Medicinals and Medals
Medicinals and Medals
Summary: As the Majestic catches her breath after the ferocious battle of Junction, some pilots recover from their injuries in Medical, unaware of a pleasant surprise coming their way.
Date: 2658.143
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Somewhere along the bedrows of wounded and sick in the Medical bay, a ginger-haired bomber pilot is lying on his back, staring at the ceiling and listening - to the beeping of heart monitors, perhaps.

The MedBay is a busy place now. Nurses push along carts, with Corpsmen reloading their kits here and there. Doctors grumble and swap charts, operating as needed. Raine herself pokes her head into a room here and there. "Hm." The bonsai have spotted him. Poor Alec. "Wonder if anyone in here is awake…"

Alec is indeed awake - seemingly trying not to take much interest in the bustle. The appearance of the CMO at the door is too much to politely ignore, though, and Raine recieves a selfconscious smile and a little wave should she look in.

Raine smiles a little, and a wave in turn. She puts her finger to her lips. Not too loud. "I'm sorry if I don't stay long, this place is busier than the Galley on ice cream day. How are you feeling?" She asks quietly and comes over to the red-haired pilot.

"'m alright, Doctor," he replies, voice lilting and a little faint, but clear. He pauses for a moment, seemingly trying to think of something else to add. "Just trying to get used to the humming." He shifts his position to sit a little more upright, wincing - but at least he doesn't have to crane his neck now.

"I'm glad to hear that," Raine smiles. She is pleased. "Ack, no, I can prop your matress up a bit if you like," She offers. "Normally it's a lot quieter in here, but-" Well, let's just say the kitties didn't go lightly. "Do you need anything to drink or anything?" She adds.

He thinks about that for a moment. "Wouldn't mind some more water," he admits. "It's weird, but the thing getting to me right now's the air processor." Faintly audible underneath the general activity of the medbay, the quiet whrrrrr of the ship's air recycling system persists. "'s jus'… there." He shakes his head, looking vaguely apologetic, and a little amused at himself. "Just not used to it, I s'pose."

"Alright. And oh… sorry," Raine frowns, "It's been going a bit stronger since ah, more folks I think," She shrugs and shakes her head. "I'll bring you some water. Or have someone else can if you want. It's just really busy, I'm sorry," She waves a hand sadly. "I'll be back okay?"

"Yah, I… yeah, busy. Thanks," Alec replies, smiling ruefully - and looking a bit guilty for putting another minor worry on a busy doctor.

It appears that Kell has arrived at the Medical Bay once more but this time, it isn't because he is injured or shot up from a mission, lucky for Raine. However, he had been told that both Alec and Raine should be around this area and he wanted to check in on the bomber pilot's status, as well as congratulate the both of them with the most recent news that was announced.

Raine is shuffling about, herding her cats. Corpsmen are helping nurses and indeed, the token busty blonde nurse is the one who fetches Alec his water. She smiles politely at him, "Here you go, boss," She grins. Raine waves in passing, but for now she's - well, trying not to hide in her shell. She's got a permanent blush and worried expression on her face. "No, not for that patient- bring aloe and burn lotion for that one-" She looks ready to just curl up under a rock. She must not have gotten the news. "Yeah, you can switch shifts with them if they are okay with it," Handwave. At least Raine is a gentle hand at the helm.

There hasn't been a moment of rest since the end of the Battle of Junction for Jenthson, and he isn't about to start resting, now. The Englishman appears from direction of the Morgue, of all places, tucking something silver, and boxey into one of the pockets on his ratty, old tattered flightsuit. He looks exhausted, as he saunters across the ward, stopping at the bedside of a wounded pilot, here and there. Often he's speaking words of encouragement, or slipping an ill-gotten bit of booty into their hands. He's doing his job.

After passing through the ward, Kell was able to spot Raine who had just departed from Alec's side and became a traffic cop in the medical wing, waving people to where they are suppose to go. Navigating through the somewhat busy area, the young Lieutenant first stops near Raine and after her attention is momentarily undistracted, he greets her with a smile, "Hey Doc, not surprised how busy it is in here." The verbal greeting is accompanied with a quick wave of an open palmed hand though the pilot's eyes do glance over towards Alec's bed, and the busty blonde nurse that is moving to tend to the man's thirst.

It's probably fortunate for booze-starved patients that Raine isn't a stickler for searching for contraband isn't it? She smiles, seeing Kell at last and waving politely to him. She looks a bit tired despite things. "Hello sir," She bobs her head respectfully. She watches the nurse water poor Alec. There we go. And here comes a WinCo! Mercifully, she doesn't notice anny ill-gotten booty passing hands. She smiles warmly at Pip nevertheless. "And hello sir. May I help you? I apologize, it's a bit busy in here, but most of them seem to be holding steady."

In the background, Alec sinks back into his pillow and murmurs something grateful as the nurse pours a glass of water for him. He blushes a little - but hey, it brings a bit of colour back to his cheeks. He looks around selfconsciously for a moment, catching Kell's glance and answering it with a brief nod and a sheepish smile.

A smile at Raine, and Pip nods in greeting, reaching out to pat the woman on the shoulder. "And, I've got you to thank for that, Doctor. I lost a lot of fine pilots and crew…but it would've been worse without you, lass." His accent his as crisp as ever, but he doesn't swear once. He is sincerely thankful for her efforts, clearly. "Your orderlies have done a fine job with those that were recovered, but could not be helped, also. They've been very respectful with the bodies. I appreciate that, and I know that their families will as well." A glance to Draygo, and then over toward Alec…one of those pilots that he'd stopped in to visit with, of course.

Since Kell was entering the Medical Bay and focused on looking for the doctor and bomber pilot, he didn't see the WingCo arrive behind him and only when Raine offers Pip a greeting does the young Lieutenant turn around in quick manner. Though he doesn't snap to attention and salute, there is still a slightly more respectful demeanor to the pilot. "Indeed, Doc. We certainly owe you, and owe you huge." Kell manages to add the short statement as if to emphasize Pip's words, since the young Lieutenant himself has been an extended guest in the Medical Wing more than once.

Raine blinks as Pip pats her on the shoulder. She turns red. "Well. And all the Medical crew too. I'm just one doctor and her trees," Shee's red from ear to ear. She smiles appreciatively at Pip though. "But you honor us with your kind words. Thank you. We're glad to help as we can. It's kind of hard to see the losses, but at least this way people can work on healing." Physically and otherwise. "We'll do our best to be sure everyone's final wishes are honored." Though wwith the volume of living and dead patient,s it's a bit tough. She is bright red and about to hide under a rock. She's even shrinking shyly a little. "Everyone's glad to have visits from you too." She nods. At least, those pilots who can see their WinCo.

"They just like when I bring them porn and whi…chocolate. They do love that chocolate.." A faux cough, and clearing of his throat, and Jenthson adds…"I just wanted you to know that the entire Air Wing supports you, Doctor…and believe that Command made the right choice, for once." Pip smiles at the blushing Doctor, but leaves it at that. He, for once, doesn't press making someone uncomfortable, and turns toward one of the pilots that he had yet to visit with. Alec. He sort of saunters up, ignorant of the fact that Raine might be unaware of that which he speaks…and stands silently, not wishing to actively interrupt Draygo and the new pilot, but also totally waiting to interrupt them, nonetheless.

While Raine and Pip talk, Draygo takes the chance to turn towards where Alec is lying down and recovering, taking the short couple of steps to close the distance, "Hey, Beagle, how are you feeling?" Recalling the bomber pilot's callsign from yesterday's mission, "Looks like you are getting first class treatment, eh?" He adds with a grin as he nods his head slightly in the direction of where the blonde nurse headed to after pouring the water.

Alec blinks at his callsign, and shuffles back upright (it never stops!) - "Aheh, yeah. Easy to see why it's crowded. Heh. Hello, there." He looks up at the man grinning at him, seemingly trying to place the face. "You… you're with the 221st, right? You were escorting us?"

"Guilty as charged, I'm Lieutenant Kell Draygo, callsign Razor." Kell says with a nod, he was about to extend a hand for a shake out of habit but quickly stops since Alec is rather injured at the moment. "Got pretty hairy there, sorry to see you end up in here." Since the bomber pilot is in here, something got through their escort screen though the Lieutenant doesn't recall if it was a Kilrathi fighter or just heavy flak cover. "But I'm really thankful for what you bomber pilots did, taking out that Snakeir like that. We all are. Really saved our tails since it was still giving birth to fly cats with sharp claws."

The new arrival is quickly noticed in Kell's peripheral vision and the young Lieutenant quickly turns, allowing Alec to see and talk to Pip as easily as it is to speak with him. "And it looks like the Colonel," using Pip's new rank in case Alec hasn't heard yet, "is here with some official news." He ends with a grin, betting on the fact that while the bomber pilot was being treated and recovering, he hadn't heard of all the new promotions and medal awards.

… Squint. Raine looks briefly suspicious a moment. She shrugs it off though. "Erm. I'm glad then. Chocolate is alright," She says nothing of the naughty gifts. Though there's more mad blushing. "Right choice? Well, I didn't realize they assigned me here…" She's not gotten the news just yet. A boggled look. She rubs the back of her head and shrugs. For now, she takes up her role supervising things. A Corpsman is given directions to the cabinet with the morphine. No, to the left. there you go! Heywait. Pip is a Colonel. HEr head jerks towards the Englishman, eyes widening. "Oh! Congratulations sir!" She beams. "We also appreciate you guys protecting us. I couldn't imagine flying for a living."

"s'alright," Alec consoles. "Was the big bastard that did for me, glad the others took it out. Can't quite take credit. Alec McGrath." He gives Draygo a thumbsup with his good arm - but raises his eyebrows and tries to look a little more dignified as the fighter pilot announces the WinCo's appearance.

There is a moment of pause, roundabout the time that Raine notices his promotion, and he nods, shrugging lightly. "Just a Light Colonel, Doctor. I suppose they thought I did a decent enough job, or somesuch." A wink, and the English manages to look a little uncomfortable himself, for a moment. "You haven't seen the latest dispatches then, Raine?" A big fat smile crosses his face, and in his most perfect aristocratic manner, he continues…"May I be the first congratulate you on your own ascent to power, Lieutenant Winterson. Chief Medical Officer Winterson, if you'd prefer. Or, how about…Chief Medical Officer of the TCS Majestic, recent recipient of the Presidential Unit Citation, Lieutenant Raine Winterson." It might appear that he is teasing, but to those that know him, they'd be able to spot the sincerity in his eyes. He likes Raine, even if she is a little odd, even by his standards.

And. then his attention is shifting back toward Alec, and Kell. "Indeed, Kell. I'm here to speak with Mr. McGrath, and ask him where in the piss he learned to shoot like that?" Reaching into the pocket of his flightsuit, he tosses first one wooden box, and then a second toward the 13th's newest reserve pilot…."And, of course…I hope that the lesson continues to be learned by you, Razor…us Reservists are always going to outshoot you regulars." No mention to what are in the boxes, mind. Not much ceremony, at the moment.

"Flying isn't that bad, Doc. It's quite nice when it's quiet and peaceful, when you don't have angry kittens breathing down your six trying to fry it." Draygo says with a reassuring and usual cocky pilot's grin, "It gives you time when you can take in the beauty that space is. Instead of black, dark, vacuum that some land crabs misinterprets it as, it's actually a giant field of bright stars with infinite freedom."
The thumbs up by Alec is returned by Kell with his own, "Good to meet you then, McGrath. Just to let you know, I have worse luck than you in 'Swords, ask around and they'll tell you." With Alec's current wounds, it's hard to imagine how much worse it could be.
When the WingCo becomes speaking though, it is Kell's turn to be silent though the grin remains as the official news are given to the two who haven't heard yet. First, the young Lieutenant gives Raine a gentle applause, "Congrats Doc. Looks like you and your trees now rule this medical castle." Another grin is flashed towards Alec as the boxes of goodies are tossed at Alec before an amused laugh is given in Pip's direction, "Perhaps, sir, perhaps. Though so many kitties were blowing up in front of my sights, I lost count. I'm just glad we were able to get our bombers back, lord knows I'd do anything not to be stuck in one again."

Raine smiles at Pip, "I bet." Nod. "Congratulations. And no, I'm afraid not. Been swimming in paperwork and making sure everything doesn't come apart here." She doesn't /say/ it, but Raine would like to keep losses to a minimum. She is near the group, listening. At least until she gets news of her own promotion. Wait. What? Pip couldn't have done better if he smacked her over the head with a teapot a few times. "So I apologize for being behind on the news," She blushes. Then a this big smile and delivery of the news, her eyes widen. Wait. What? She's STUCK being in charge? There's a long moment of silence. Her left eye twitches. She pales. Her eyes go wide. And then… and then … a soft "oh no" and she passes out. Just falls over backwards. THUD.

Alec takes Pip's compliment with a visible effort to cheer up, and he smiles amiably at the banter between the WinCo and the fighter-pilot, nodding with something close to sympathy at the fighter-jock's discomfort of bombers. He's about to say something in reply, but the boxes landing in his lap surprise him; and he's about to open one of *those*, when the nearby fainting CMO surprises him further. He grimaces once he realises who it was.

A blink, and even as Pip's about to kneel down to check on the CMO, he's glancing over his shoulder at Kell…"You saw that I -didn't- mean to kill her, right? It was an accident!" A glance up, and he's calling across the med-bay…"I need a Doctor! For…the Doctor! Now, goddamnit!" And, here he goes with the swearing. Way to freak him out, Raine…..though it is quite good that a certain dead Marine isn't here, or the WingCO might be bleeding from multiple wounds for scaring the bonsai-loving medical professional.

Phillip is lying in his bed on the other side of the ward barely awake for the best ten minutes. He had decided not to get up and join the crowd, though, as he injuries make movement not very fun. At hearing the applause culminating in the rather curious sound of someone falling hard onto the floor, Iceblade looks over to the crowd. He sees what looks like Raine on the ground and calls over, "Uh is she okay? what you do to her, promote her to LT. Commander."

Eyes go wide as the CMO suddenly feints, it being so unexpected that Kell was rooted where he was standing and didn't react until she went thud. "Damn, Pip. Did she have some of the golden liquid 'chocolate' or something?" He is also looking around to see if a doctor is available but seeing that they are in the Medical Ward, the nearest one comes to tend to Raine within seconds. "But I will back your story if you promise that I don't have to fly another 'Sword again."

Poor Pip. Raine's eventually poked back to life. Or at least, someone comes around with the smelling salts. She blinks owlishly and winces. The back of her head hurts. "… that wasn't a joke was it?" She looks wide-eyed at the Englishman. "And god, those things smell awful." Her nose wrinkles and she rubs her face with her hands. "I- I'm sorry, it's kind of scary to be in charge of much of anything and stuck that way," She remarks meekly. It IS scary to the introverted doctor. "But." Deep breath. "I guess that's that. If they really did promote me…" Then she's stuck and it'd be rude to refuse it, right?

Alec watches the mess, shaking his head in bemusement and looking over at the call, giving the other wounded pilot - what was his name? They'd been lying in the same room for over a day, and Alec still didn't know - a one-shouldered shrug. A little concerned but ratehr unable to affect the situation any, the bomber-pilot keeps only one eye on the goings-on, turning some of his attention back to the wooden boxes.

"Well, look on the brightside, Raine…..for the most part….only you'll be trying to kill you, in here." Pip's response is his best effort at making the younger woman feel better about her lot in life. He offers her a hand up, and looks back over his shoulder at Kell. "Just in case she has a brain bleed…deal." A wink, and he's getting to his feet, ready to assist the Doctor, if she sees fit to accept his help. "You've been doing the job for months, lass. This time, its just official…you'll do wonderfully." He now wishes someone else had broken the news, clearly. Eyes shift toward Phillip's bed…"Sleeping Beauty is awake! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to spend all day in that coma, kid." A broad grin, and he turns his head toward Alec…waiting to see if he's opened his boxes.

Sadface. She accepts the hand up. "Thank you, sir," She stands. Raine takes a deep breath. "Right. I guess so," She grins at his wink. "I suppose that's that. No sense fussing," She shrugs and figures that's that. She still has a smile for Pip. "It's kind of you, to come by and I appreciate your support." She rubs the back of her head. She looks over as Phillip wakes up. She is watching the comings and goings of the medbay. She's subdued, but fairly happy if a bit scared. "We're glad you came by, all of you." She likes it when folks come to visit the wounded after all. For now, Raine is quiet watching them.

Iceblade gives a chuckle and says "Yeah, well I decided to get in some much needed shut eye, sir." Looking at Raine, it finally dawns on him the reason for her fainting and can't help but start laughing…unfortunately laughing hurts. "…ah ah oh, dang that hurts…wow, how lady-like of you Raine…hehe…to faint like that and all, but as shy as you are, you are really perfect for the job." After a quick pause, he throws in, "you knock them dead, LT." This is immediately followed by out right laughter at his bad joke mixed in with quick groans of pain…apparently he is still rather hyped up from the drugs.

Saint-Cloud quietly strolls into the, wiping a hand uncomfortably over his new rank insignias as if he isn't used to their weight. He comes to a quick stop when he realizes that everyone is pretty much awake and waits a moment before clearing his throat. "Sorry.. I do hope I am not disturbing everyone." he says in that soft yet basso deep voice of his/ "I though I would just come and check up on our resident heroes." Under his arm he carries a small wooden suitcase-like box.

Paz makes her way into the Med Bay, trying her best not to attract too much attention to herself, lest some Nurse, or worse, the Acting CMO herself spot her and think to check on her paperwork and find out she only flew last night because she busted out of the hospital without permission. With the Minutemen flying CAP 24/7 until every nook and cranny of the sector's been scoured clean of Fuzzy Wuzzies, she can't afford to be chained up in here.

With Raine restored to consciousness and things beginning to settle down - as settled as they'd be likely to get here in Medical, anyhow - Alec finally gets round to seeing what's inside the medalcases. One wonders what he expected (a Purple Heart?), but while the Gold Star is enough to surprise, it just sets him up for the second, the contents of which knock him down. It's a green-and-blue ribbon bearing the starburst-and-sun, so very well-known in piloting circles - the TCFC. Mouth flopping like a fish's for a few moments, McGrath looks up at the WinCo. "Sir?" he asks, questioningly.

A nod to Saint-Cloud as he enters, and Pip offers a grin. "Cut out that resident heroes business, in front of the cannon fodd….pilots. It'll give them a big head." A joking tone is adopted for the room as a whole, and then he's returning attention to Alec's question. "The Gold Star is for assisting in the death of the Snakeir, Lieutenant. Your squadron all got one." He then smirks, as the reaction to the TCFC after one's -first- combat mission is not exactly unexpected…"That Kamekh was in a position to threaten the flagship of this task force, Beagle. And you killed it with a text-book perfect torpedo to the bridge….I've never seen anything so beautiful from a pig-sword pilot. Bringing back your bomber, despite being half-dead, and keeping the flight crew alive? It didn't hurt either." A momentary pause…"And, you also are getting a purple heart…but, I don't generally hand those out. They're just the award for not dying like a complete fuck up."

Fortunately for Paz, the place is a beehive and anyone not too badly hurt is set free. Raine is rubbing the back of her head. She is watching Pip hand out medals. Smile. "Congratulations," She beams. She's happy for the pilots. "That's a lot of dead Kilrathi," She tilts her head. A smile. Not dead crewmates are good too. She's pleased for them all. She turns around though, hearing Saint-Cloud's voice. "Hello sir. And no, not at all. Visiting hours are still on. It's a bit busy and I'm afraid I can't stay too long, but it's a pleasure to see you too." Another smile for him and - a Paz. Headtilt. "Did I get your papers? Oh well. bring them to me or another doctor would you?" Fortunately - Raine's either forgotten or severely distracted.

He was pale; but the WinCo's glowing appraisal have the effect of perking McGrath right up. He looks back from Jenthson to the medals as the officer finishes, seemingly still trying to take it in. "Uh… jesus, heh… uh, permission to faint as well, sir?" Despite the bandages and mild anesthesia, the bomber pilot looks around at the nearby faces - Pip, Draygo, Saint-Cloud, Philip in his bed across the way, even Paz out of the corner of his eye. He's amazed, and grinning happily.

Saint-Cloud grins now. "Big heads or not, they deserve it. Besides, larger helmets are cheap." he steps closer to the group now. "Actually, I just wanted to make sure you were all doing alright and were comfortable. I also wanted to say thank you, especially to Lieutenant McGrath. This was my first major engagement in two years, Lieutenant. I know I didn't do badly. But all of you, especially beagle, made me look better. If you hadn't have made that hauntingly beautiful shot my maneuvers would have been less then effective.. Hell, it could have ended up completely catastrophic. So…" he pulls out the case and sets it at the foot of alex's bed, and pops it open, turning it around to reveal.. It looks like a lump of clay formed into a childish characticture of a Kilrathi having it's ass kicked by a missle.. or a hot dog with fins. And it is painted Pink. The XO actually looks proud of that. "My Daughter made it for me but I have NEVER pulled off a shot like that. It was magical.. So I award you the Pink Pussy. You definately deserve it."

Phillip finally calms down abit and listens for abit before throwing in with a call, "Hey Alec, it is Alec right, well if you can do that much damage and make it back alive, then I think the Kilrathi need to surrender right now. Heck, we may even be in Kilrah by the end of month with you around." Iceblade adds after a pause with a hearty smile, "Oh and please, get well soon, we need you back out there watching our tails against those flak producers."

"Good job, Alec!" Paz echoes, clapping enthusiastically and grinning happily at the young pigsword jock's commendations and his embarrassed response to them. Pass the word to FAL, somebody, we get done with all this port and starboard CAP business and back to normal routine, the Black Cats' money won't any good in there for the next 3 weeks."

The bomber-pilot has to laugh at the sculpture; wonderfully incongruous sight that it is. "Oh my god," he comments, holding a hand to his face, a little overwhelmed. "Oh my god, that, that's great… are you sure, man? That… haha, I, I'm not sure what to say. I, ah, I guess I'll have t'try an' think of somethin' more impressive fer the next time, aye?" He looks between Saint-Cloud, Philip and Paz, nodding thankfully - though his accent begins to thicken and his voice a little fainter as he begins to tire. "Thankya, alloya." He gives the Pink Pussy another look, seemingly fascinated.

Awww. It's really touching. For now, the terror of her promotion is lost on her. Raine is happy to watch the Pilots and Saint-Cloud. She grins. "I'm really happy for you guys," She nods. And at the gift of the sculpture, she can only have another 'daw' moment. She is pleased as punch for the group. "I'm happy you all came by to visit." She looks tired, but pleased. She glances around.

There is a laugh, as Saint-Cloud presents Alec with the Pink Pussy, and Pip slaps the wounded pilot on the shoulder amiably. At times likes these, the WinCo is a little more demonstrative than usual. "Shit, Lieutenant. That alone is more pussy than I've had all year. You deserve it." He glances over at the sound of Paz' voice, and there is an even larger grin forming. He's been waiting for her to land, and had hoped to track her down. "Lieutenant Ramirez, please stand-to. Somewhere in all of these pockets, I do believe that I've got a box with your name on it…"

Saint-Cloud smiles and nods to Alec. "of course I am sure. besides, when you have 11 kids, five of them my own biological ones, you tend to get a LOT of presents. I could use the room." he winks and steps back, massive hands behind his back:smiles and nods to Alec. "of course I am sure. besides, when you have 11 kids, five of them my own biological ones, you tend to get a LOT of presents. I could use the room." he winks and steps back, massive hands behind his back and chuckles at Paz's comment. "I am sure you will get your money back to it's worth soon enough. No rest for the weary or the wicked, right? And speaking of the FAL.. The rest of you have your choice.. You can all get an ashtray, each one handcrafted from the best clay kindergarten through grade four could find, or you can all get a few rounds on me when you are able. I suggest the rounds, since I will probably just put my ashtray surplus in the FAL for everyones enjoyment.. and to clear room from my personal storage." He looks to Raine and smiles. "Doctor.. Thank YOU for everything you have done. Now maybe you should get some rest? You look as tired as I do on christmas morning." He then falls silent for Pip.

"Sir?" Paz replies, finding herself coming to attention without really understanding why. "Box…my name?" she asks, obviously too tired and well, slightly fucked up, to fully comprehend what's going on. "I'm sorry I busted out of Med Bay." she confesses, blushing a little. "I couldn't just lay here with everything that was happening." Poor Paz, she's so used to being dressed down, she doesn't recognize that its possible to receive anything but negative attention from a CO.

Phillip just snickers at Paz's confession. After a few seconds, he stops to listen.

"You did what I would expect every one of my pilots to do, Paz. That is not what I've got to say to you." Pip digs around in his pockets, finally removing a little wooden box like the one that he'd just given to Alec. "It's not exactly a secret that I've been a little partial to my old squadron, as is only natural. But, it really -is- special to me that I can give you this, Tizona. I'm glad that a Minuteman is being recognized for righting a wrong that we failed to correct, earlier." He opens the box, and extends it toward the young 1LT. "For the destruction of Baron Yal'weh nar Kiranka, the killer of thousands of our comrades, and the destroyer of unknown tonnes of war material, Command has seen fit to decorate you with the Terran Confederation Flying Cross. It is terribly well-earned, Tizona." His manner is different than it was with Alec, no doubt. But, he's known the female pilot for quite a lot longer, and's flown with her quite alot, of course.

Frown. Raine looks to Paz. "Well… Normally I'd lecture you a bit, but we're full to the brim and I understand you wouldn't want to miss a fight like that. Just next time, let someone know okay?" She's gently at least. Pip gets a smile too. She lifts her eyebrows. "That's a lot of kids." A headshake. No time for sleep. She just sort of smiles in a 'sorry' sort of way to Saint-Cloud. She watches for now. "Congratulations, Miss Paz." Yeah Paz!

Looking a little worn out and resting rather more on his pillow, Alec still musters the energy to give Paz a big grin and a thumbs-up. "I think it'll look better on you'n me!" he slurs, pointing vaguely at the Flying Cross being offered.

Saint-Cloud raises a brow and turns to Paz. Apparently he hasn't had time to go through ALL records yet. needless to say the short Xo looks MORE then duly impressed. "Well then.. Damn." he states, then grins.

Phillip gives a loud cheer and applauds in congratulations. Then he calls to her, "Hey Paz, that medal there is well-earned. You really took that Kitty by surprise and totally cleaned his clock." He then adds jokingly with a solid smile and a wink at the end, "That said, try not to kill all the Kilrathi aces, wouldn't want you to get too big a head."

It is with deep pride that Paz pulls herself slightly more erect and snaps off a letter-perfect salute. "Thank you, sir." she replies, unable to fight off the big, stupid grin that's sprouting across her face. "I'm honored."

Raine looks pleased as punch for Paz, the pilots and recipients of awards. By now, several Corpsmen, nurses, orderlies and others are watchiing too. There's a few grins and claps. Much as can be spared anyway. For the most part, MedBay rarely sleeps. "I'm glad… for this. It's really touching." She nods. "But I- guess I'm due for some work myself. Someone's got a busted up leg that the older surgeons are a bit busy," She shrugs. No rest for the wicked. "Be well and get better soon those of you resting here."

A smile, and Pip returns the salute with a-typical precision, and then leans forward to pin the aforementioned medal the front of her flightsuit, very polite-like. "I'll do the pinning, before one of these ego-machines volunteers, and takes liberties." A grin, and when he's finished, he straightens up, and the new Lt. Colonel nods once. "I'm proud of you, lass…." And then he raises his voice…"I'm proud of all of you. Most of you have likely hard, but for those that haven't….Majestic, -and- the 27th Carrier Air Wing have both received the Presidential Unit Citation for our actions in the battle." And, with that bit of information, the WingCO starts to saunter to the door without another word, stopping en route to try and order a nurse to find him some stims.

Paz stays at attention until the little make-shift ceremony is done then slumps against the nearest bulkhead, heaving a big sigh of exhaustion, relief and happiness, looking down at the award pinned to her chest with some amazement. "You were right, Jolly." she says softly. "I'll always be in your debt for that." she adds then grins at the news of the Citation. "Just remember to find someone cute to play me when they make the movie, sir." she calls after Pip, giggling brightly.

Saint-Cloud stifles a yawn now, as well, ad looks a bit embarrassed. "I guess I should let you all get some rest. Goddess knows I need some but.. I think I will go get a drink first." he says. He then, inturn, offers everyone a salute.

Alec watches the WinCo and Saint-Cloud leave, in good spirits. Making a fresh attempt to stay talking and awake, he shuffles back up to sit straight again, returning S-C's salute from his bed. "Thanks to you an' your daughter, sir. Pleasure."

More than likely, Pip would find a nurse and get those stims without too much difficulty. They're in efficiency mode and not keeping anyone who doesn't need to be a moment longer than they need to. Raine does stick around for the mini-ceremony to clap for the Pip. A little salute, and she sighs softly. "Enjoy your drink and be well." Off she goes to scrub up for surgery then tend to her (now permanent) CMO duties.

"Well, that's not a bad way to end a trip to Med Bay." Paz smirks, giving Alec a bow and Phillip a wink. "Tell you what, there's more of those Grithka aces out there, Baron was just the leader…What d'ya say we split them between us?" she asks as she rises to leave, only to be intercepted by Nurse Ninja, who wastes no time pushing her down onto the nearest bed and motioning her to undo her flight suit.

Phillip gives the high ups a quickie salute. As Paz leaves, he notices a nurse racing at her but has no time to warn her. He just mouths an ouch as Paz is slammed to the bed.

Alec smiles and nods, taking stock of things and collecting medals, tidying up (though with one last look at the flying cross!). "He seems like a nice man," Alec muses. "The Win' Commander I mean… heh, more'n happy t'leave you two the aces, though." The bomber pilot looks between the two Minutemen, wincing a little as Paz is rather insistently returned to convalescence. "So, ah - I got your name - Ramirez, right? - but I don't think I got yours," he says, looking over at Iceblade's bed.

Phillip looks over to Alec, "uh…oh sorry, I'm 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford, callsign Iceblade. Actually only been on board for a couple of weeks myself. And I actually witnessed the shot that wiped the ace, it was amazing really." Phillip then turns his head back towards the commotion and hollers over to Sandra, "Hey ninjina, she is released and Raine is okay with her skipping out last night."

"Yeah, that's me." Paz replies as she starts to undo her flight suit so the nurse can examine her dressings, some of which are in dire need of replacing. "And you are?" she asks, craning her neck to make eye contact with the Broadsword jock. "Sorry, I didn't get your name." she says, blushing a little and wincing as the nurse begins to peel the dressings off. "Lieutenant." The Nurse adds simply, shooting both Phillip and Paz her best 'Momma not happy' look. "My name is Nurse-Practitioner Imahara, sir." the young, slim and very fit Asian woman replies evenly. "And I'm starting to find this whole 'Ninja' business a bit offensive." she adds tartly. "If you people would bother to let us finish our work helping you recover, I wouldn't have to button hole you."

Alec is about to introduce himself, but he keeps silent while Nurse Imhara delivers her stern reproof. He looks a little ashamed, possibly on Iceblade's behalf, and gives the nurse an apologetic, rather sheepish smile. Whether she sees it or not's another matter, but it's the thought that counts!

Phillip shrugs back abit, "uh…sorry about that, but you were being rather rough there. I rather not see Paz back in here for non-combat related injuries." Then looks over to Alec, "So I really didn't caught much of your name during the ceremony?"

"Hey, _he_ started it!" Paz replies defensively, pointing towards Phillip like a little girl.

"Eh, eheh, yeah. Lot of talk back there," the pilot admits, pressing on despite the fingerpointing. "Alec, Alec McGrath, nice t'meet you. Been here… eh, two days." He pauses for thought. "It always this crazy?"

Phillip says, "Absolutely Alec." Iceblade then turns towards Paz and Imahara, "I certainly didn't start it since I've only been here two weeks.""

"I don't care who started it, Lieutenant Ramirez, _I_ am stopping it." Imahara replies simply. "Now, sit still and let me redo these dressings." she orders the newly-decorated pilot like a mother would a recalcitrant six year old. "Well, you didn't pick at your scabs." she says,. "That's progress, I suppose. I'm assuming that with flight operations at their current tempo, keeping any of you in the Med Bay once you're ambulatory will be impossible?" she asks the three pilots.

McGrath looks sheepish, again. "Uh, yeah, sorry - I guess? The 13th flies patrols, right?"

"I doubt the 13th is flying too many patrols, though I would imagine your squadron's been given the extra long range flights," Iceblade comments before looking towards the Ninja Nurse, "Well for Paz, I'm sure she will be out in Space more than she on-board, but for Alec and myself, we'll probably be out of the system by the time we're capable of flying."

"Eh..yeah…what they said, Nurse…ah..Imahara." Paz replies, nodding a little as the Nurse redresses her wounds. "So, lemme guess, you want me in here every time before I sortie?" she asks. "Cause I can totally do that."

"'s been some talk here'n there 'bout that," Alec says, eyelids drooping for a moment. "Scuttlebutt's sayin' Nexus, or Telar… Don' think anyone thinks we're stayin' put."

"Very good, Lieutenant." the Nurse replies, nodding as she finishes redressing Paz's neck. "I'm going to give you a course of antibiotics to take, I don't like the look of some of those marks." she adds, pulling a digital prescription pad out of her pocket and scribbling on it. "You are _NOT_ to drink alcohol while you are on these or you will be very, very sick." she says, sending the form into the Med Center's computer for filling. "It'll only be for five days and you can take them with or without food." she finishes, taping down the last of the fresh gauze and gesturing for the pilot to redo her flight suit. "Now, who among you is ready to have their vitals taken?" she asks Phillip and Alec.

Iceblade says, "huh, there that Paz, no alcohol." Then back to Alec, he says, "Well I would imagine it will be Nexus to clean up things there. Nexus is really a Nexus for a number of systems and we have the potential there of splitting the Kilrathi forces." Towards the nurse-practitioner, he comments, "I would go, but I think Alec here is too close to sleep."

Alec looks a little unsure at the thought of more medical attention - it's traditional - and directs a flat look at Philip once the fighter-jock singles him out. "Uh, ok," he says, eventually. "'s get it over with."

"You would go, Lieutenant Bradford, if there were any chance in hell that I would recommend to the CMO that you were cleared you for flight duty." Imahara replies simply, moving to start doing the whole 'vitals' routine with Alec. Her manner may be a little brusque, but she's a good nurse. "Which, given the severity of your injuries, I am not going to do." she says flatly. "Your squadron can do without you for a couple of days. Your worst injury is deep. but doesn't threaten anything vital."

"Fair enough, then." Imahara replies, moving to begin checking Alec's vitals. She may come off a something of a ball buster, but she is a very talented nurse. "Any pain?" she asks Alec, her tone concerned, but slightly detached as it must be for care givers.

"'m alright," McGrath claims, once Imhara is done. "Jus when I breathe, is all. Bit sharp round the chest?" Given that he took cockpit shrapnel to the neck and body, it's not entirely unexpected. "Part from that, it all feels nice an' far-away."

"I don't like your breath sounds on your right side." she notes to Alec, making a notation on the digital pad hanging by a nylon cord around her neck. The woman reaches below Alec's bed and fishes out a bight green, zippered bag, from which she retrieves an inhaler like those used by asthmatics in the 20th century. "I want you to take two breaths on this right now, then one more in an hour, then another an hour later." she instructs him. "The clock on your bed table will remind you." she says. "You're off solid food, naturally, but if you get hungry, press the pager and we'll have some protein shake sent up. It'll be agreeably cold against that throat. If you start coughing from your chest, page us _immediately." she adds. And with that, she turns her attention to Phillip.

Meanwhile, Paz is dozing on a nearby bed, head tilted fully to her chest.

Then nods, "Alright, lets get on with this." Iceblade then lets the nurse-practitioner do her thing, a routine to which Phillip is really familiar with since this is not the first time he's been in here with serious chest injuries in the few weeks that he has been aboard the Majestic.

Trey creeps into the medical ward. I mean, he's really taking this a bit far. Of course, when he presses his back against a wall, pulls a curtain shut, and so on, he avoids having to actually sign in, which may be the most annoying and unnatural thing for a guy like him in the first place. Ah, to be a con artist and a smuggler. Said con artist and smuggler, meanwhile, rogues to the nurse's ninja. He happens to pop up near Paz' bed, smirking at her and not saying a word. Apparently he feels he doesn't have to, and she'll know what his smirk means.

Alec nods, a little browbeaten and looking rueful at the thought of going without solids for his stay. He obediently takes as deep a breath as he can manage from the inhaler. Seemingly at a loose end after that, he watches the nurse at work - though his attention's soon grabbed by the man lurking near Lt. Ramirez.

The routine for Phillip is almost the same as for Alec, an inhaler given, advice of protein shakes if hungry and a stern warning about coughs from the chest. Again, Imahara may be a nutbuster, but there's real compassion in her voice for anyone who's injured. Phillip just gives a frown, keeping mum about certain items he ate around mid-day.

Trey reaches over the sleeping fighter pilot and pulls lightly on her ear, as if to bend it towards the sound of his voice. He simultaneously taps her on the shoulder while intoning: "Hey, Starkiller. The galaxy needs saving."

"mmhnnhf?" Paz replies, rousing from her sudden and stone-deep slumber a little. "Who's pullin'….mnmgf…my ear?" she asks, blinking owlishly as she opens her eyes to the harsh light of the Med Bay.

Whatever was in the inhaler seems to have one obvious effect; the bomber pilot, already worn out from talking, thinking and sitting up and down, begins to fall asleep - and within seconds, despite a defiant flutter of his eyelids, he's dead to the world - until the inhaler alarm wakes him up, one assumes…

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