Marshall Lancaster
2nd Lieutenant Lars Jacob Stefan Foster
Name: Lars Jacob Stefan Foster
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Callsign: Gambit
Age: 27
Nationality: English
Branch: TCSF
Department: 221st Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Marshall Lancaster



Lars Jacob Stefan Foster was born in the City of Salford, in England on Earth in May 2630, as the son of Michael Foster, MD, and his wife Susanna Maria Foster, who was originally of an old Swedish family. From before the couple had a daughter, Britt Marie, who was two years old. The family was a close one, and the two children grew up with family one of the most important thing in their lives.
Ever since he was young, Jake as most people called him, showed a bit of talent for sports, in particular that sport which people on that continent call football, where people viewed him as a very talented young player. In addition, he learned to play the guitar, although he wasn’t as talented there as with the football.
In school, he was one of those kids that were said to be quite smart, when they decided to put in the effort, which wasn’t exactly in every class. Classes involving, sports, music or history was the ones he favored the most. While stuff like mathematics and other kinds of science was far down on his list. At the same time, he had displayed a hot temper, of that kind that takes a while to get to the boiling point, only to really go into an eruption for a little while, then turning back to normal.
During his late teens, he got a chance to play football for one of the better junior teams in England, in Leicester, and although his parents had their doubts, he went there and played for the team for as long as he was allowed, until he turned twenty. Then, as for so many promising young players of sports throughout history, he retired from the sport, due to having lost his drive for the game.
Unsure of what to do with himself, he finally decided to join the Space Naval Academy to learn how to fly, especially the fighters, although he had some training in bombers as well. One of the reasons for this was the old family heritage, since one of his more or less ancient forefathers, Lt. Col. Robert E. Foster was in the Royal Air Force back during the second world war in the twentieth century, and a number of people in the Foster family had been pilots since then.
Getting used to military life took a while for Jake, but he worked hard through his Academy days, and finally got through it all. He was then assigned as a Second Lieutenant to the TCS Surprise’s fighter squadron, where he served since then. There he was known as a competent, yet not excellent pilot, who was known to take a few unpredictable risks once in a while, if he’d think that it could make the difference. He served aboard the Surprise for a number of years, before getting new orders, and after a brief leave recently was reassigned to the TCS Majestic and its 221st Fighter Squadron.
From his mother’s side of the family, Jake’s gotten bilingual skills, with English as his primary language, and good, yet not fluent, skills in Swedish. He frequently slips into Swedish without noticing it, in fact. His sense of humor is mostly based on puns and playing with words, and might come across as a bit thoughtful and sarcastic at times. He has a love for strong drink and gambling, and the gambling, along with his tendencies for the occasional unpredictable risks out there while flying earned him the callsign “Gambit” while onboard the Surprise.

Prior Deployments

TCS Surprise(506th Fighter Squadron)


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