Gary Oldman
Captain Maxim Stepanovich Korsakov
Name: Maxim Stepanovich Korsakov
Rank: Captain
Callsign: Hammer
Age: 29
Nationality: Russian
Branch: TCSF
Department: 287th Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot, Squadron CO
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Gary Oldman


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Maxim Stepanovich Korsakov was born on January 16, 2628, in Krasnoye Selo, a small town south of St. Petersburg, Russia. The son of Stepan Korsakov, a local petroleum engineer, and Lieutenant Irina Korsakova, a TCN officer. The eldest of two children, Max and his younger sister Anya(born four years later) spent most of their childhood in a single parent household following Irina's death in 2634, when the Kilrathi launched a surprise attack on McAuliffe. Stepan's lucrative occupation and Irina's military benefits ensured that the Korsakov children wanted for nothing, though they didn't exactly lead happy, well adjusted lives; Max was a horribly hot-tempered young man who started far too many fights, and Anya fell in with a bad crowd briefly during her teen years. However, the pair survived, endured, and even flourished as they grew older. Both Max and Anya made it into college; though Max only made it halfway through a pre-med program before dropping out to join the military.

To this day, Max Korsakov does not answer any questions as to his motivation for joining the Space Forces, yet in 2648, he did just that when he transferred from the University of St. Petersburg to the nearest Space Naval Academy campus, in Vienna. Some point to the death of his mother and cite a desire for revenge, or to continue on her legacy. Some have wondered if he wasn't merely looking for a direction or was unsatisfied with his career choice. Max had always loved flying; he points to the experience of riding in an ancient, refurbished Su-27 atmospheric fighter as a highlight of his younger years. His father wasn't happy about the decision, reminding him that his mother had died in the service, but the stubborn young Max wasn't having any of it, and eventually Stepan grudgingly withdrew his objections.

At the Academy, Korsakov was quickly accepted into pilot training, where he displayed uncanny reflexes, a quick, observant eye, and a killer's instinct. If he had one flaw as a pilot, it was his lack of imagination; he progressed quickly in his class, mastering all the textbook maneuvers more quickly than his peers, but his flying style was derided by his flight instructors as being unimaginative and impatient, if undeniably competent. He received his callsign of Hammer after several training exercises where he used mere brute force strategy to win; it's said that he has 'all the subtlety of a blunt object'.

Despite said lack of subtlety and a chronic inability to kiss adequate amounts of higher-ranking ass(which has on a couple occasions delayed promotions) Max's military career has so far been a successful one. After graduating from the Academy on a war-shortened program in 2650, he was posted to the Bengal-class strike carrier TCS Wolfhound, flying Hornet-class light fighters with the Black Nova squadron. His baptism of fire didn't have to wait long, as Wolfhound and the Black Novas participated in the Confederation's raid on Hhallas. He would go on to become a double ace while serving on Wolfhound, notching a kill tally of 13 Dralthi and Sartha-class fighters.

In fact, Max had developed into a promising enough pilot that in 2654, he was transferred back to the Naval Academy on Earth, where he was appointed a junior flight instructor in order to help pass along his valuable front line combat experience. While teaching at the Academy, he served alongside one 1st Lieutenant, and later Captain, Dejana Markovic, who would later serve with him on another posting. (See below.) He remained in said post for three years, teaching young cadets all the tricks he knew with his particular brand of blunt, earthy wisdom. By 2657, however, the TCSF was becoming more desperate for experienced pilots as the war dragged on, and Korsakov's request for a transfer back to a combat squadron was accepted, with a twist: while he would be reporting to the 221st Fighter Squadron, the Illuminati, he would be doing so not as just another pilot, but as squadron executive officer.

As a pilot, Max lacks the natural talent many of his comrades possess, but he makes up for it with sheer determination, lack of fear, and a willingness to push his body and his craft well beyond their safe limits. Having recently been promoted to Captain, he isn't yet quite used to the mantle of authority, and tends not to call his subordinates out on minor issues of regulations or protocol. As such, he's mostly well respected by superiors and subordinates alike, though his rough personality doesn't exactly engender warm fuzzies in others. His flying style, as mentioned above, is very minimalist and no-frills; he doesn't employ flashy maneuvers, simply sticking to the mantra of “get behind the enemy and shoot his furry ass off”.

Prior Deployments

383rd Fighter Squadron, TCS Wolfhound
Northwest Hemisphere Fighter Weapons School, Nova Scotia
221st Fighter Squadron, TCS Majestic


Bronze Star
Silver Star
Golden Sun
Terran Confederation Flying Cross



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