Them'…and, God willing, 'Us' has a lot better chance than 'Them'." she says sagely. "To paraphrase the words of the late, great, Bull Halsey, 'We shall now begin our efforts to make Kilraithi a dead language." she says, offering her hand.

Kanani grins some and nods vigorously. "Not a bad little quote. And it'd give me even more of a reason to not learn the language as well." she comments with a chuckle, and then gives a bit of a sigh. "And now I think it's probably time for me to get some shuteye. It was good talkin with you though, Tizona." She states with a grin.

"Likewise." Paz smiles happily. "Always good to spend some time with a friend." she says simply, pushing her chair out and rising. "Think you've got the right idea." she adds. "No rest for the weary….or is it the wicked?" she ponders. "Either way, it ends up with us having to get up way too damn early to do way too little." she snickers. "Sleep well, Tsunami. Good hunting out there."

Kanani snickers and smiles back as she gets out of her chair, and starts to head towards the exit. "Thanks, and you sleep well, too, Tizona!" She adds before heading out of the lounge with a final wave.

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