Installation Types In Gemini

Mining - The heart of Gemini Sector's economy, mining bases are typically affixed to massive asteroids, serving as a platform for exploiting the surrounding belts. Work is both demanding and dangerous, but the high compensation offered to asteroid miners ensures a steady demand for mining jobs despite the risks. Station facilities are generally minimal, with the majority of space aboard devoted towards mining operations

Refinery - Refinery stations are large, platform-based space stations designed to process the material recovered from mining bases into finished goods. Their modular construction allows the same basic station layout to support production of anything from fuel to durable goods to fissionable materials. The choice to locate these facilities aboard stations rather than planetside was made to reduce problems with pollution on the limited number of habitable planets (See: New Detroit), but it has left them particularly vulnerable to Kilrathi assault.

Agricultural - Located on large planets with a high land-to-ocean ratio, these installations feed the inhabitants of Gemini Sector. Most of these are recently terraformed (and in some cases, are still in the process of terraforming). The Confederation had been attempting to encourage more colonists to move to Gemini's sparsely-populated agricultural planets to relieve population pressure in the core, though this initiative has been temporarily been suspended with so many worlds now close to the front line… or on the wrong side of it.

Pleasure - Where other facilities in Gemini serve the population's needs, pleasure planets exist to serve their vices. Located on worlds otherwise poorly suited for use by 'productive' industries and fed by a steady stream of miners with accumulated paychecks, businessmen, and underworld figures, pleasure planets are among the most profitable installations in Gemini. Loose oversight from the government and a heavy involvement from the local underworld have ensured that nearly anything goes on many of these planets, and nearly anything can be had… for the right price.

Pirate - With booming industry has come a booming business in piracy. These installations serve as bases of operations for the sector's pirate gangs, and are most often located within stations which business or nature has caused to fall abandoned. Serving as a central point for everything from fencing of stolen goods to drug distribution, these bases are a vital part of Gemini's underworld economy.

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