Kristen Cloke
Lance Corporal Melia Yama
Name: Melia Yama
Rank: Lance Corporal
Callsign: Imp
Age: 24
Nationality: America by Birth.
Branch: Confed
Department: Marines
Position: Sapper
Marital Status: Engaged
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Kristen Cloke



Melia Yama was born on the poor side of China town to a Hispanic Mother and an Asian father. Though they we're poor, her parents, were loving, fair and generally good parents. They provided their only child with everything she needed even if it meant doing some of the more seedier things in life, her father was often gone for 16-18 hours trying to make enoughmoney for the small family to survive.

Yama was educated at home by her mother, whom was smart for a woman of her status and well able to give Yama the basic skills in life. A school would have been better, but her parents felt it wasn't safe for an attractive young girl to be traveling alone on the streets of China town among the rift rafts and gang members. If she had access to a better education and pushed Yama could have been smarter then she was, she had the capability for it, just not the will or desire.

At sixteen she left home to find work on the streets, she knew her parents needed money in order to survive and after providing for her for so many years she felt obligated to repay them some how. She lasted two years on the streets, doing everything from prostitution to robbery, the former she only lasted a few weeks before she decided that this was worse then begging. One drunken evening she found herself looking up, bleary eyed at a recruitment poster for the Terran confederation marines corps, staggering to her feet, she staggered to the nearest coffee stand sobered herself up and was signing on the dotted line before she had time to reconsider. The pay was more then her father managed to make in a year, and it would give her parents stability and get them away from the hostile environment of China town.

The night of her graduation found her in a rather lively bar, with a few off duty pilots, of one them a Captain Thomas Pickett, the two hit it off from the straight and when I say hit it ff I mean bloody nose and a head full of glass. Having gotten into a bar brawl the two managed to beat the crap out of each other before going up to Melia's room and licking each others wound. This was the start of a very rewarding and deep relationship which started after the pair found themselves both assigned to the same carrier. Though it was against regs, the pair were decrit enough to conduct their affair in private and away from disapproving eyes. A few close friends knew, of high and low rank, and even those whom happened to come across the affair were hesitant to report the obviously very in love and very dedicated affair. A year after the pair started together Yama feel pregnant and was relieved from duty for the duration of her pregnancy. The girl child was left on Earth, with her parents whom know with the support of Yama's enlistment pay and Picketts officer one were able to find a nice modest house in a good area in Boston. Leaving her daughter in the care of her parents Yama returned to the fleet and to Picketts, whom a few months later was shot down and captured by the Kilrathi.

Yama was reassigned a few weeks later, on the recommendation that perhaps the TCS <Ship nam> was not the best place for the grieving woman and was assigned to the TCS Tiger Claw under the then Captain Frejdot. Yama went quickly down hill join the two years Pickett was captured, her conduct became appalling, she got into drunk fights, disobeyed orders and spent more then a few weeks in the brig for one offense and another. It was until her CO and Friend Loflynn Frejdot stepped in and managed to get the Sapper back onto her feet. The two became close, though nothing beyond a deep friendship, Yama was never going to get over Pickett, and it was clear to those around her that the woman just constantly throw herself in the path of everything and anything she could hoping a stray bullet would put her out of her constant grieving and yearning for Thomas.

Not long after being assigned to the TSC Majestic Melia got a very welcome surprise the 221st Squadron was getting a new CO, one Major Thomas Pickett. Over joyed Melia could keep herself calm enough not to give the man a very warm homecoming. The pair were soon engaged and now serving together, with a little more open relationship then before, people tend to turn a blind eye for a war Hero and the couple certainly we're dedicated to each other after almost six years together.

Prior Deployments

First Assignment
TCS Tiger Claw
TCS Majestic.

<Where has your char been? What ships were they on? What battles have they fought in? Maybe they had a cool assignment someplace?>


The only good thing I could ever say about this Corporal is that she can sure stop a bullet or two, if only we could untilize her mouth and attitude we'd have won the war, years ago. - Commodore Thorn TSC Rodraod.


Drunk and Disorderly
Unauthorized use of Military equipment
Striking a Superior officer.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

This marine is only still in the military because we need meat shields, she is a worthless magnet and the most gifted and unorothdox engineer and demotions exper I have ever come across in my life. Why she and Major Pickett have not been busted back to recuits for their blatantly obvious fraternization, is rather beyond me I have my suspicions, that someone high up is watching these two. I recommend any CO taking this pair on to investigate and put an end to such nonmilitary like behavior and favoritism.

Other IC Info

It's one of the least best kept secerets is her Engagment to Major Thomas Pickett, it's even rumored the pair have a kid on earth.
A gfted marine, if somewhat unothodox in her dealings with others.
A lover of drink and her own voice, Melia is often found at the pool table in the First and Last with a beer and a cig.


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