All Happening in the Med Bay
All Happening in the Med Bay
Summary: Day long interactions between the injured Phillip and the CMO Raine as well as numerous pilots and even the Skipper Dante.
Date: 2658.136
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Medical Bay
Junction System, Humboldt Quadrant — 1554 Hours 2658.136
The medical bay is a quiet clean and sterile place, row and rows of bed have been made up to house those who are sick or injured. Sickbay is always active with doctors and nurses and thoes coming to see the convalescents. Monitors are set by the beds, either dormant or displaying the vitals of those in the beds below. Set into one wall are a handful of small offices, for use by the various officers and crew who work here.

Phillip is lying on a bed in the medical bay. His left foot and arm are bandaged and most of his body is lying under the covers. What can be seen of his chest is a lot of white gauze that was freshly applied that morning. Iceblade is sitting up as best as he can with a datapad in his hand. Low volume sounds of combat can be heard from the pad as Phillip is looking down at it observing a few scenes from the battle the night before. A quick tear is seen now on his face, which he quickly swipes away. He turns his head up to make sure no one saw. He spots a few new arrivals to the room, though.

Veritas enters the Medbay and smiles at Iceblade, "Hey Frosty, how you doin?" He grins and wanders over to the bed; though, he does take a moment to look to see if any medical personnel are around…no special reason…nope.

Poor Phillip. At least the doctors here are diligent. Raine is among them. She has her bonsai under her arm as she makes her rounds. She pauses, and glances around. "Another pilot, huh?" She tilts her head as she peeks into Phil's room. "Iceblade correct?" And a smile, seeing Veritas. It seems Raine moves quietly when she wants to.

Tori has let Veritas get a bit ahead of her; though, the two walked together from the barracks over to medbay. As she enters, she glances around to see who is awake rather than checking for any particular personnel working. And then, her attention is caught by Veritas already finding Iceblade, she heads that way too. "Evening," is all she says by way of greeting to the group. "If you are even thinking of saluting, Iceblade, don't." That had a hint of steel in it, an order given, if only just in case. Her voice softens though, as she says, "Rough welcome to the Majestic, hmm?"

Phillip sees Veritas first and grins at him as he puts down the datapad with the battle scene there already paused. "Hey…Kitten," Phillip chuckles. "You know one day you are going to have to tell how you got that callsign." Phillip turns his head to see Raine and nods, "Good to see you, just wish under better circumstances." Phillip then notices Tori, the squadron CO, whom Iceblade hasn't really met yet and has only seen her at the usual squadron patrol briefings. His right arm begins to raise to give a salute but it quickly extends to shake Tori's hand instead. "Yes, ma'am. It has been one hell of welcome. I'm not even here a week and I'm already seriously injured."

Veritas grins as he matches Raines smile then literally bounces over to Ice's bed, "So what you watching?" He chuckles softly, "It really isn't that good of a story."

Raine smiles at Veritas. "Hello there," There's a warmth to her voice. She seems happy to see him. She looks to Phillip. "I know. I'm glad to see you guys but not when I'm on the job," She nods. She looks over to Tori too. "Hello there. And what did you do this time?" Raine furrows her brows and picks up Phillip's chart. "At least you'll have good company." She notices the visitors. She sets her bonsai down. She seems quietly happy, although she needs a moment of not speaking. Her eyebrows lift. "I see. Well. It looks like someone operated on you, so we'll be keeping an eye on you as you heal. You'll probably be out in a week or two depending," She offers quietly.

Tori's eyes glance over at Veritas as he bounces over - alrighty then. She moves over, reaching out to shake Phillip's hand, deciding that's a reasonable alternative. Her gaze quietly moves from Raine to Veritas, but she doesn't comment. "Doc. I'm in the clear this time. Just visiting." For once. Though that's likely only because she wasn't out flying the new rapiers or she'd be in medbay in her own personal bunk. She then quiets down as Raine speaks to the patient, taking a moment to glance around and not seeming nervous at all, even if she is in a pilot's least favourite spot in the world. "A week? Oh, you've missed the record by far then. That just about makes you an old-timer." She pauses, letting the joke sink in a bit. "If you do need or want to talk about it, my door's open."

Phillip nods at the Tori and Raine, but then turns somewhat somber as he looks down at the pad. "I was just going back through how that Dralthi managed to blast me with..*exhale*..a dumbfire of all weapons." Phillip then looks up to Tori and brings his hands up to demonstrate Iceblade's best guess of the dogfight. "I was tailing this Kat pretty good and began emptying my guns right into it." Iceblade has his right hand in the same plane as the left and behind it. "Its shields crashed with the first burst, but the second…." Phillip sighs. "Now I was ready for this Dralthi to pull up or down." As he says this, he turns his head to his left hand, which bends up and down. Iceblade then adds looking at Tori, "In fact, I was hoping for it as my guns would have blasted that Kat right through the cockpit." Iceblade looks back at his hands, stating in low voice, "But no, this was no ordinary pilot. This Kat pulled his fighter to the left." Iceblade's left hand veers left as he looks back at the group saying in an exasperated voice. "I was completely taken off guard by such a move. Most all Dralthi just don't turn left or right." Iceblade looks over at his hands and gestures the next few moves. "I had flown straight as a result, so I quickly turned left to come back onto that Kat and that was when he got me." Both hands were now faced on their sides with his right veering towards the left and the left pointed at the right hand at about the point where the cockpit might be. "He shot a dumbfire right at him and using his greater maneuverability, avoided a collision with my ship." Phillip then sighs before he finishes. "And either by luck or by skill, that Kat smashed me right in the cockpit where the missile totally destroyed the canopy. If it weren't for my seat belt and the emergency atmosphere shield, I would be sucking vacuum right now." Iceblade lets his hands down, but doesn't look back up. Fear is evident in his eyes even though he is trying to obscure the emotion.

Veritas settles in to a nearby chair and listens intently to the story. Shaking his head, He smiles and looks over at the Squadron leader.

Raine smiles at Veri again and looks to Tori and nods. "I see. Well, that's good. I hate to see you guys in here. Always like birds in cages," Raine considers. Pilots like to fly~ She tilts her head. "He could be out sooner if he heals well, but…" A shrug. "I like to be safe." No sense sending out a hurt pilot to suck vacuum right? She settles in to listen to Phillip quietly. Her hazel eyes peer at him. "That's quite a story. But I am glad you made it okay," she nods. She then gently pats his shoulder, "The bonsais are too." Sad trees! "How do you feel now? Do you want anything to drink?"

Tori settles into a seat, listening as the poor new guy goes through what happened, working through it and explaining. "Dumbfires - have their moments. Though I prefer when it's our dumbfires hitting the Kats, admittedly," she says first. Veritas gets a smile. "How about you, Kitten?" And then to Raine, Tori chuckles, gesturing briefly. "All in one piece, Doc. Honest. I wasn't out on the mission this time, so no excuse to be hurt in any case." Sometimes it's good to have reserves back at base (so to speak) in case they are needed. She takes a breath, wrinkles her nose briefly and then says, "There are some Kats that seem to be - I don't know - brighter? better trained? Less predictable for sure, than the others. Every once in a while we run into one of 'em. If we're lucky, it's only one." A half shrug, and then Tori continues, "It's tough, that's sure. As close to god as one can get, I expect, without actually getting there. But make sure you heal up first, the doc will take good care of you, and then we'll get you back up in the black. There's still nothing like it." And yes, she's been pretty badly hurt a time or two. (though no missile to the head, that she can't top.)

Phillip tilts his head up towards Raine as she talks to her bonsais and little grin and chuckle crosses Phillip's mouth. Not so much at the oddity of it, but more at the complete innocence with which Raine behaves. "You know it's amazing how can anything like that *indicating Raine* can survive a war like this?" Iceblade whispers to nobody in particular. Phillip quickly adds to clarify, "her innocence." Phillip then turns his head towards the squadron CO feeling a bit better and nods with an expression that is less grim but still somber.

Veritas eyes narrow a moment, but he doesn't break his smile. He then looks up at Raine and waves again for no apparent reason. He looks over at Tori, "How 'bout me what?" He grins "I'm good, took a little paint scratch but that's it.

Alas, the HE missile to the head probably will always win the sick bay storytime. She smiles at them. "It's true, we do our best here. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad… I miss Wallace a lot," She abruptly looks a lot less happy. The NCO must've been a dear friend. She shakes her head trying to shake it off. "What do you mean? Surprised I haven't been eaten by a passing space bear or Kat?" She jokes lightly. She's trying to shake off the brief tinge of sadness. "I'm sure the deck chief will have you make up for that scratch too. He's been going at it really hard. I guess I'm happy he's enthusiastic about it," Raine looks thoughtfully.

Tori flashes a grin at Phillip, and half shrugs. "Our doc is the best," she says, letting him get his own foot out of his mouth, or whatever it takes. "And Raine, that's a good thing. Saves us out there too, if our equipment is in good shape." Of course. "I meant about the dumbfires, but glad you're not hurt, Kitten," she adds softly, eyes twinkling as her lips curve in a smile. And then she says, with a straight face, "Well, the space bears are probably just waiting for us to move in on their turf, after all. And then they'll be attacking more than the pirates and the Kats."

Phillip looks over at Raine and Kitten, "huh? Oh I was just referring to the way you are with plants. To be able to be nurturing so sweetly in this mess is just astonishing to me." "Then again," Phillip adds, "I imagine plants aren't as mean as some humans tend to be." Phillip then grins before turning his head towards Tori with his eyebrows askew, "Space bears?"

Veritas nods, "Yeah Space Bears, Nine foot tall Teddy Bears with machine guns, I hear the Kats are considering using them as Marines now."

It's a light jab at herself really. Raine should be a victim of natural selection any day now. She smiles and blushes. "You're too kind, but lots of folks like Corpsmen and nurses are hard at work here too." Nod. She is quiet at the talk of dumbfires. Not much knowledge on her part there. Although she blinks at Phillip. "Well… I like them. There are kind people on this ship, just most of them might be a bit busy to show off their plants too." She smiles. She seems to think of her bonsais as much a part of her state of being as anything else. She nods. "Space bears. They eat those of us who are slower than the others." Grin. She seems amused as Tori and Veritas pick up the joke.

"Just gotta be faster than the next guy," Tori says, amusement colouring her voice as well as her expression. "Which right now means poor Iceman could be in trouble. Not very fast on his feet, I'll bet. Looks like the rest of us are safe this week." Hah. After a moment, Tori gets to her feet, frowning slightly. "Don't worry, Iceman. You're in good hands here, promise. I'll try to get back to visit and chat some more, but right now, I do have work calling my name. And I'd hate to have the Winco lob me out as bearbait." She nods her head, taking a step back and then pausing for any last comments before she heads out.

Phillip then nods at Kitten and Raine as if understanding completely. "Oh yes, those bears. Well we have Space Birds, so why shouldn't the Kats use space bears." Phillip adds nodding, "Yeah, that makes perfects sense." Iceblade then looks flat on at the group with a smile clearly in better spirits then an half-an-hour ago. Looking up Tori as she stands, Iceblade nods, "Well it was great talking with you. Oh and when Paz gets off her current patrol, could he let her know to come by. I mean, I am actually conscious now." Iceblade smiles but gives a little groan as he moves forward a bit.

Veritas smiles softly and shakes his head, "They are half cybernetic, laser beams attached to the sides of their heads. But I understand that they have a weakness for honey, coating yourself in it makes you invisible to their radar.

"Oh my," Raine grins. She seems amused. "Be well then," She waves to Victoria. "And no, that'd be bad. It was good to see you," She nods. She looks to Phillip. She smiles. "See, you've got lots of good wingmates here." She seems pleased the pilots are getting along. "Nothing too sore then?" She tilts her head as Phillip doesn't seem to have any specific complaints. Veritas gets a smile in turn as well.

Phillip waves his hand in the negative at Raine. "No I'm fine, just felt a few thousand sharp needles prick me all over my chest for a second." Iceblade then considers, although I could use a little more of that non-drowsy pain meds you've got. I think the stuff from earlier is starting to wear off." Iceblade then turns his head to Veri, "So what were your impressions of the Rapier?"

Veritas smiles, "It was a bit jumpy but I think I can get used to it, gonna miss the Scimitar armor though." He grins at Raine "You know we need to run more anti-space bear drills, practice coating the medical staff in honey, since they are non combatants."

Phillip nods at Veri's comment. "Yeah," Iceblade replies as he prepares to give his impressions, but his thoughts are immediately distracted by Veri's other comment. Iceblade notices the cute female nurse over in the corner and imagines her bathed in honey. A silly grin appears over Iceblade's face.

"Kell seemed curious about them when he came in yesterday," Raine considers. She nods at Phillip, then smiles. "Sure, I'll fetch some for you then." She looks to Veritas and smiles. Then turns red. "Eeh, hmm. Honey huh?" She taps her chin thoughtfully. Alas, said cute nurse in the corner seems unaware of the impending honey coating drills and keeps herself working. She notices Iceblade grinning and smiles back politely. Work work. "I don't know about that, seems tough to wash off." Wink. With that, Raine goes to fetch Phillip some pain meds.

Veritas shakes his head, "Nope I am an expert of honey removal, it just takes some elbow grease and a talented tongue…" He winks at her as she flees to get the medicines.

Phillip quickly recovers from his imagination and looks at the two. "huh? what? Oh yeah honey would be very sticky." Then Phillip catches something that he missed a second before, "Tongue?"

Jawdrop. Raine's eyes widen. She turns bright red. Ohmy. Medicine. That's right. Focus. She will return after a bit with some pills and a dixie cup of water for Phillip. Her face is still bright red. "Here you go, take these. And hm?"

"Drakili san tang zuu
Theron val ki non
Chinso nax zorn luu
Sapus Kai vy Son"

Veritas smiles softly as he says a bit of Kilrathi poetry and winks at Raine, "As you can see I am a cunning Linguist."

Iceblade quickly takes the pills clearly in on something rather private, but as he starts drinking the water, the water and pills come splattering out as Iceblade starts laughing really hard. Thank goodness, his head was turned towards the privacy curtain in the opposite direction.

Raine blinks at Veritas. Then her faces goes /red/ at his cunning linguist comment. Oh my. It's almost too much for Raine, her fingers curling and eyes wide. "That is impressive. I had no idea." A pause and a look to Phillip. "Errm… do you need some more?" Raine looks a bit concerned at the laughing and sputtering. She's not sure.

Veritas grins and leans over to give Raine a kiss on the cheek, "Lots of things you don't know about me, but luckily we have plenty of time for you to learn." He then kinda moonwalks out of medbay, waving to Iceblade.

Phillip waves goodbye to Veri. Still recovering from laughing so hard. "Dang it, I think I laughed so hard my sides actually split." Iceblade looks down to check for any signs of red, but luckily doesn't see any. "Oh and yeah I might need some more meds as they flew right out when I laughed." "Sorry," Phillip adds with an innocent grin.

A soft laugh and a smile. "That's alright." Raine shakes her head. "Just be careful." She blushes as Veri grins and kisses her cheek. Her eyes go wide and she freezes like a statue. "A-ah." Ohmy. Between the two of them, the poor doctor is flustered, turning red and - getting Phillip more water and meds with wide eyes. "Be well, Veritas." She smiles as the pilot kinda moonwalks, seeming impressed and amused.

Unfortunately after a second, Phillip goes into another fit of laughter over Veri's moonwalking. After a minute, Iceblade, "You know I haven't laughed this hard in years." Iceblade looks at Raine as she returns with meds adding, "Oh and don't take my laughter negatively, you two are just acting so corny, I find it funny…yet warming."

Blink. Her eyes go wide and she reddens again. "Well.." Raine just blushes as he mentions corny. "That bad huh?" A faint smile. She offers over the meds and cup of water. "Just try not to lose too many of these huh? I'm glad you find it warming … and funny. I guess it is pretty goofy." She admits with a shrug. "He's very kind, though - I'm not sure why me."

Phillip responds, "Well, you are cute, even though you seem to deny it. And as I said you are a very nurturing and sweet person, which probably makes you about the most attractive thing for anybody who has to face death everyday." Iceblade sighs, "Also you aren't so focused on the war and the death and the killing that awaits us beyond these walls. Of course, that is just an analytical examination, there is always that something that just can't be readily defined. Still, I'm surprised there aren't more guys asking you out."

Blink. "T-thank you," Raine tilts her head. "Although we get to mostly see wounded people when we're on duty," She points out quietly. "It's not easy seeing someone you care about on the operating table," A faint frown. "But we do our best." She offers. Her face is still bright red. "Aaah. Well. There's lots of nice and pretty women on this ship. Some of them are very tough too," Nod. "All in all I think you're kind to say so. And I hope you do well here. The Majestic is a good place to be stationed. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Phillip glances over at that blonde nurse. "Maybe," he says contemplating, then he adds jokingly, "what about that nurse's name and number." Iceblade throws in a knowing wink.

Raine smiles, then blushes. "I think you'd have to speak to her." She winks. "She's your nurse, so if you call us, we'll be glad to help you," She promises. With a smile.

"Yeah, I know was just joking around. Still she is pretty though." Phillip then turns his head hearing somebody enter and sees Paz. I big grin crosses Ice's face at the sight of her.

Paz ambles into the med bay with a friendly wave for Phillip and Raine. "So this is where you've been hiding." she teases the rookie pilot. "Gotta say, you've found a creative damn way of getting out of flight briefings." she snickers. "Doc, you aiding and abetting this kind of goldbricking?"

Raine smiles and waves at Paz. "Hello there. And oh, he did a fine job, shrapnel costume and all. Even has one of our /nice/ nurses." She seems amused and looks to Phillip. "Well, you'll be around here a bit and you'll probably get to know most of the staff. This is a good place to be if you've been filled with shrapnel." Sagenod. "How are you too?" She looks to Paz.

Phillip waves over at Paz. "Darn I think you caught onto my scheme…woah." Unfortunately, the pain medicine was little more potent than it was supposed to be and sleep starts bashing at Ice's door. "Say doc, are you sure you gave me the non-drowsy stuff?" With that Iceblade falls back to his pillows fast asleep.

"Heh, he's learning fast, our Phillip." Paz comments drolly before Phillip crashes under the effect of the strong pain killers used down here. "So how long's he gonna be laid up?" she asks Raine. "Any idea?"

"I did give him the non-drowsy stuff," Raine pouts a little. "We should see what the drowsy stuff does to you," She holds up a finger then hmms softly. "Could be about a week or so. They usually get well pretty quickly once we have folks on bedrest. Apparently not flying or doing anything is a huge motivation to get well. Who knew?" She notes wryly.

"Heh, I know what the drowsy stuff does.." Paz chuckles. "Guess I've got something new to tease him about now." she winks. "Well, that's good news, he got pretty beat up last night." she sighs. "Any word on Pip?"

"So I noticed," Raine murmurs then grins. "Guess so. And Pip? The Englishman got dented up again?" This is news to Raine, her eyebrows lifting and furrowing. "OH! Razor? He's doing well enough. He's healing up quickly. I'm impressed. But then the man took a HE Missile to the head…"

Paz hrms, chewing on her bottom lip, but not saying anything. "Guess it was just his ship, then." she demurs, obviously not wanting to get any deeper into the topic just yet. " the hell'd that happen?"

"I don't know all the details, but that's what they said when he came in," Raine is wide-eyed and in awe. "Pip hasn't been by here at all, so he must not be hurt or hurt badly," She muses. A smile at Paz. "So he's okay." She looks curious but respectful. "I'd ask, but it seems rude. Are you thirsty or anything?"

"No, no, I'm good, thanks. Probably gonna hit FAL in a few." Paz replies with a shrug. "Thirsty work learning to fly all over again." she sighs.

"Alright. And that sounds like a good idea. Are you in one of the new Rapiers?" Headtilt. Raine peers at Paz. "Kell was very curious about them," She motions towards the sleeping pilot's room. "Maybe he'd like it if you came by when he's awake and told him." Beam.

Paz bobs her head a little. "That's affirmative. In all of their splendor." Paz replies, rolling her eyes a little. "They are going to take a lot of getting used to."

"So I'd imagine. Those Scimitars served faithfully for what? Almost a century?" Ponder. Raine looks unsure. "I'm not sure. I just hear some gossip from the wounded pilots," She admits quietly. "I wish you luck though. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully." Smile.

Phillip yawns as he opens his eyes. "What enlightening conversation, I'm actually almost fell asleep." Iceblade quietly quips.

"Yeah, something like that." Paz nods in reply to Raine's statement. "The ones I was flying were older than my Dad." she chuckles. "But at least you know what the damn thing was gonna do when you gave it a command. These Rapiers? Ugh…..that gets dicey." she shudders. "Heh, you did fall asleep, Ice." she snickers. "Big time."

"Old faithful," Raine smiles at that. "Well. I am sure you will be awesome at it in no time," She believes in The Paz(TM). "But Razor seemed curious. You'll have to tell him about it." Nod. Then a look over. "You did for a little bit. To think I gave you the non-drowsy stuff. You'd probably hibernate on the strong stuff," Grin. "How are you feeling?"

Phillip responds, "Actually no, I was just faking it, in 'cause you guys talked about me. Still I needed to lie back and rest for a bit anyway."

"Heh, yeah, you were faking it so well, you were snoring." Paz chuckles. "Surprised they didn't hear you on the bridge." she teases. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Doc." Paz grins. "We'll see what we can get done with 'em, one way or the other."

"Uh huh," Raine just smiles. She'll go with it. "Had me fooled," She plays along for now. "And think nothing of it. I'm sure it'll work out," She nods. "And you aren't going anywhere Iceblade, though you're welcome to a book or something. Just don't try to escape. I think that orderly started a Judo club recently anyway."

Phillip nods, "okay I did nod off for a few minutes…but you guys were just so boring I couldn't help it." Iceblade sits back up and looks over at Raine, "Still don't believe me ah, well if it was the meds that made me sleep then how can I be awake 30 minutes later. Anyway, I have no plan to leave here with that nurse here…wait where did she go."

"Heh, yeah, watch her, if she's the one I'm thinking about, she can be damned unreasonable when it comes to people trying to sneak out of the med bay." Paz chuckles, tossing Raine the knowing look of someone obviously caught at it once before.

"Oh, the Ninja Nurse? I think she knows ninjitsu, I can't be sure," Raine admits with a shrug then a soft snort. "Well, I'll tap dance next time," She smiles. A wink at Paz. "And yeah, they're sneaky. Don't worry, time will fly. I can bring you a book or something." She offers. A smile to Paz too.

Phillip looks at Raine, "Nay, I've got my datapad here, I should be able to access my game collection or something." "Oh and Paz, how did your patrol go with our new hotrods?"

"Heh, it went…that's about all I can say for it." Paz shrugs. "You didn't miss anything special, except maybe Crankcase spinning out on take off." she giggles. "That was amusing."

"Oh dear," Raine smiles, "No one got hurt?" She boggles at the mental image. "It must've been pretty funny," She considers. A nod at Phillip. "Alright, well, no escaping. I wonder if I've still got that dart gun anywhere." Ponder. Shrug and a smile. "Oh well."

Phillip chuckles, "Oh yeah, I can imagine. I've seen him around him before and he looks like he might have been flying since before the war." "Heck I bet he trained on those ancient minotaurs," Iceblade adds before turning back to Raine, "Oh I don't think I'll ever want to leave at this rate." Iceblade then gives a wink.

"Heh, nah, the only thing that got hurt was his pride." Paz chuckles to Raine. "He bitched so hard, flight leader hadda threaten to put him on report, he didn't stop breaking radio discipline." she snerks, rolling her eyes a little. "Heh, trained on them? Ice, I think the man worked on the design team."

Raine laughs softly at Phillip's response. She goes quiet to nod. "That's - oh dear." She was going to say it was good, but- oh my. Raine just rubs the back of her head and sits down to listen for now.

Phillip laughs at that idea, "Quite." "Well, we don't need to knock the Rapier too much. She is a excellent fighter, baring the terrible turn of events yesterday. I think the blame falls more on that destroyer captain, two destroyers versus two cruisers, that was not a good match up." Iceblade, after looking down for second, adds with exuberance, "Say how are we doing on broadswords? We really need to hit that last Fralthi before she gets any reinforcements. She is damaged with limited fighter support and if there are prisoners on-board, we might be able to board it and free some of our friends in the navy."

"Fralthi? What the hell are you talking about, Ice?" Paz inquires, frowning down at the man quizzically.

Cole stalks his way along into the medical bay, looking around for a moment as he does. Taking in the sight of the little assortment of injured pilots here. Perhaps taking stock to see if there are any of his own.

A blink. She looks confused. Raine smiles at Phillip. "I'm glad to hear you're enthusiastic," She considers. Raine just blinks. She looks lost again. Just when she thought she'd caught up to the pilots. Raine tilts her head. She pokes her head out the doorway to see who comes this way. She blinks owlishly at seeing Cole. "Oh, sir."

Phillip raises an eyebrow and responds incredulously, "What Fralthi…Why the Fralthi that blasted at us last night and picked up the remaining crew from those destroyers."

"Oh…that." Paz sighs. "We'll have to sort them out soon." she nods determinedly. "Meantime, you worry about getting back on your feet. We'll need the whole squad to take on that kind of firepower." she says, nodding politely to Cole.

"Don't mind me Doctor. Just coming by to see how bad the butcher's bill is" Cole explains to Raine simply, looking towards Paz and Phillip and offering a simple greeting of "Evening, Lieutenants" to the pair.

"Oh, alright. A few of them seem to be awake if you wanted to visit the pilots," Raine nods politely to Cole. "I think I've got Razor and Iceman here," She explains. She looks between the pilots. "Not sure if Razor's awake, but it is visiting hours and I can check if you like," She offers.

Phillip just shakes his head and responds with voice getting a little elevated, "By that time the Kilrathi will have taken the jumppoint completely and pulled their Fralthi back for repairs." Phillip then sees Cole and nods at him with a slight smile, "OH, hey Captain, how have you and your squadmates been doing?"

"Don't worry about it. If he wakes, he wakes" Cole says to Raine with a little shake of his head. "I'm not here to disturb anyone" Cole explains, before he looks along towards Phillip. "And Lieutenant? Believe me, I fully intend to make that Fralthi the next silhouette added to my broadsword."

"Well, then they're gone." Paz replies simply, shrugging a little. "I know it sounds harsh, but you can't start kicking yourself over what you can't control," she advises Phillip gently, but firmly. "And, like Cole said, we know who she is…One way or the other, we'll dance again."

Raine seems a bit surprised by the parade of pilots - but pleased in a way. The camaraderie is startling but a positive force. "The cats rarely let things go, they have tempers. So I am sure they will come after you again," Raine notes quietly with a frown. "You'll get your chance." She smiles politely to Cole. "Alright. Are you thirsty sir?" She asks politely.

Veritas comes whistling back in he just kinda slips into med bay, twice in one day I think it is a new record he grins wide seeing Raine and winks at her, licking his lips a moment.

Iceblade just nods and begins to look around at the seeming stampede of new arrivals. A bunch of patrols must just returned or something. "Well hello everyone, I guess we have so many injured pilots now that most of the wing will be in and out over the next few hours." Iceblade looks over to Trey and Kanani as well as a few other pilots who have just entered that he recognizes and gives them a quick wave.

Kanani makes her way into the medbay quietly, and looks around for a few moments, before she carefully makes her way over towards the small group of visiting pilots, as well as the good doctor.

"No, thank you" Cole replies to Raine with a little shake of his head. Kanani gets a curious look as she enters and a little smile, before Cole turns back to the business discussion at hand. "Really just a matter of waiting for the patrols to find them again. If you can find it, I can kill it."

Dante steps into medical in his usual slow swagger. He moves like a cowboy might, and has the cowboy hat to match. No, it's not regulation. It's also a little singed on the right side of the brim, as though some gun fight from days past came within inches of removing him from the mortal coil. He's got a cigar, too, but it's sitting in his pocket. When he walks in, people blink, salute, and stand at attention, a reflex which Dante swats away with an annoyed brush of his hand.

Party in the medbay! Woo woo. Raine nods at Cole, smiling politely. Kanani gets a little wave. "I am impressed," She admits quietly. And here's a Veritas. She smiles seeing Veritas. Then her eyes widen and her face turns briiiiiiiight red at the wink. Eh heh heh. He keeps that up and she might well faint on cue. But soon she's distracted and straightens a bit seeing Dante. "Sir," She greets him politely.

Paz comes to attention smoothly when Dante enters the Bay, wincing a little in anticipation of the icy dressing down the 1087th and company might be in for after last night's debacle.

Veritas is still near the door when the Commodore enters, he snaps to attention, and steps to the side letting him pass.

Phillip looks up to see the Captain and instinctively goes stiff as he straightens and gives as perfect a salute as he can muster. This unfortunately causes him to wince a little.

Dante looks more irritated than anything else, "Oh lands sake. As you were, already." The Commodore shakes his head and steps in. His voice is the tenor twang of southern inhospitability. Higher pitched than one might expect from a man with such a hardened expression, but the ruggedness is likely to show in spades. "Medical ain't no place for that sort of thing anyway. Y'all have better things to do."

Paz passes a look between Veritas and Raine and then suppresses, with effort, a little giggle. "Nice." she murmurs, relaxing back into her usual semi-slouched posture.

Iceblade puts his hands back on his lap and leans back to rest, wincing as he does so. Iceblade just looks around at everybody only lingering for very long on the Captain Commodore Dante and Paz. Iceblade remains completely silent feeling a little nervous.

Veritas grins and drops to a more casual stance with Dante's order and wanders over toward Paz to see how she is doing.

Kanani turns around and starts to salute, as she sees others doing so, but then aborts the salute in mid motion, as Dante tells everyone to knock it off. She gives a faint smirk as she finishes making her way over to the group.

Dante "Inferno" Claybourne, back in his fighter pilot days, did not earn his callsign for being pliant and gentle. He's not fun and games in the medical bay, either. "The 13th Battlegroup's getting itself a reputation." This is spoken directly to Paz, whom the Commodore seems to recognize. His brow furrows a bit and he peers down at the cigar in his pocket as if he'd love to chomp on it. "S'where good ships go to die."

And here is Raine, with her bright red face. She was just greeting the fellow really. She rubs the back of her head, looking a bit lost and owlish. She shrugs and picks up Phillip's chart to make sure he's not due to be dosed up with anything soon. "Yes sir. If you're thirsty, there's coffee and water." But for her part, she is quiet.

Paz knows better than to try to reply to Dante when he's warming up to his full fire-breathing fury. She merely meets the man's eye for a moment to acknowledge his presence and attention to her and then tries to get really small.

Iceblade's attention is now squarely focused on Dante only making a few quick glances back to Paz.

"Well, Commodore" The Australian bomber pilot comments idly, looking back towards the man. "Suppose we'd best get busy with some killing of our own, then. Would hate to let those furry bastards dictate the score"

Dante turns Cole-ward as if wading his way into a fist fight. "Reckon we should, at that." His expression already sour, he turns towards Raine and neutrally declines. "No, thank you Lieutenant." And then back to Cole. "Reckon we should. And we will. Might could say I'm doing you guys a favor right about now, because Intelligence wanted to send a few kids over here to have a little heart to heart with some of you folk. Told them to stick in. How many of you guys are in the, what is it, 1087th Fighter Squadron. The Minutemen?"

Veritas looks down nervously then over at Paz and Iceblade, "Yes sir?"

Paz isn't sure whether to be happy or insulted by Dante's tone, so she doesn't even think to look away or demur at the question. "Sir." she says simply, putting her hand up.

For her part? Raine is quiet. This is pilot chatter. She will be here and there, tending to chores and answering questions from Corpsmen who wander in or a nurse.

Iceblade stares up at Dante, who is not doubt very imposing when you're standing up. "Sir, I am also in the 1087th and should be up in a few days at the earliest, sir.

Having said his piece, Cole falls quiet and takes a little step back again. After all, he wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of those unsavory Minuteman-types.

Kanani steps back a bit to watch the ongoing proceedings between the Majestic's Captain, and the Minutemen, with a slightly curious expression. She is probably more curious than she lets on, but she's trying not to look -too- curious. She remains quiet for the moment, though.

Dante narrows his gaze directly towards Phillip. "Well good!" The cheerfulness in his tone is overly saccharin, making the man's displeasure even more obvious, "I wish you a very sound and rapid recovery at the hands of Lieutenant Winterson. Got a question for you guys, though. A few actually. You know… an Exeter class destroyer crews two hundred men and women, give or take fifty. So one could surmise we lost about four hundred people last night, give or take about one hundred. Actual number is, let's see here.." He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket that he clearly doesn't need. It's for show and he barely even looks at it. "Four hundred twenty. By my calculations, you boys had a rough night."

The old man's paper work seems to be in order, but Paz isn't about to rise to the bait. Not yet, anyway.

Veritas swallows once and shakes his head, "No, Sir" He says most respectfully.

Iceblade just looks on only giving a quick nod and a "Thank you, sir." for the comment directed at Iceblade's health.

The hapless JG is busying herself nearby. Yup yup. Raine smiles politely as she's mentioned, but says nothing. To the cute blonde nurse, she's explaining a chart in soft tones. They use indoor voices in the medbay. But still, she's got to keep some sort of eye on the gaggle of pilots.

Cole, for his part just remains quiet… watching the 1087th have their little chat with the Captain. He slips over towards Kanani a little, glancing towards her for a moment as if about to say something, and then thinking better of it.

"No?" The Commodore chuckles caustically towards Veritas, "I remember what it's like in a pilot's barracks. Might not register on your scale as a bad night, then. I wanted to ask you guys something. What was it? Was the mission too hard for you? I understand you're flying, what… Rapiers, now, instead of Scimitars. We lost half our battlegroup and that leaves us with our bare asses to the wind. So I wanna know from you guys just what the problem was."

Kanani makes good use of two lessons taught to her by her dear old dad on surviving in the military. The first one being, "If it doesn't involve you, don't get involved." And the second being, "Stay out of the way of the Brass." Therefore she remains quiet for the moment, and does neither.

Paz is doing her very best to keep her expression neutral and her breathing calm. "Permission to speak freely, sir." she says neutrally.

Veritas comes a little more to attention, "No sir it wasn't a rough night. A rough night is when you come back with dings all over your ship and barely make it into the landing bay. A rough night is when you fly a 12 hour mission only to get woken up 2 hours later by a surprise attack. This was not a rough night. This was the death of over four hundred Confederacy soldiers, and the destruction or crippling of at least 7 combat vessels. It was not a rough night. It was a massacre. As to what we did wrong, what excuse we have, I don't have one for you, sir. We can second guess ourselves all day long, but it isn't going to bring those men back. sir"

Iceblade has a few dozen comments to make about the battle last night, but his brother always said in his correspondences to never contradict the brass unless totally forced to, so Iceblade bites his tongue.

Raine is quiet. Whether or not she approves, she says nothing. She's merely an /acting/ CMO and struggling to herd the medical staff let alone outside brass. As long as it doesn't disrupt other patients, there are bigger catfish to fry. She does kind of linger to catch up on the news…

"Permission denied." The reply from Dante to Paz is sharp, the man turning towards Veritas. "You had shit odds, bad intel, and we've heard stories about the Fralthi crew that you faced." He turns towards Paz, "Go ahead, Ramirez."

Veritas remains quiet and lets Paz speak now remaining at attention.

"Well, sir, I think Veritas here pretty much summed it up, sir." Paz replies, fighting to keep her tone restrained and reasonable. "Though he left out the part where we sent _two_ bomber and a handful of fighters against two heavily armed capital ships with a full escort, sir. I'll be the last person in this room to make excuses for the debacle last night, sir. But, as Veritas pointed out, kicking ourselves to death won't remedy the situation."

Iceblade keeps his mouth shut and will say nothing until spoken to.

"Two bombers." replies Dante. "Two bombers. Was a two on two slugfest and we were souring up the odds against the fleabags. Intel dropped the ball and should've sent more." He sounds no less bitter, however. "When they dropped it, you should've picked it up, because there ain't no such thing as a fair fight. Ain't never been any such thing in the history of warfare. Exists in the academy, stays in the academy. Don't care how hard it was. You let us down, and that's all I got to say about that." he turns to go. "I'll be having a word with your CO. Scotch and smokes."

"Well, I dunno about anybody else, but I feel like a real shit heel right about now." Paz sighs as Dante departs.

Phillip's expression displays a small amount of confusion with the last statement Dante gave, but he holds the question for later when the Captain has left the room. After a number of seconds, Iceblade finally gives a sigh and then asks, "Okay what exactly does he mean by Scotch and smokes?"

Veritas hmmms softly, "Actually I am still in the plus column for the week personally. I feel like crap over what happened yesterday, but then I come down to med bay, and it all seems to go away." He winks at Paz and then glances at the clustered medical staff.

"Well" Cole comments, looking to the little crowd. "As fun as it was to be in the audience for that, I think I'm going to leave this party for the Minutemen." Either giving them their space to talk, or not wanting to catch any more 'friendly fire'.

"I think it's Victoria and the WinCo." Paz replies with a half shrug for Phillip. "Never did understand what that man was talking about when it came to the whole 'scotch and smokes' thing." she sighs, then chuckles softly. "Don't wander off unless you want to, Cole. We might need to sit down and pow-wow about this in some detail. We've gotta figure out what went wrong last night so it doesn' happen again.'

Raine rubs the back of her head. "I'm sorry you guys. And I don't know," Raine admits to Phillip. She looks apologetic to the pilots. "You're welcome to have some tea or coffee here if you like. Other than that— hey! Most of you are on— wait, so'm I." She's about to shoo off the nurses and corpsmen who have gathered to watch but then realizes she's doing the same. "Oh well." She gives up on lecturing them. It wouldn't be fair. She nods. "Be well."

Phillip looks up to Paz and nods. "Oh funny you should mention that cause I've been spending my morning and early afternoon reviewing the battle. And God almighty, what a mistake it was to go after that Dralthi." Iceblade then spreads his arms to indicate his injuries.

Kanani chuckles thinly as she watches the Commodore exit the medbay, and then approaches the group of pilots again. "Well, that was certainly pleasant. Though I suppose it's good to know that my Dad was telling the truth with the whole staying way out of the way of the Brass…"

Veritas takes a good deep breath and shakes his head, "I should head back to bed I got a few hours before my next patrol."

"The whole damn thing was a cluster fuck." Paz sighs, shaking her head a little. "And I dunno how we could've done it any better except for knowing the new ships better." she opines. "Which, is exactly what I am going to start doing, right now, matter of fact? Anyone feel like crawling around in a Rapier?"

Raine smiles at Veritas. "Sleep tight. And you can always come here to hide from brass if you need to, though that just means he uses his indoor voice," She tilts her head. She's bright red as she smiles at Veri and looks to Paz. "I don't know honestly. His is the most complete story of it I've heard. I'm just glad to get you guys back in one piece. Anyway," She looks to Phillip, "You should sleep soon too."

Veritas smiles, "Keep an extra bed warm for me then, Doc. I just might need it."

"What sort of crawling around did you have in mind, Tizona?" Kanani asks quietly. "Trying to get the deck crew to pull one apart for you to look at it all, or something else?"

Phillip waves goodbye to Veritas, then turns back to Raine, "Oh mom, just a few more minutes." Iceblade jokes. Back to Paz, Iceblade comments, "Well I would join you in the sim, but I can't leave this room for at least another day."

"Something like that, yeah." Paz replies to Kanani. "Wanna get into the guts of it. I've read the flight manual twice now, reads like stereo instructions. Need to get my hands dirty in one."

Kanani nods at Paz a bit. "Yeah, getting to know your ship better, never hurts." She pauses for a moment, before adding. "Well, it doesn't unless somebody drops a piece of it on you, anyways."

"I heard there were some training flights going on? Or I don't know, none of the good gossip gets back here in time," Raine admits with a smile. She watches Veritas go and looks to Iceblade. "You can stay awake, but you do so here." She winks. "And no at least another day. But you'll be fine in no time," She promises. "And you can get to know the staff." Or at least that nurse. Ahem. She shrugs and looks to the others. "I am glad you all came back."

Paz can't help but chuckle softly at Raine's discomfiture vis a vis Veritas. It's too damn _cute_, and cuteness aboard this boat's been a luxury for a while now. "Thanks, Doc." she replies, giving the Acting CMO a respectful nod. "Maybe you could share some of that feeling with the Commodore….He doesn't seem to share it." she sighs, rolling her eyes and shaking her head a little. "Heh, Kanani, you forget where I grew up. I'm used to cranes going wrong and big hunks of spacecraft falling from the sky."

Phillip nods at Raine, "Yeah, yeah." Turning to Paz, Iceblade says, "Oh Paz, I've been working up some notes based off of those stereo instructions. I'll type them up nice and neat and send it to Victoria for a quick perusal before sending it out to Squadron." Iceblade adds shrugging, "Might give us a bit of leg up at least."

"Oh, yeah. That's right. I forgot that you'd probably be used to that sort of thing." Kanani states with slight grin. "Still, I guess it's probably not too much of a risk, anyways. Deck crew doesn't seem to make many mistakes of that sort, that I've ever seen, at least."

Raine just smiles at Paz and nods back. "Well. He's probably grumpy because he has to herd twice as many cats. It's hard when people say I'm the CMO but I don't really have the rank to back it up," She seems a bit sad. "Oh well. If you need rest, feel free. Otherwise, I wish you luck. I'm glad for what we have. I don't think he sees the injured on a daily basis is all," She is giving Dante the benefit of the doubt. "Just practice and you'll get the hang of them. It seems like bad timing. New ships and suddenly the kitties swoop in."

"True enough." Paz replies with a nod and a sigh, her comment clearly meant for everyone's statements. "Still, we gotta get our shit together. _I_ gotta get my shit together, at least."

Phillip nods then looks to Raine and says, "Yeah we get new ships and then the first time they are flown, Confed suffers a major loss." Iceblade then turns his head away and begins to think about those 400+ people who are now dead, sick from radiation and probably killed, or captured by the Kilrathi now on some Kilrathi transport or that surviving Fralthi. Iceblade's thoughts begin to focus on memories farther back, back to when he heard the news ….oh God, the pain from it returns. Iceblade turns his head over to Raine, "Uh Raine, I think I could use some of that drowsy stuff, I want to be out of it awhile, a really long while." Iceblade just sits there, looking very somber and sad (an expression that nobody has seen on him in years) waiting to be put to sleep.

"Sleep tight, Ice. Don't worry about anything but getting better." Paz says. "I'm looking forward to that booklet you were talking about." she adds with a smile. "We're gonna frickin' need it, I'm thinking."

Kanani chuckles and shakes her head slightly. "I guess I should be glad that -I'm- not having to get used to a new fighter myself. Just imagine how much worse things would be on the ship, if all the squads were getting new ships…" She adds with a chuckle.

At Phillip's request, Raine just nods. Though she'll carefully move over and gently pat his shoulder. "Sure thing." She smiles sadly at him. "Just worry about rest and getting better, okay? The nurse will probably check in on you soon too." She will fetch Phillip some water and meds. "Be well, all of you."

"Thanks, Doc, you too, okay?" Paz replies. "C'mon, Kanani, let's let Ice get some rest." she sighs.

Phillip after taking the meds, slides down into his bed, pulls the covers up tight, and closes his eyes hoping the meds will keep the Dreams away.

Kanani nods at Paz. "Yeah, sounds like a good idea, I think." She gives the doctor and Ice a wave as she turns towards the exit. "You guys take care." She adds before heading off to leave the medbay.

Raine smiles and gently pats Phillip's shoulder again. "Sleep tight," she murmurs. With that, Raine scoops up her bonsai and waves at the other pilots. She has work to do, some of it more pleasant than others.

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