Jacob Samuel "Cletus" O'Riley
Jared Padalecki
1st Lieutenant Jacob Samuel O'Riley
Name: Jacob Samuel O'Riley
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Cletus
Age: 24
Nationality: Goddard
Branch: TCSF
Department: 13th Bomber Squadron
Position: Horizontal, usually
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Goddard Colony (Destroyed)
Actor: Jared Padalecki



To be perfectly blunt, Jake O'Riley never really wanted anything to do with Confed for most of his life. Born the youngest of three children and raised on the Goddard colony to a small-operation farmer and his wife, Jacob's early years were spent helping his parents on the farm, and tinkering with the many pieces of mechanical equipment that his father owned. He showed some aptitude for farming, and often remarked that there was something deeply spiritual about coaxing life from a tiny seed. But more than farming, his true passion was found up to his elbows in old engine compartments and inside damaged machinery. Despite his lack of formal education, he soon became a proficient mechanic. Some of his friends remarked that he could talk to machinery like most people talked to their girlfriend, and get the equipment to respond just as favorably. He also found some small talent in piloting the family's cargo shuttle, though that was more about fun and games than any actual career path, so he thought.

So when he was seventeen, after saving for years and being helped along by the contributions of his parents, he applied to and was accepted to a prominent trade school back on Earth. He left Goddard to study there, determined to earn his trade degree and go to work in the massive shipyards of the Confed, where he was determined to design the next great warship — not, mind you, to help the war effort, but because he WANTED to. Some kids dreamed of becoming sports stars, or great pilots, or great lovers… Jake dreamed of creating the perfect space-going vessel. And for a year, that's exactly what he worked hard towards.

Then came March 26, 2654. Jacob was in his particle physics class when the news came over the school's comm system. The Goddard colony — and Jacob's parents and friends along with them — had been completely destroyed.

The trade school announced a recess for the day, and Jacob found himself back in his room. He didn't remember weeping, though he obviously had from the angry redness around his eyes. Suddenly, the idea of becoming a shipwright didn't seem so glamorous anymore, and the dream of creating the next Tiger's Claw was cold and hollow. It took him ten minutes to decide what he would do next, and twenty minutes to catch a shuttle to the nearest Confed recruiting station.

Jacob was in the academy for three years. It was discovered almost immediately that his aptitude with the old cargo shuttle back on Goddard hadn't been a fluke, and he was transfered to the TCSF on reccomnedation from his instructors. His marks in his academy classes were consistently high, though not earth-shattering, and on his graduation he was assigned to the 191st Bomber Wing aboard the TCS Normandy, a pocket carrier with a fairly mundane record used primarily for recon or fleet escort missions.

Jacob's career in the TCSF was spectacularily ordinary for exactly ten months. Most engagements with the Kilrathi were minor skirmishes, with little call for a bomber wing to be deployed. And when they were, it was to strike at lightly-defended targets. That all came to an end when the Normandy, on a single-ship recon of what was thought to be an empty system, ran straight into a Kilrathi recon-by-force group apparently tasked with the same mission. Alarms blared, and the Normandy scrambled her two squadrons - a fighter group and the 191st bomber group - as the Kilrathi group moved to intercept. The Normandy was badly outgunned, staring down the guns of a Ralari-class destroyer and a Fralthi light carrier, but had no choice but to fight, to buy time for the carrier to reach the jump point back to the battle group. But the jump point was a long way away, and the Normandy was not a fast ship.

By all rights, the battle should have been a disaster. Outgunned, outnumbered, and outclassed, the Normandy's fighters began to fall one by one as the Kilrathi capital ships pounded away at the beleaguered carrier. But Jacob Samuel O'Riley had not come this far only to fall to some cats that had accidentally gotten in his way. Ordering his crew to evacuate the bomber, Jacob pointed his Broadsword straight at the nearest enemy capital ship, the Ralari destroyer. Firing off every missile he had in a single salvo and emptying his gun capacitors as a follow-up, he punched through the enemy fighter screen and brought his torpedoes to bear. The Kilrathi pounded his ship mercilessly, the Ralari's flak cannons tore holes in the superstructure, and the air began to whistle around his ears as it escaped into space… And still he came on. His shields fell, a dozen missile locks screamed at him from his control board, and still he flew straight at the destroyer. Finally, there came the 'lock' tone, and he jabbed the fire button and the eject button at the same time. The torpedoes flew forward, his ejector seat flew up, and an instant later, his bomber exploded in a blaze of fire and shrapnel. The detonation broke an arm and five ribs, puncturing a lung in the process. But his efforts had been rewarded. His torepedoes struck home, and the Ralari exploded in a massive fireball, even taking a couple of kilrathi fighters that had been too close.

Jacob would not find out until later, but his actions managed to turn the tide of the battle for the Normandy. With the sudden loss of the Ralari, the Kilrathi forces fell into a moment of disarray, and that was enough for the Confed forces to regroup and press the offensive. It was not a decisive victory; the Normandy survived by the skin of her teeth, damaged, half her crew dead or wounded, and three quarters of her fighter complement destroyed, with only half of those pilots having been able to eject before their ships gave way. But the Kilrathi had fared worse; the Fralthi and Ralari were both gone, and the fighters destroyed completely. Jacob recieved a hero's welcome back on the carrier, though he was not conscious to see it. Suffering from blood loss, a concussion, and the beginnings of pneumonia, it would be several months until he was fully recovered enough to return to action.

Jacob's actions in the Normandy's engagement earned him notice from certain high-placed individuals, and that attention resulted in the young pilot's being awarded the gold star for valor, and an immediate promotion to 1st Lieutenant, along with his choice of assignments upon his release from the hospital. Desiring to be in the thick of things-where he believed he could be of most use to the war effort-1st Lieutenant O'Riley chose the TCS Majestic for his next posting, and was assigned to the 13th Bomber Group immediately upon his discharge from the hospital.

Prior Deployments

TCS Normandy, 191st Bomber Group.


Confed Gold Star

Career Kills:

Blue Fang - Fralthi-class Light Carrier


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Other IC Info

Jacob's callsign comes from his deep southern-drawl accent. On his first day at the academy, someone mentioned that he sounded more like a "Cletus McGee" than a "Jacob O'Riley". The callsign has stuck ever since.

Jake is also an accomplished mechanic and loves to tinker with things. He can often be found on the flight deck of whatever carrier he is posted to, going over his bomber with a variety of different instruments and tools in an effort to improve performance beyond factory specs.

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