Helen Strike Brief
Helen Strike Brief
Summary: Markovic hosts a briefing for the wing to update them on their situation, deliver some news, and issue a strike warning.
Date: 2658.005
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Markovic is already at the front of the briefing room, standing at the podium. She isn't paying much attention to the pilots slowly moving in. Her eyes are down on the papers in front of her, a pen scrawling over them quickly.

Xiang strides into the briefing room, notebook in hand, fresh pen tucked into it. Standard Good Student Mode. A nod and quick smile are offered to Markovic as she finds herself a seat. Near the front, of course.

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Markovic clears her throat and speaks up from the podium without looking up from the papers in front of her. "Alright! Find your seats if you have not already and quiet the fuck down." She waits.

"You really don't know who Wonder Woman is?" Paz asks Trey as she finds a place and readies the notebook she keeps on her kneeboard. "We're from the same sector….Hell, I heard about Wonder Woman from one of those independent crews like you were on.." she adds, looking and sounding mystified at how any human being could not posses this information.

Foster steps in from the outside, moving to a seat somewhere around the middle. Sitting down, he readies a notebook and a pen, and looks around for a few moments.

Trey does, in fact, find a seat. He grabs one way in the back of the room, checks his uniform for any stray creases or wrinkles, and then sits up straight. He pulls a small metal necklace out from the inside of his shirt, displaying a pendant of Saint Sebastian, then puts his hands facedown on his desk.

Xiang has entered and taken her seat near the front. She flips her notebook open to a fresh sheet of paper, testing her pen on it. Yep. She's good and inked.

Tori comes along with the terrible two, actually kind of glad for the company. She's quiet, listening to their conversation and learning as she goes. She slides into a seat beside them, simple and easy, no muss no fuss. She hasn't even unpacked yet.

"Okay. First - your news. If you have not already heard, Captain Korsakov has been transferred to the TCS Honour to lead a squadron there. I have been promoted to Major and put in charge of the two-twenty-first. God help you all." Its a solemn wish spoken seriously and punctuated with the barest hint of a smile. "Lieutenant Peter 'B' Jay will be promoted to Captain and replacing me for the XO position. We also have a new Captain for the ten-eighty-seventh coming in; Victoria Carruthers. No, I do not know anything about her. If you want details, you will have to inquire to her about them. Captain Swallows from the thirteenth is still in recovery. Doctors are still unsure about her flight status once she is out of recovery. If you have not already, I want every single one of you to go see her and give her shit about spending her tour on her back and what that usually entails for the regular Navy." There's no hiding that smile on her face. But it fades quickly. "Now, on to more serious business. You all will be seeing less of Lieutenant Aquilina in the coming weeks. He is going on deployment for training to become a Forward Air Controller. If this interests you and you are shitfire crazy enough to do it, contact me after the meeting and I will see about getting you set-up after Torch finishes his training." She then takes a moment to look the pilots in the eyes. "Next. I am finishing with prep for an operation that will involve going deep behind enemy lines with me and dealing with pirates. And I do not mean killing them. I will not kid you, this operation will be as dangerous as they come and I will accept only volunteers. You very well may not come back from this. Raise your hand if this sounds like something you are interested in - and keep in mind raising your hand does not automatically select you for the mission."

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Paz pauses to chew on that particular nugget of information for a moment before giving a little half shrug and putting her hand up. "Sounds interesting, sir. I'm in if you'll have me." she grins.

Markovic nods to Paz, noting her name down on a paper in front of her.

Trey bites his lower lip, peers around, and then wordlessly raises his hand. The expression on his face strongly suggests he may not be aware that he's doing this, or at least has zero control over that arm and really wishes he had some.

Fasionably late, Pickett makes his way along in through the door, still wearing a flight suit (minus gloves and helmet) and accompanied by the peculiar aroma that accompanies burning electronics. Doing his best to remain quiet and not interrupt for the moment, he slinks his way down along towards the platform at the front.

Aquilina has his seat somewhere in the middle of the room, chewing on the back of his pen. The very model of a Marine dogtoy. He doesn't look too surprised at what mark said, having known a good deal of it already, and his green eyes flicker around at faces as she calls for volunteers. He's going to be busy.

Xiang's expression allows itself a slightly wider smile when Markovic mentions her promotion. She offers the CO a little nod, though contains her reaction to that. She scratches down a few notes throughout all that, flitting a look over at Aquilina when he's mentioned, then back to her pad. When volunteers are requested she considers a moment, lips pursing, then puts her hand smoothly up into the air.

Foster considers what's being said, noting down a few things, but otherwise staying silent for now.

Tori is new, and while the assignment is interesting, she's not sure she ought to - Oh what the heck. A hand goes up to indicate her interest, even if it does draw attention to her face, where she is sitting with some of the other 1087 pilots. Gee, guess who she is, go on. And then her gaze goes to the fashionable latecomer, curiosity visible in her expression.

"Second piece of business: Overall positioning. From what we can gather from our own internal intelligence, we are the only Fleet currently conducting offensive operations at this time. Even the systems under contention are currently just seeing Confed Forces holding their positions as best we can tell. However, wars are won with logistics and as you all know, we have had some problems recently with ours. Which means that the other fleets are getting their condoms and cheeseburgers while we get delayed. So what does this mean? Best guess is that there is something major coming. Anyone who can correctly predict where it is going to happen will win a bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label from my personal stash." Markovic leans forward with the dare. "Talk to your intel officers and logistical specialists. Random guesses do not fly. I want supporting information."

Pickett tries his best to contain his amusement, even as he moves to make is way up onto the platform at the front. He still remains quiet for the moment, letting Markovic continue with her business, his eyes sweeping over the gathered pilots curiously.

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"Third part of the meeting. We have an Alpha Strike coming. That means a full push. Every fighter and bomber we have is going airborne and being put into this fight." She lifts a finger and points to a yeoman in the back. "Lights." He flips a switch and the bulbs overhead dim as a flatscreen up front flickers on showing the fleet's position in the system. "Alright. Here we are around Helen, the only planet in the system. This planet has oxygen, fields, and tons of agriculture. It is a major food hub in this part of the sector." She moves the red laser around. "The Kilrathi landed here and have set about pissing off our beloved fellow humans by enslaving them. We, ladies and gentlemen, are going to do something about that. In four days time, two transports are going to deliver two-hundred of our Marines to the surface with a few thousand automatic weapons and other munitions from which a major insurgency will be set-up to fight the Kilrathi. So what is our role?" Markovic turns back to the group with a smile. "We get first fucking crack at them." Its spoken oh-so-sweetly. "Seventy-two hours from now.. that's three days for all you geniuses out there-" she holds up three fingers "-we are going to surge from this very ship. Under cover of orbital bombardment from this ship and the TCS Pretoria, we will descend into atmo and run a combination of Offensive Counter-Air and Tactical Strike operations against positions in these three areas." She circles them with the red laser. "Intelligence tells us that there are Kilrathi fighters stationed down there which we have been slowly attriting over the past few weeks. We will finish them off as well as hit our targets. Said targets will be assigned the day of the strike. The 1087th will be running SEAD-" Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses "-and strike while the 221st will run escort and counter-air from extreme high altitude. The 221st will supplement the 1087th if necessary. Questions? Because this concludes the briefing. You are free to go."

Xiang makes a soft "Hmm" sound, scritching down some notes on her pad. Scritch, scritch, scritch. She has no guesses, though her hand does go up to ask a question. When proper she says, "How are we fixed in terms of fuel, Major? And spare parts for plane repair. What I mean is, should we be making an effort to conserve until our logistics level off, or can we run business per usual?"
You paged Pickett with 'Can you handle the questiosn really fast? I need to tend to my crying roommate. :P'

Tori has lots of questions, but she's just observing for the most part here. Because after all, she hasn't even met her squadron CO yet. No doubt that'll come. Three days, huh? "That'll keep me busy for the next while," she mutters, loudly enough that Paz and Trey can no doubt hear her, as well as anyone else in the immediate vicinity. "Guess I better get cracking."

Having been in the briefing room all this time, Kell has remained silent as he listens in on the briefing that has commenced. The update on position changes and promotions is listened to and a grin appears when the Major speaks about visiting the recovering Captain. As business becomes more official though, the grin fades as the young Lieutenant becomes more focused, looking more professional. His eyes briefly glance in Torch's direction, wondering what it entails to be a FAC. When the volunteer mission is announced, Kell's brows furrow slightly as he considers about volunteering for the operation. Instead of raising his hand though, he makes a mental note to speak to the Major about it after the briefing.
As the Alpha Strike is announced, Kell perks up a little, knowing that it means a big mission is coming up. As the operations briefing begins, he focuses on the screens that flicker up, nodding slightly as items are identified. A hand goes to his chin as he rubs slowly, surprised at the atmospheric combat instead of having one in space. He remains silent though, not having questions about the ops.

"Eh, just a couple of questions, Cap." Paz calls. "Eh, one, what's the Intel on what we're going up against down there? Number of craft, type, what unit, that sort of thing. If we're going up against a bunch of rooks with patched together ships is one thing, taking on a well-equipped squadron straight off the front line's been assigned to support a garrison for a little semi RnR's kind of another." she mentions. "And two, well, Xiang's covered part of it. Fuel, munitions, that kind of thing, all very important. But I'd like to address the subject of cheeseburgers….Are we really running out?" she asks, feigning horror at the prospect.

"A couple points in response. First, I hope you'll forgive my tardiness" Pickett says, finally moving to step forward. "I invited a Hhriss to dance, and she turned out to be a rather clingy sort" Pickett explains with an amused smile. "To answer your question, we're fine for expendable stores at the moment. We were fully stocked before we deployed, and our operations this far have been rather low intensity. The resupply difficulties are more in terms of pilots and craft. So don't get your ass shot off." Pickett says to Xiang with a little grin. That said, he looks towards Paz. "As for what we're up against, mostly older ships, mostly less-trained kittens. Guarding an agricultural planet is about as low as you can get on the furry totem pole and still count as a warrior. At least, that's what Intel tells us. Sometimes, they even get it right."

Xiang raises her pen to Pickett, nodding. "I will do my level-best, sir," she says simply.

Okay, kittens with semi-sharp claws according to Intel, Paz nods, jotting down her own assessment on her kneeboard -> Fuzzy Wuzzies Looking To Prove Themselves —- Take these fuckers _SERIOUSLY!_ <- "Copy, that, sir." she says, adding a further notation - We can haz cheeseburgers! Yaay! ^_^

The intel about the Kilrathi's strength brings a cocky grin to Kell's expression, "So we'll be facing a bunch of grandfather cats in rusty fighters? Sounds like a walk in the park then, though since this is coming from Intel, I personally wouldn't be bettering the farm on it." There is a momentary pause before the young rookie actually does have a question, "Any sort of Kilrathi aces we have to watch out for, even if they are old and geriatric, sir?"

"A wise choice, Lieutenant" Pickett replies to Draygo with a slight nod. "As for Kilrathi aces operating in the area. We have no reason to suspect that any are currently deployed in defense of Helen. However, there are four who are known to operate within the sector at this time, and may possibly be encountered among Kilrathi reinforcements. For those who are inclined to do some research, psych profiles for all four should be accessible in the databank. The most important thing is, if you find yourself against one, don't lose your head, and don't let yourself get intimidated by his reputation."

Aquilina lifts the hand holding the pen, lofting it into the air. "Specific instructions regarding ground targets, sir? Are we to do our best to lay off damaging any structures that might be useable, or is it a free for all?"

Foster listens thoughtfully, still noting down a few more things. "Motivation beats class…" He doesn't seem aware that he's spoken out loud, but still, that's exactly what the Englishman does.

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"Specific instructions will come from control" Pickett explains. "Remember, there are an awful lot of our civilians down there, so we are going to have to be careful in how we choose to apply our firepower. At the same time, if we're ordered to take something out, it's for a damn good reason, and our job is to put it in the past-tense."

Xiang purses her lips a little at that from Pickett, but she does nod. Doing more note-scritching on her pad. Scritch, scritch.

Being late for a daily or weekly brief is like being late for church - it's never going to go well. With very little to-do and a quiet shuffle in the back of the large briefing room, one of the newer officers - Lieutenant Thompson - finds himself a place to sit in the back… settling in, and trying to look attentive.

"Understood, sir," Aquilina nods to Pickett. Everyone's covered other questions for now, so he keeps listening.

Well. If there are aces, there are. They don't at least intimidate Tori. Much. She stays put for now, listening to all the questions and answers curiously, her gaze intent, but so far she's pretty relaxed. It might be this just isn't her first mission. Her hands rest on her lap, as she glances from one speaker to another. Cheeseburgers are good things - she's glad they're not running out. Given the 1087th crew is at the back already, thanks to Trey, her attention is caught by the new arrival and she gives Thompson a quick glance before turning her attention to the rest of the briefing.

Trey is essentially quiet. He may as well not be listening to the briefing at all, at this point. His mind may have shut down entirely moments after, or before, he raised his hand to volunteer for the 'space pirate' mission. Forget nobody's home… the lights aren't even on. Something has finally made him lose a little bit of his cool.

"Right. That all from the peanut gallery, then?" Pickett asks curiously as he looks at the gathering of pilots. "Or are we going to play twenty questions until someone's ass falls asleep?"

"I think mine's already there, sir." Paz chuckles, shifting in her seat some. "I know all I need to know for now. I'm guessing they'll be another brief before we go skids-up on this one, sir?"

"There will be a final briefing and targets will be handed out one hour before we step to the aircraft," the new Major pipes up. "Right here, in this room. Photo recon will be available to everyone for their specific areas of operation. The two-twenty-first should expect to be drilling in the sims between now and then." Markovic glances around for more questions but seems content for the briefing to be called. "If that is all, I have Tizona, Slop, and Verdict for volunteers for the mission in question. If you are interested in the Forward Air Controller training, please send me a memo and I will speak to you personally about what it entails. That is all I have so unless Major Pickett disagrees, I think you all are dismissed."

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