CONFED Government

The Terran Confederation is a democratic republic organized on the federal system. It consists of approximately seven hundred (mainly) human populated systems spread over four thousand light years as of 2657. The structure of the Confederation's government is set in the Articles of Confederation, the signing of which is celebrated on the 235th day of each year as Confederation Day.

Administratively, the Confederation is divided into eight sectors (Avalon, Gemini, Hawking, Sol, Vega, Argent, Epsilon and Enigma) each with a local government under a Sector Governor. These sectors are further subdivided into quadrants, which form the basic electoral unit for the Great Assembley

A directly-elected president serves as Head of State, Chief Executive, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The legislative branch, known officially as the Great Assembly, is based in Washington, D.C. on Earth, across the mall from the old Congress building of the United States. Its members are referred to as senators, and are directly elected by the population of each quadrant. The leader of the majority party in the Assembley is referred to as the 'Assembley Master'. Due to the events of war, the Judiciary branch has seen many of its functions taken over by the Admiralty Courts throughout the Confederation; however, civilian courts at lower levels of government still operate.

CONFED Commanders

Admiral Vincent Mallory - Admiral Mallory is the senior Confederation officer in Gemini sector. Known more for his administrative talents than warfighting ability, Admiral Mallory was originally assigned as commander of the Confederation 12th Fleet in Gemini in an effort to stem rampant corruption and smuggling in the sector. His efforts made many enemies among the local powers, however they were finally beginning to show substantial effect when the Kilrathi attacked. The vast majority of the fleet under his direct command has been destroyed fighting overwhelming Kilrathi forces in the first days of the assualt, and Admiral Mallory himself is said to be left a broken man in charge of a broken fleet.

Vice Admiral Alexei Marakov - VAdm Marakov is the commander of the Confederation 8th Fleet, which was sent to reinforce Gemini Sector as word of the Kilrathi advance reached Confed command. Marakov's reputation is mixed, with a reputation for both victory and brutality. He makes no secret of his hatred for the Kilrathi, and his view that they will have to be exterminated as a species for the war to end. Rumors persist of execution of Kilrathi prisoners, but no substantial evidence has ever come forth. Many whisper behind his back of Butcher Marakov, but none dare say it to his face.

CONFED Fighters

Majestic Fighters
Stiletto - Designed purely as a combat craft, the Stiletto is built on a different design philosophy than its predecessor, the Hornet. Speed and Maneuverability have been further emphasized (the Stiletto is the fastest ship in the fleet), and armament and armor are both high for a light-fighter design. The Stiletto pays for this in its reduced sensor capability, limiting its utility in the reconnaissance role.

Scimitar - Retired from the main Confederation forces, the Scimitar is still deployed by a handful of reserve units where it continues the decades-long tradition of being derided as a 'Gun-Heavy Slug'. Neither fast nor maneuverable, the Scimitar makes up for its performance with a solid armament loadout and extremely tough armor for a ship of its class.

Rapier - Fresh off the production line, the Rapier is among the newer craft in the Confederation's inventory. Armament and shielding are heavier than previous designs, though a lighter layer of protective armor has allowed the ship to achieve speeds significantly faster than the Scimitar, and close to light-fighter maneuverability.

Raptor - The Raptor-class heavy fighter bears the brunt of the Confederation's war against the Kilrathi. Heavily armed and heavily armored, the Raptor is easily a match for even the toughest Kilrathi spacecraft.

Broadsword - Tracing its lineage from a pre-war design, the Broadsword is among the oldest craft in the Confederation inventory. It is also among the most effective. Armored nearly as well as some small capital ships and equally armed from all sides thanks to three dual-neutron turrets, the broadsword truly is a tough nut to crack. More importantly, however, are the torpedoes the Broadsword carries, which can destroy even the heaviest ships in space.

Fighters often encountered
Hornet - The Confederation's standard light fighter that remains an ever present sight throughout the Confederation from frontline recon/point-defense squadrons to escort/scout squadrons on-board various destroyers and cruisers. The fighter's armament consists of two laser cannons along with several missiles, while the fighter's speed and maneuverability is less than most Kilrathi light fighters, it does have better armor and shields than even a Dralthi medium fighter.

Ferret- The Ferret Class light and patrol fighter has been around sense many years, two of these fighters were even carried by refitted TCS Iason in the early years of the war. While these fighters are fast and maneuverable, their armament is extremely light consisting only of mass drivers and are therefore most often seen as part of militia and security forces aboard various stations throughout the Confederacy.

Hellcat V- This medium fighter has faithfully served as a workhouse for the Confederation Space Forces such that there is even a statue of it outside the Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy on Earth. Though the fighter is average in all respects, this has actually proved useful allowing it to easily fill a wide variety of roles from patrol to escort to even ground strike operations.

CONFED Capital Ships

Drayman - The Drayman handles the majority of bulk-transport duties for both Military and Civilian uses. Originally designed as a civilian craft, the Drayman is slow and unwieldy by military standards. Its bulk cargo carrying capacity is unmatched among human starships, however, ensuring the Drayman will have a long service life.

Diligent - Designed to correct some of the shortcomings of the Drayman, the Diligent is a purpose-built military transport. Smaller than the Drayman, and with a slightly reduced armor belt, the Diligent is both faster and more maneuverable than the Drayman it was designed to replace. The most significant improvement is the addition of a flak turret, giving the Diligent increased ability to defend itself from inbound missiles and torpedoes.

Venture - The lightest capital ship in the Confederation inventory, the Venture is purpose-built for combat against other capital ships. Anti-fighter armament is minimal, but the torpedo tube mounted in the front of the hull is enough to pose a threat to any capital ship in space. The Venture is lightly armored, but equipped with phase shields… rendering it all but invulnerable to fighter attack, but reliant upon its speed and maneuverability to keep it out of the reach of a capital ship's main batteries in combat.

Exeter - More Exeter-class destroyers have been produced than any other capital ship class in Confederation service. Well armored for its class, the Exeter serves primarily to directly engage other capital ships. The anti-fighter armament carried onboard is moderate, but is beginning to prove inadequate for the modern battlefield.

Gettysburg - Developed early in the war to fill the role of heavy escort for carrier battle groups, the Gettysburg-class cruiser has been designed from the bottom up with a support role in mind. Anti-Capital armament is comparatively light for a cruiser, but a formidable point-defense battery and a small native fighter compliment make bomber strikes on a task force defended by a Gettysburg a daunting proposition.

Yorktown - An old, pre-war design, the Yorktown-class carriers were pressed into service to make up for the staggering Confederation losses at the battle of MacAuliffe. With a smaller flight deck capacity than many newer designs, the Yorktown is often relegated to strategically insignificant roles, escort duties, or forward scouting assignments. A large battery of lasers serves to render the Yorktown a hard target for fighter attacks, however it is extremely vulnerable to enemy capital ships.

Bengal - The Bengal-class Heavy Strike Carrier is the largest carrier employed by the Confederation. Its massive flight deck provides launch space for over one hundred fighter craft, and eight dual batteries of laser cannon make attacking a Bengal-class with fighter craft all but a suicidal proposition. Designed for independent operations at a time when the Confederation was short on escort vessels, the Bengal also sports eight Anti-Matter Guns housed in four turrets.


12th Fleet - Originally assigned for local defense of the Gemini Sector, the 12th fleet sustained staggering casualties in blunting the Kilrathi offensive. Rendered virtually combat ineffective, the few remaining vessels of the 12th fleet have reorganized at New Detroit to contribute to the sector's defense. Talk of merging with the 8th fleet to form a unified command has met with extreme disapproval from the fiercely proud survivors of 12th fleet. Admiral Vincent Mallory, the ranking Confederation officer in Gemini Sector, commands the 12th Fleet.

8th Fleet - Withdrawn from the front lines for refit at the time of the initial assault, the 8th fleet is one of several Confederation fleets which rotate as a mobile reserve force to contain Kilrathi breakthroughs. With other such forces drawn off due to the debacle of the Enigma campaign, 8th fleet was left the closest operational reserve to Gemini. Due to being hastily reactivated, the 8th fleet is currently equipped with a wide assortment of vessels: TCS Majestic (one of the Confederation's newest carriers) and TCS Honour (one of the oldest carriers still active) are both assigned to 8th fleet. Vice Admiral Alexei Marakov commands the 8th fleet.

221st Fighter Squadron: Illuminati - The 221st Squadron has been in thick of the fight with the Kilrathi almost since its inception, with a kill record to match. Originally stationed aboard TCS Kyoto through the Vega campaign, the unit was withdrawn from front line service following the destruction of the Kilrathi sector headquarters in Venice system. Many of its pilots were assigned to training duty or rotated out to home defense squadrons for a much-needed reprieve. When word of the Kilrathi assault on Gemini was recieved at TCN Headquarters, the squadron was quickly reconstituted with new Stiletto-class fighters to replace its aging Hornets and assigned to TCS Majestic. The 221st has proved as effective in Gemini as it was in Vega, ranking first among 8th Fleet squadrons in total Kilrathi vessels destroyed.

1087th Fighter Squadron (Reserve): Minutemen - Originally a reserve squadron based out of the Oxford system, the Minutemen were called to active duty when the Kilrathi invasion struck. The 1087th had been scheduled to upgrade its obsolete Scimitar-class Medium Fighters to the newer Talon-class, but for reasons unknown the planned upgrade never took place. Kept out of the thick of the initial fighting due to their obsolete equipment, the 1087th has recently been posted to TCS Majestic to reinforce the Majestic's decimated flight wing. Though under-trained and under-equipped by the standards of front line units, the Minutemen are quickly teaching the Kilrathi respect for the ferocity of men and women fighting for their homes.

13th Bomber Squadron: Black Cats - Long known as 'lucky 13' to its members, the 13th bomber squadron's origins date back to the pre-war Confederation Navy. Long assigned to home guard duty in the Sol Sector, the squadron was transferred to TCS Majestic shortly before its departure for Gemini Sector. A solid mix of veteran pilots and fresh recruits, the 13th quickly proved its combat effectiveness in the opening days of the Gemini campaign. In the battle for New Constantinople, the 13th was responsible for the destruction of a Kilrathi Snakier-class carrier and two Fralthi-class cruisers… unfortunately, the engagement also cost the unit half of its operational strength.


After more than twenty years of conflict, military discipline in the Terran Confederation has taken on a rather unique character. As a rule, matters of law have become more rigidly enforced (with summary courts martial handling many such affairs), while matters of protocol are often ignored.

Given the constant need for skilled combat personnel, many commanders have proven willing to overlook minor transgressions, and are extremely reuctant to relieve a skilled individual of duty. When relief does happen, it is usually for a condition which renders the individual combat ineffective, or a danger to himself or other, rather than for disciplinary reasons.

Medals, Awards, and Demerits (NOT AN OFFICIAL NEWS FILE)

Letter of Commendation: These are placed in files by Commanding Officers (usually Department Heads). They cite particular contexts of what the particular member of the military did, how they did it, and what it involved. This is an all-purpose form of praise that isn't publicly awarded, but the officer or enlisted is notified of its existence and content. It is given for such things as outstanding leadership, innovative ideas and thinking, or whatever the CO deems proper. Typically, this is given when the service member deserves credit but not a medal.

Letter of Reprimand: Basically, these are the opposite end of 'Letters of Commendation.' They outline poor behavior and are considered serious black marks against a career. There are lesser 'letters' one can receive (Admonishment, Counseling, Training), but these are pretty bad. Often the service member in question will have to suffer questions about these for the rest of their career when it comes to promotion boards.

Medals: This is a list of medals awarded to pilots (for the most part) and other members of the TCN. Taken from

Oath of Service:

This is the oath taken by all Confederation personnel as part of their formal admission to the service:

I am the heart of the Confederation.
A servant of peace …
A deliverer of freedom …
A guardian of worlds …
As I pave the road to victory
I shall not fear the enemy
For he cannot conquer justice.
As I light the righteous fire of peace
I shall hold life sacred
For it is my duty to rise against evil.
In my comrades I do trust
For we are one anothers’ eyes.
Even in the face of death
We wear our rank in faith
That justice will right all wrongs.

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