Terran Confederation Navy (TCN)

  • Commodore Dante Claybourne - Skipper
  • Lt. Commander Dorian Saint-Cloud - Ship's XO
  • Lt. Colonel Frethan "Pip" Jenthson - Wing Commander

Terran Confederation Space Force (TCSF)

  • Captain Maximilian "Jericho" Erich Barta - SQD XO
  • 1st Lieutenant Kell "Razor" Draygo - Happy-Go-Nugget
  • 2nd Lieutenant Kanani "Tsunami" Nawahi -
  • 2nd Lieutenant Lars Jacob "Gambit" Stefan Foster - Wonderful time up there
  • 2nd Lieutenant James "Cutlass" Williams

Terran Confederation Marine Corps (TCMC)

  • Captain Gruder Mcdormot - Marine CO
  • 1st Lieutenant Davyd Levvis
  • 1st Lieutenant Konstantin "Deadshot" Klossovsky

Non-Military Personnel

  • Francesca DeValeris - Renowned News Reporter
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