The Kilrathi evolved from a predatory race on the harsh, arid planet of Kilrah. Their intelligence originally developed to enhance their hunting abilities, and to allow them to survive the harsh conditions of their home planet. These origins still form the basis of Kilrathi psychology to this day, and have a profound effect on their actions in combat.

The history of Kilrathi civlization is a history of conflict. The same intelligence which allowed them to survive as hunters was quickly turned with deadly effect on rival groupings, leaving the Kilrathi a fiercely combative group of clans engaged in near-perpetual civil war. An end came when the Kilrathi were visited by a spacefaring species, who provided the Kilrathi with advanced technology, including spaceflight. The expansion brought a temporary end to the civil wars, though it did not take long for the Kilrathi to turn their newfound tools on their benefactors, defeating and enslaving them. Left once again without an external enemy, the Kilrathi clans turned on each other… the scope of their battlefield now spanning across the stars. Following several bloody exchanges of power, the ruling Kiranka finally realized that the best way to secure their power base was to maintain an external threat for the empire to focus its energies towards. A series of wars followed, most ending quickly: Their opponents lacked either the technology or the force of will to successfully counter them.

Initial encounters with the Terran Confederation gave the Kilrathi rulers little reason to believe the conflict would be any different. Attempts to deal with the Kilrathi through peaceful means met with contempt from the Kilrathi, who viewed it as a further sign of Human weakness, and their place as a prey species. The illusion would persist right up until the opening engagement of the war…


Detailed information is available HERE.


Detailed information is available HERE.

Kilrathi Commanders

Kalralahr K'nsa nar Caxki - A prominent son of the Caxki clan's patriarch, K'nsa was chosen as the commander for the Kilrathi assault into Gemini Sector. Rumors had begun to surface of his discontent with the Emperor's policies, and assigning him such a risky task seemed to be the easiest way to eliminate a potential rival without the Crown Prince risking an open assassination and war between the clans. The rapid success of the initial advance met with mixed elation and disappointment within the Kilrathi palace. A break in the stalemate of the war was, obviously, desirable… however it has also had the effect of making K'nsa the hero of the hour in the Empire, a position the ruling Kiranka clan would rather not see continue.

Khantahr Harekh nar Kiranka - A distant cousin of the royal bloodline, Harekh is often assigned as an aide to watch potentially troublesome senior commanders. Harekh has found himself assigned as second in command of the Kilrathi invasion under K'nsa nar Caxki. While his military record is serviceable enough, his true prowess lies in handling internal matters rather than external ones… a fact which is not lost on his immediate superior. During the initial assault, Harekh often found himself tasked with handling the capture of strategically unimportant systems and other such demeaning roles which kept him away from K'nsa and the main body of the fleet, a fact which has only furthered his animosity towards his commander.

Kilrathi Fighters

Sartha - The Sartha is a fast and maneuverable fighter employed by Kilrathi reconnaissance patrols which has recently been observed to replace the aging Salthi class. With modest armament and armor that's considered suicidally thin by Confederation standards, the Sartha's biggest threats are its sensors and its communications system. Where Sartha are spotted, heavier craft are sure to be close behind.

Dralthi II - The Dralthi II is the most commonly seen Kilrathi fighter in space. The ship is lightly armored compared to Confederation craft that fill the same role, however its speed and maneuverability exceed its confederation counterpart's. The Dralthi's twin missile launchers also enable it to put a substantial amount of firepower into space in a short time, though the fighter's endurance is limited.

Krant - The Krant is the less-common of the two Kilrathi medium fighter classes, though also the more capable, leading Terran Intelligence to suspect some form of production difficulty. Armament is light by Confederation standards, but the Krant's armor exceeds even that of the Scimitar.

Hhriss - The Hhriss is considered by many pilots to be the toughest of the Kilrathi designs in space. Well armed, well armored, and with respectable maneuverability, the Hhriss' only major weakness is its low top speed. The Hhriss is primarily seen in a defensive role, leaving Terran Intelligence to suspect it has a limited deployment range.

Jalthi - With three laser cannon and three neutron guns, the Jalthi's forward armament is nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, the design is slow and unwieldy, leaving the ship vulnerable to attack by more nimble craft which can avoid the terrifying frontal firepower.

Grikath - The Grikath is a new Kilrathi design, meant to replace their aging selection of bomber craft. Built around an entirely different concept from the broadsword, the Grikath relies more on speed than firepower to reach its target and deliver its payload. The Grikath carries only one turret to the Broadsword's three, and carries one less torpedo. Armor is comparable, however, and more importantly the craft is equipped with afterburners, giving it a substantial edge in speed.

Kilrathi Capital Ships

Dorkir - The Dorkir is the most commonly employed Kilrathi bulk transport craft. Several different versions have been noted, filling roles from troop transport to tanker craft. The Dorkir is slow, unmaneuverable, and badly armed by almost any standard, and is thus rarely seen unescorted.

Lumbari - Designed from stolen plans in response to the Confederation's deployment of the Diligent, the Lumbari is a purpose-built military transport. The Lumbari is smaller and more maneuverable than the Dorkir-class, though offers no improvement in speed, and actually carries less armor. The craft has seen extremely limited use, and it has been speculated that the Kilrathi did not find the changes enough to justify redirecting their manufacturing capacity.

Ralari - The Ralari is the most commonly sighted class of Kilrathi destroyer. Like many Kilrathi capital ships, it sports a small fighter compliment to supplement its firepower. Anti-Capship armament is light compared to similar Confederation designs, however anti-fighter armament is superior, reflecting its hybrid status.

Fralthi - The Fralthi-class is an odd creature by Terran standards, and is alternately classified as a Cruiser and a Light Carrier. Armor is roughly equal to the Exeter class, and the main batteries are superior. Anti-fighter armament is limited by Confederation standards, however, leaving the Fralthi vulnerable to fighter attack.

Snakeir - The Snakeir is the newest design of Kilrathi purpose-built carrier. Fighter compliment is superior to the Bengal, and the ship is more heavily armored than any other design employed on either side of the war. Armament is extremely lacking, however, with the same anti-fighter armament as the smaller Ralari and Fralthi classes, and no Anti-Capship weaponry at all.


Bak'ral nar Kiranka - Bak'ral is a Kilrathi young nobleman, inheriting his title from his deceased uncle Baktosh. Like his uncle before him, Bak'ral is both highly skilled and extremely arrogant. Believing himself to be the epitome of Kilrathi noble superiority, Bak'ral rarely backs down from a fight. An expert marksman and average pilot, he prefers to use heavy fighters and engage from maximum range, using his superior gunnery to destroy opponents before they are ever in position to outfly him.

Kutag nar Caxki - Kutag nar Caxki, or Kutag the Executioner as he has come to be known among Terran pilots, has earned a reputation for brutality as much as skill. Frequently abandoning traditional Kilrathi concepts of honor, Kutag will adapt his tactics to whatever he feels the most effective for a given circumstance. He has commonly been observed to destroy the escape pods of Confederation pilots after they have ejected.

Nur'val nar Sutaghi - One of the few Sutaghi pilots in Gemini, Nur'val is something of an oddity for his clan. Aggressive to a fault, Nur'val appears to find fighter combat fun. Nur'val typically prefers to engage enemy escort craft, leaving the completion of mission objectives to his wingmen. On more than one occasion, Nur'val has been observed to break away from a target which was not providing sufficient challenge for his skills.

Zur'fel nar Qarg - The most dangerous Kilrathi fighter pilot in Gemini, Zur'fel has destroyed over one hundred Confederation craft in his Hhriss. Progressive for a Kilrathi, Zur'fel believes the skill of some Terran pilots entitles them to treatment as fellow warriors. More than one pilot, badly battered after a lengthy engagement, has found himself surprised to see Zur'fel withdrawing after completing his mission objective instead of closing in for the easy kill.

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