Aisling "Mouse" Kaye
Moira Kelly
1st Lieutenant Aisling Kaye
Name: Aisling Kaye
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Mouse
Age: 25
Nationality: Black Irish
Branch: TCSF
Department: 221st Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Mars (Chryse City)
Actor: Moira Kelly



A technician-turned-pilot, Lieutenant Aisling Kaye has served the Confederation for more than a quarter of her life. Quiet to the point of being painfully shy, she's one of the newer arrivals aboard TCS Majestic, having been transferred from her previous posting to the reconstituted 221st Fighter Squadron.


  • Father: Ryan Kaye, security guard, Eschaton, Inc.
  • Mother: Naomi Kaye (née Kildare), professor of English literature, Chryse Community College
  • Brother: 2LT Alexander Kaye, KIA Battle of New Trafalgar, TCS Scythe (2650.144)

Prior Deployments

  • TFNS Sierra, Alpha Centauri - Basic Training
  • TCS Harlequin - 3 months
  • TFNS Farragut, Sydney, Australia - OCS and Flight School
  • 777th Fighter Squadron ("Lucky Sevens"), TCS Velocity - 4 years
  • 221st Fighter Squadron ("Illuminati"), TCS Majestic - current assignment

Service Record


  • Purple Heart (Awarded on 2651.228 by Commander Lovell Mann for "wounds received in action during the flight of TCS Harlequin to safe harbor at Megara Prime.")
  • 5 Mission Award (Awarded on 2654.271 by Major Felicia "Crab" d'Anjou, CO, 777th Fighter Squadron)
  • Ace Award (Awarded on 2655.189 by Major Felicia "Crab" d'Anjou, CO, 777th Fighter Squadron)

Missions Flown: 23
Confirmed Kills: 12 fighters, 0 capital ships

Notes (OOC except for DHs)

TO: MAJ Kieran Ashwood, Quartermaster
CC: 2LT Aisling Kaye, 777th Fighter Squadron
DATE: 2653.307
RE: Wardroom Access

Despite repeated noise complaints from other officers, 2LT Aisling Kaye has consciously and persistently interrupted the repose of her fellow pilots with excessively loud renditions of "works by Beethoven, Mussorgsky, and several notable composers in the 24th-century Neo-Romantic School" (see attached statement by 2LT Kaye, p. 2). 2LT Kaye is reminded that the taxpayers of the Terran Confederation did not authorize the construction of TCS Velocity for the purpose of providing her with a mobile concert hall; rather, TCS Velocity is a front-line carrier tasked with the defense of aforementioned taxpayers against the depredations of an unremittingly hostile alien race. She is also reminded that, contrary to her expectations, TCS Velocity's engineering teams possess neither the necessary material nor the substantial amount of time required to install "better soundproofing" on Deck 17 (see ibid., p. 3).

By my order, 2LT Kaye is hereby banned from the wardroom for ninety (90) days. A note to this effect has been recorded in her file. She is to use this time to select substantially less muscular compositions for integration into her repertoire, including at least three (3) pieces in the style of Debussy.

Major Felicia d'Anjou, Commanding Officer, 777th Fighter Squadron

Other IC Info

  • The proper pronunciation of her given name is "ASH-lynn."
  • Her callsign is "Mouse." If there's a story behind it, she hasn't told anybody on board.
  • She's never seen without the icon of St Christopher she wears around her neck, and she prays the Rosary every night before turning in.
  • When she's off-duty, she's often found in the company of a pair of oversized headphones, humming along to whatever classical composition strikes her fancy.
  • She has synaesthesia.
  • Mouse absolutely positively will not touch meat, and even the smell is enough to make her visibly agitated.






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