Division of the Species

Kilrathi society is organized into clans, which form the basis for a warrior's loyalty. Though there are countless minor clans, only eight have substantial influence within the empire. Leaders of these clans form the 'Council of Eight', the political body directly below the Emperor, and they are collectively referred to as the 'Eight Noble Clans'.

nar Kiranka - The Kiranka have been the ruling clan of the Kilrathi for over a century, and were the first of the Kilrathi clans to develop space travel. Historically, they have fought for control over the Kilrathi throne with the nar Caxki, and the clans remain fierce rivals to this day.

nar Caxki - The Caxki are a warrior clan, whose brutal attacks on human warships initiated the Terran-Kilrathi war. Controlling many of the Kilrathi border systems, the warriors of the Caxki are always on the look out for fresh worlds to bring under their influence

nar Qarg - The Qarg are another of Kilrah's warrior clans, though their approach tends to be more tactical and analytical than the brute force methods of the Caxki. Their talens as strategists and tacticians make their services highly contested between factions in the Empire.

nar Ragitagha - The Ragitagha are the largest of the Kilrathi clans, operating more warships and owning more colonies than any of the others. Historically opposed to the nar Qarg, the conflict has taken a backseat to the Caxki/Kiranka feud.

nar Ki'ra - The Ki'ra retain the purest noble bloodline of any of the clans, and are generally among the most respected. This is helped by their place as the smallest of the clans, focusing on expanding power more through influence than expansion. Notably, they also serve as the majority of the Empire's intelligence service.

nar Sutaghi - Fiercely combative early in the empire's history, the Sutaghi have settled greatly since. The systems they control are mostly located within the core of the empire, and they prefer to allow other factions to waste resources on combating each other, rather than directly engaging in clan conflicts.

nar Kurutak - The Kurutak are among the weakest of the Kilrathi clans, serving more in support and logistical roles than in front-line fighting, leaving their warriors few chances to earn glory at the expense of their more influential peers

nar Sikhag - The Sikhag are considered the lowest of the eight noble clans. This position does come with certain advantages, however, as they are effectively safe from inter-clan warfare due to being seen as beneath the effort of fighting. Though given few roles in the main war effort, their influence over matters of internal security in the Empire is considerable.

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