Henry Cavill
Major Victor Cole
Name: Victor Cole
Rank: Major
Callsign: Voodoo
Age: 34
Nationality: Australian
Branch: TCSF
Department: 13th Bomber Squadron
Position: Commander
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Henry Cavill



Victor Cole was born on the 20th of August 2624 in Wollongong, Australia, Earth. He was always something of a daredevil child: the first to take any dare, to try any risk… and occasionally, the one to pay the price for his daring. His grades in school were decidedly average, less from lack of intelligence than lack of trying. As he grew older, his thrill seeking took on new forms: Motorcycles, aircraft, and finally spacecraft. Victor had an excellent grasp of mechanics, and spent much of his youth tinkering on his latest deathtrap to try and get that extra ounce of performance, that extra bit of speed.
Victor considered the Space Force, but ultimately decided to go another route… obtaining a degree in Astronautical Engineering from the University of Alpha Centauri. After graduation, he was quickly hired by Douglas Aerospace as a test pilot. To Victor, it seemed the perfect match: A job which took advantage of his natural skills, and at the same time always had the potential for excitement. He was happy enough to keep the war as something distant for six further years with Douglas Aerospace, test flying a number of prototype heavy craft for the company in that time. It's a job he would have happily continued in, had the Kilrathi not intervened by attacking the Douglas Aerospace test facility on Vespus in 2652.
With no real defenses for the base, and only unarmed prototypes to fly… there was little that Victor could to but flee in one of the prototype craft through the nearest jump point. As chance would have it, his battered bomber was recovered by the light carrier TCS Freiheit, responding to the distress calls sent by the Douglas Aerospace facility. What followed would change the course of his life. A lengthy conversation with the Freiheit's Wing Commander very nearly shamed Cole into joining the Space Force. Ultimately, For the second time in his life, Cole decided against a military career. Two weeks later, Cole would learn the Freiheit had been destroyed over Vespus. He joined the Space Force the next day.
With extensive flight experience already under his belt, Cole was placed in an accelerated Officer Training Program. Following its completion, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and sent for advances space combat training. Cole quickly proved a highly capable bomber pilot, familiar with his craft both inside and out. His first assignment in the field was to the 7th Bomber Squadron aboard TCS Kipling. On one of his early missions, a miscommunication resulted in his element of bombers being caught between a pair of Fralthi. Two of the four craft were destroyed, and Cole's returned home so badly damaged that his crew chief asked what sort of voodoo he had used to hold it together. The 'Voodoo' name quickly stuck. Promotions to First Lieutenant, then to Captain followed as his career aboard the Kipling continued. His time with the 7th came to an abrupt end during an abortive offensive, which cost the squadron half its strength. The squadron was deactivated, and its remaining pilots scattered through the Space Force as replacements… with Cole's former Wing Commander reccomending the Captain for a squadron command. And that's how Victor found himself posted to the 13th, and the Majestic.

Prior Deployments

Douglas Aerospace Test Pilot: 2646-2652
TCS Kipling: 2654-2658
TCS Majestic: 2658 - Present

Psych Profile

Cole is an experienced pilot, as familiar with the inside of his broadsword as he is with its flight capabilities. When not flying, Victor can frequently be found trying to tweak his broadsword for a little extra performance… compensating in technical knowhow for where other pilots might have an edge in natural skill. While age and a career filled with near-mishaps have brought him wisdom, and cured him of the recklessness of his youth, Victor retains the benefits of that experience. Flirting with death might have lost its charm, but it's also lost its novelty… and the ability to remain calm in catastrophic situations is perhaps Cole's greatest asset as a leader. He still retains the test pilot's swagger, and is always ready with a story to tell (occasionally to the point of shameless self-promotion).



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