Prince Charles
Major(r) Frethan Jenthson
Name: Frethan Jenthson
Rank: Major(r)
Callsign: Pip
Age: 46
Nationality: English
Branch: TCSF
Department: Wing Commander
Position: Pilot/Commanding Officer
Marital Status: Divorced
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Prince Charles


Pre-Military Background

Born to a pair of wealthy parents, Frethan was very rarely in need, and spent his childhood attending the best schools in England, though he was a mediocre student, at the best of times. His interests lie in space, and exploration, with an appreciation for the stories that came back from the far reaches of human expansion, and the journalists that traveled, often alone and in dangerous areas, to send these tales back home.

It was was to this end, that he went to University, where he studied journalism, along with paying for flight training, on the side. His goal was to be an independent newsman, flying through the void of space, and writing about his journeys. But, this dream was to be short-lived. At 22, he was an intern, working for a journalist aboard the TCS Agincourt, an old cruiser, assigned to patrol the border with the Kilrathi Empire, and investigate the long-standing series of raids, and other violent acts perpetrated by the soon-to-be enemy.

It was aboard the Agincourt that Jenthson first heard word of the destruction of the Anna Magdalena, and with the declaration of war on the Kilrathi Empire, the cruiser went into immediate combat operations. She lasted a month, before she was destroyed. Jenthson survived merely because non-combat personnel were evacuated at the last moments, and protected by brave starfighter pilots. He never forgot what he saw in that month of campaign.

A week after stepping foot on Earth, he enlisted, and entered OCS.

Military Record

Frethan's time in OCS was difficult, because he wanted nothing more but to be deployed in a starfighter, and fight for the Confederation. But, he had to learn to be an officer, and he did just that. Older by a few years than many of his comrades, he became something of a big brother to many, and earned the ire of some of the less realist instructors…he had seen combat at the front, and he was not shy about describing it in great detail to the younger students.

The young officer was commissioned and sent to combat flight school, where he did significantly better than in OCS. He scored well into the upper tier of his class, and was proven to be an effective, and aggressive combat pilot. Upon graduation, he was posted to the TCS Bastion, a brand new carrier.

Aboard the Bastion, Jenthson earned his callsign and first kills in the same mission. His first combat mission ended with the Englishman returning home in a Hornet filled with holes, a missing wing, and no targeting systems functional. He earned two unassisted gun kills, and was found drinking tea in the ship's mess, just moments after landing. A comrade exclaimed that it was the "Most British thing he'd ever seen, and Jenthson was the most English Pip of a bastard alive."

It stuck.

The years went well for Pip. He proved himself to be a leader, and over more than a decade of combat operations, he amassed a large kill collection, that he has chosen not to disclose, since his return to the military. Choosing to refer to himself as a multiple ace.

His final combat assignment was Wing Commander of the TCS Montgomery, which ended in infamy. The details are still hazy, but more than half of his pilots died to save the Carrier and her task force, and he was court-martialed, while the Commodore in command was promoted. He was left bitter, and sent back to Earth to recover from wounds suffered, both physical and mental. With the wife he'd married just before that deployment. That he barely knew. Oh, it was going to be epic.


The Montgomery's Widow was a pub purchased and renamed by Frethan, and it was here that his life truly fell apart. He fell into a cycle of boozing, fighting with his wife, and shooting the shit with a bunch of old vets. It was not a happy time for the couple, and the lack of children did not help. His only time in space was working as a private flight instructor for spoiled brats that he didn't like one bit, and seemed to take joy in bringing up his court martial, courtesy of their politician parents.

After years of this cycle, his wife got fed up, divorced the old pilot, and took the bar, and most of his money. It forced Pip into a reassessment phase, and sobered him up(sort of). Finally, one of his many requests for reinstatement was returned with a note of hope. It offered him a commission in the Reserves, with the rank of First Lieutenant, and a combat assignment. It was a step down from Major, but better than he expected.

TCS Majestic

Life aboard the Majestic has been an easy fit for Pip, though he does seem to have issues with keeping his opinions to himself. He has asserted himself as one of the better pilots aboard the vessel, despite his age, and found himself forced into a leadership position, as the 1087th's Captain was KIA, not long after Jenthson's assignment.

In his first week aboard, Frethan has earned 22 fighter kills, and a third of a Fralthi. Still no report on his actual career totals, though he does wear the Century Award ribbon, on the rare occasions seen in uniform.

Prior Deployments

TCS Agincourt(Civilian)
TCS Bastion(173rd Fighter Squadron)
TCS Ledbetter(XO:272nd Fighter Squadron)
TCS Santa Anna(XO:11th Bomber Squadron)
TCS Avenger(CO:191st Fighter Squadron)
Santiago, Chile, Combat Flight School(Senior Instructor)
TCS Montgomery(CO:Ugly 89th Fighter Squadron/ACAG Montgomery)

Main Awards

*Golden Sun
*Purple Heart(w/2 bars)
*Bronze Star
*Terran Confederation Flying Cross
*Distinguished Service Cross(TCSF)

Pilot Specific

*Century Award(and inferior awards in same category)
*100 Mission Award(and inferior awards in same category)
*Gemini Campaign Ribbon


*Court-martial. Stripped of rank for failure to follow orders, and wreckless endangerment of subordinates. Removed from service.

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