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Jude Law
1st Lieutenant Alejandro Aquilina Solis
Name: Alejandro Aquilina Solis
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Torch
Age: 28
Nationality: Argentinian
Branch: TCSF
Department: 221st Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot
Marital Status: Single
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Jude Law



Alejandro (Alex) Aquilina Solis was born in Buenos Aires, on Earth, in 2629. His father was an engineer for a petroleum and natural gas joint venture company whose partner was Russian, and when Alex was very young he rarely saw much of his father, who was constantly shuttling back and forth between Argentina and Russia. He was five years old when the Terran Confederation declared war on the Kilrathi, and his father's company was contracted by the military the same year. Sent semipermanently to a Russian oil base Alex's father decided to bring Alex, his mother, and his sister with him.

Alex's school years were filled with close contact with the military, his father essentially a civilian contractor to the Confederation forces. Their home was constantly filled with military news and military guests, and by the time Alex was old enough for university it was all but expected that he would choose a field that would somehow serve the military effort. He chose chemistry, something he had a good head for, and which he figured would buy him time to figure out what the hell he really meant to do. When he was 19 and on winter break from university, his father died. The cause, he almost never talks about.

After graduating Alex joined the military, which his mother was not incredibly happy about, but had little choice in. Having no intentions of getting stuck on the back lines, despite his aptitude for chemistry, he took the pilot's exam and passed with quite good marks. Just after flight school and officer training, his persistent and sometimes irrational fear of fire earned him the ironic callsign 'Torch' - after a display of screaming panic that the more sadistic members of his team found amusing.

Some know that in 2652, just before he was stationed on his first assignment, Alex married a British naval officer named Lila Zimmerman. Exactly what happened to her is yet another thing he rarely speaks of, but he no longer wears a wedding ring.

Alex served two assignments about TCS-class ships, and was assigned to the TCS Majestic one year after making 1st Lieutenant. His service record has been relatively clean, showing one major disciplinary issue. Shortly following that, he was placed on six months' medical leave, reason classified except to command and medical.

Prior Deployments

  • TCS Pursuer (57th Fighter Squadron)
  • TCS Orlando (104th Fighter Squadron)



  • Award - Gemini Campaign Ribbon: The pat on the head gold star for having fought in at least one engagement in the Gemini Sector.


St. Petersburg State University (Russia, Earth), M.S. Chemistry
Langdon-Rice University (England, Earth), Ph.D Chemistry (Candidate)

Significant Publications

  • Wang C, Mika DA, Khodad B, Zhao H, Aquilina A. Instrumentation And Method Development For The Interrogation Of Biomolecules And Ion/Ion Chemistry.
  • German R, Chung G, Emory J, Chapaev A, Maschenko L, Aquilina A. Flowing Afterglow Study: The Effect Of Nitrogen Oxidation On The Energetics And Dynamics Of Diradical Forming Dissociation Reactions.



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