The Serbian Menace!
Sandra Bullock
Major Dejana Maria Markovic
Name: Dejana Maria Markovic
Rank: Major
Callsign: Needles
Age: 33
Nationality: Serbian
Branch: TCSF
Department: 221st Fighter Sqdn
Position: Commanding Officer
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Sandra Bullock



Originally from Serbia, this lady explains her origin as being 'a child of Eastern Europe.' She grew up all over the place due to sports (and wealthy parents) and her accent is a mess of different locales that is even sprinkled with a few typically British phrases. If pressed, the Major will admit to having been to nearly every country on the continent for a variety of reasons. She did her collegiate studies at the University of Warsaw where she got her commission as an officer, grabbing a bachelors in Philosophy. Originally offered a rugby scholarship, she played all through college and was able to get a full-ride through the Confed. She was planning on serving out a few years to pay off college doing something 'safe' like medical or engineering, but Dejana applied for a flight slot with the TCSF due to a drunken dare. She was the picture of shocked when she got it, too, given her minor fear of flying at the time. Since then, Dejana's seen two fleet deployments in combat environments and a stint as a flight instructor. The Major also just got her Masters before shipping out to the Majestic. Fluent in four languages (English, Russian, Serbian, and Polish), Dejana likes to claim the traveling the world has made her aware of just how worthy a trait that 'being vulgar' is - a trait she does not typically apologize for.

Prior Deployments

  • TCS Reuben James (16 months)
  • TCS Bunker Hill (2.9 years)
  • St. Johns Fighter Weapons School, Nova Scotia, Canada (3.8 years)
  • Brussels TCNWC, Belgium (Deployment from FWS, 8 months)
  • TCS Majestic


After finishing flight school at 24, Dejana was put out to the fleet on the TCS Reuben James. She did a year there before being transferred to the TCS Bunker Hill. She spent another few years on there, seeing more serious action on her following deployment. Having attained two kills on the James, Needles grabbed an additional ten on the Bunker Hill. After her DSC win, it was recommended she be appointed to Saint Johns and be promoted to Captain. She received both on the same day - the day she left recovery. Her performance reviews, in a professional assessment, have been been fairly good overall. Since she was transferred off the Reuben James, Flight Assessments have listed her as "extremely aggressive" almost without fail. The written citations on her medal certificates and commendation letters only seem to corroborate this. As do her demerits.


- Letter of Commendation (Two)
- Golden Sun
- CSC Ribbon
- Purple Heart
- Ace Award (Double Cluster)
- 25 Mission Award
- Bronze Star
- Distinguished Service Cross


Numerous minor arrests for being involved somehow in barfights, though those have slackened in the past two years. She has a couple remarks about being disrespectful to superior officers and one listed charge of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (details sealed) as a Second Lieutenant, though the charges there were dropped. There are numerous notations about her ignoring orders that she was given but didn't feel the need to follow. However, only in a few instances have these resulted in less-than positive results. To call her a 'loose cannon' may be going to far, though. She is incredibly loyal to the service and believes in what she does, but she has been known to protect those under her command to a fault. Sometimes this has even been to the detriment of own career.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC, except for DH's)

To Whom It May Concern:
2nd Lieutenant Dejana Markovic should be encouraged to pursue projects outside of bars. She has shown an affinity for working tactical problems and the aptitude for them. However she has shown recently that she cannot go four weeks without being involved in some kind of bar altercation. If future commanders can keep her tasked on certain projects or busy with duty she may be able to keep from causing you the headaches she has caused me. That did not work as recommended.

Future CO's:
Despite showing serious promise as an officer, the Captain has had two altercations with personnel since her promotion last year. Just this morning she threw a chair at my secretary. While nearly justified, behavior like this cannot be condoned. I ask that this note be kept in here to notify that I am unofficially recommending that Captain Markovic be retarded to the rank of Captain while she continues her deployment to Saint Johns. Once back in the fleet, if she can quit being such a bitch, she might prove to be a valuable asset to the TCSF. -Brigadier General Louis Erhardt III

Other IC Info

"Needles" used to teach at a fighter weapons school in Canada. She occasionally runs into former students around the fleet. Major Markovic was also much known for her drunken antics as she was for her collection achievements (both good and bad) in the first few years she was in the fleet. Don't underestimate her wit, either. She can be as fast on the draw with a snide remark as she can with her, sometimes horrifically, brutal honesty. Time on the front lines has changed her somewhat, though. Being in combat has reminded her of some important things she lost between her time when she left the Bunker Hill and arrived on the Majestic: Honor, respect, dedication, and what it means to put one's life on the line for other people. Her leadership waned and withered being back at Saint Johns but life experience and combat command have effected her in unmistakable ways. Today she still struggles with her vices and who she is but makes no bones about her interest in the welfare of who she views as 'her pilots.' Dejana also enjoys long walks on the hangar deck, romantic dogfights under the stars and a 12 year old bottle of triple malt Scotch.


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